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Unlike you, I love my family. I love my sister. And I will do whatever it takes to protect this country that she lives in.
— Yuri Briar to Jim Hayward in Chapter 11

Yuri Briar (ユーリ・ブライア, Yūri Buraia?) is Yor Forger's younger brother and a twenty-year-old man who works in the State Security Service. He keeps his job at the SSS a secret from his sister and instead pretends to be a normal civil servant at the foreign ministry.


Yuri is an attractive young man in his twenties. He has a very small cowlick on top of his straight black hair with uneven bangs. He also has red eyes.

When at work, Yuri wears the SSS's standard uniform. When leaving work, he wears a coat over his black suit and tie, along with black gloves.


Yuri has a sister complex, and even at an early age, would be doing everything he could to get Yor to praise him with affection. Though this could be due to his mother dying at a very early stage in his life causing him to get very attached to Yor as a mother figure.

When on the job, Yuri is shown to have a very appealing demeanour, calmly extracting information from the people he interrogates. He's been shown to be very patriotic as, when discussing "Twilight", he swiftly drops his calm air and becomes colder and angry, easily losing his patience. He also appears to value his family, as he almost immediately resorts to violence when he learns of the personal excuse for his affair. However, in an idiosyncratic, Yuri loses all his intelligence with his sister, completely believing Yor's excuses of "forgetting" to tell him about her marriage with Loid for a year.

While capturing Franklin Perkin, it is also seen that Franklin poses the question about who the true disgrace is after Yuri states how he "saw no reason for Franklin's family to witness his disgrace." Yuri then responds by stating how he would never "cause his sister pain," implying that his sister complex overrides his morals.


During his childhood, he lived in Eastern Nielsberg. Both of his parents passed away when he was young, leaving both him and his older sister, Yor, as orphans and causing them to be poor and unable to afford books or school supplies. Around this time, Yuri began developing his sister-complex tendencies when he began doing everything he could to make Yor happy and to shower him with her affections, eventually leading him to work as a diplomat at the foreign ministry until about a year before Operation Strix, where he began working for the SSS.


Introduction Arc

Yuri calls Yor, asking when she is going to get married. He explains that he may be promoted at work, which would make him too busy to look out for her, which makes him worried. He brings up introducing her to someone, but Yor lies that she already has a boyfriend, so he says that he will ask Dominic for a full report for him. At the end of the call, Yuri says that he will be the one to drive out her boyfriend if it turns out he is a bad person and leaves the call after excitedly saying he cannot wait to hear about him.[2]

Eden Beginnings Arc

In town, Dominic calls out to Yuri and asks him if he's working hard, to which Yuri replies he's been so busy he hasn't been home for a while. Yuri then remembers the party and asks Dominic what Yor's boyfriend was like. Confused, Dominic asks if he hasn't congratulated Yor on her marriage and Yuri is shocked to hear that his sister has gotten married.[3]

Secret Police Arc

At the SSS headquarters, Yuri takes over the interrogation of Jim Hayward, who was detained for suspicions of espionage. Yuri greets Jim, the latter quickly steeling himself and saying that he has nothing to say to the SSS. In response, Yuri begins to gush about Yor's marriage and how he's looking forward to meeting and celebrating with her later tonight. Yuri continues to list Yor's qualities and tells the man that she too works at City Hall, then remembers that he was supposed to call their office to let her know he's coming. Yuri then leans in and smiles as he tells Jim that he'd appreciate it if they could finish up quickly, asking him to quickly tell him everything he knows. Jim feigns innocence, and Yuri produces two photos of Jim dealing the documents with another man which greatly shocks him and a fellow SSS agent. The agent asks why these weren't used as evidence earlier, and Yuri says that he forgot to turn them over as he asks Jim if cooperating sounds more appealing now. Jim finally gives in, admitting that he made copies of documents his clients needed and handed them over for cash. He also admits to not knowing anything about his client aside from that he's from the West.

Yuri presses for more details, but Jim just tells him he doesn't remember. Yuri's face then turns cold as he asks the man if he's heard of "Twilight". Jim says that he doesn't know who that is, so Yuri proceeds to explain that Twilight is a master of disguise from the West capable of throwing the country into chaos; the natural enemy of the SSS. Jim asks if he'll be let off the hook if he can help catch "Twilight", and Yuri asks him again if he remembers anything about the man, reminding him that if he feeds the SSS nonsense, it will only be added to his crimes. Jim says that he just wanted cash to mess around with girls, saying that Yuri should know how it is as a man when he is reminded that he has a wife. Yuri's face once again grows stern as he explains that he's been keeping his job a secret from his sister because he doesn't want her to know about this dirty work, then slams Jim's face into the table. He says that what Jim has done is treason, and that, unlike Jim, Yuri loves his family and will do anything to protect the country his sister lives in.

Having finished the interrogation later than he had hoped, Yuri heads to the Forger abode with a large bouquet in one arm. He starts skipping down the street, excited over meeting with his sister again, but abruptly stops when a rib Yor broke through a hug during their childhood begins to ache. He thinks about how overwhelmed he must be by her love, then wonders why she never told him about her marriage and concludes that the reason must be so scandalous that she couldn't possibly have told him. As he makes his way to their apartment, Yuri thinks that he will eradicate anyone that poses a threat to Yor, even if he's her spouse, then stops and reminds himself that he can't let her see his secret police face, the side of him that he doesn't want her to know about. Yuri arrives at the door and the Forger couple welcomes him while Yuri hides his dark glare.[4]

While Loid and Yuri greet each other, Yuri intends to find out if Loid is worthy of his sister, which he doubts. Loid offers to put Yuri's belongings away, but he refuses. Loid then says he will make some food for them, heading to the kitchen while the siblings catch up. Yuri thinks to himself that he wouldn't want to eat something Loid made as Yor remarks that his face is scary, commenting that he must be nervous. Yuri worries to himself that he accidentally let his hostility show since he hasn't calmed down since the interrogation and he pledges to act as a diligent civil servant in front of Yor. Yor arranges the flowers Yuri brought in a vase as he sits down in the living room, thanking him which prompts Yuri to then say that this doesn't mean he approves of Yor's marriage, telling his sister that it's just too sudden and asking her why she kept it a secret from him for a whole year anyway.

Yuri presses Yor for an answer, and Yor looks him straight in the eyes and tells her brother that she forgot to tell him. Confused, Yuri brings up the phone call they had during which a partner was mentioned, wondering aloud why Yor didn't just tell him then. Yor then replies that she forgot that she forgot to tell him. Losing all reason when it came to his sister, Yuri is satisfied with her answer, laughing it off as he apologizes to her, adding that she can be such a klutz sometimes. After Loid returns with the food, Yuri angrily thinks about how Loid shouldn’t butt in on his and Yor’s conversation, then catches himself as he realizes that he must be nice to Loid or Yor might hate him. He takes a bite and is surprised at how good it is, helping himself to more as Yor comments on how good Loid's cooking is. Yuri tells himself that he won’t be won over with food as he produces a bottle of wine that he bought and invites Loid to drink with him, intending to loosen Loid's lips to expose him.

Yuri starts asking the two how they first met, and they explain their first meeting at the boutique. They tell Yuri that after a series of dinners together, they eventually hit it off. Yuri then starts asking specific questions, like what food they ate, when and where, how many times, the restaurant names, when they started committing to a relationship, and their reason for marrying. Yuri asks Loid what he calls Yor, and he simply replies with just "Yor". Thinking that calling his sister by that name is their thing, a panicked Yuri asks Yor what she calls her husband, suggesting nicknames like "Loidy" or "Loi-Loi". Yor is too embarrassed to speak, and Yuri assumes it is true, picking up the wine as he starts to drink, saying he must drink the pain away. Yor vehemently denies his assumption, saying she just calls him "Loid".

Loid asks Yuri if he's okay and brings him water. After accepting the water, Yuri growls at him and wonders what Yor sees in him. He thinks to himself that Loid is a good cook, tall and handsome, seems considerate, and is even a doctor. Realizing that he just brought up Loid's good points, he starts drinking away in anger while Yor tells him to slow down. After calming down, Yuri is asked about his work and Yor tells him that she heard from Dominic that he went to Hugaria. Yuri explains that it was for work and tells her about his trip to the country, mentioning a café said to be the Empress's favorite back in the day. This catches Loid's attention, and he asks Yuri if the café was in the capital city of Obda, saying he went there when he was a medical student. They talk about a restaurant called Kalpatia which is run by an old man, and Loid asks if the wine was also from Hugaria. Yuri tells him that he found it on a shop on Hedger Street. Loid hopes that it wasn't too expensive, and Yuri replies that it cost around 200 dalc.

After Loid tells Yuri that he'll have to treat him for the wine another time, Yor asks Yuri if he is happy to have such a wonderful brother-in-law. However, Yuri angrily reminds them that he does not recognize the marriage or Loid as a brother-in-law. He explains to Loid how Yor's raising of him motivated him to become a successful man who could protect her, even flashing back to his childhood with Yor. He then asks Loid if he can understand having the most important person in his life being taken away by some stranger. He continues, saying that he always wanted his sister to settle down with someone who could protect her more than him and asks Loid if he can do that.

Loid proceeds to tell him that he loves Yor as much as Yuri does and whether from knives, bullets, or even a nuclear bomb, he will stop at nothing to shield her from harm. Stunned by Loid's response, Yuri drunkenly thinks that he could save Yor from knives and bullets, but not a nuke, and wonders if Loid is that capable. He starts to accuse Loid of being a liar. As he does this, he spills a glass on the table. Yuri then watches as Loid and Yor accidentally touch hands and awkwardly back away from each other, causing him to suspect the legitimacy of their relationship. Loid and Yor try to convince Yuri otherwise, but he is undeterred and demands proof that they are really in love. He proceeds to give them an ultimatum: kiss each other to prove their love or he will petition to have their marriage annulled.[5]

After Loid agrees to Yuri’s demands, Yuri watches as Loid and Yor prepare to kiss each other. After seeing them whispering, he asks loudly if they will kiss or not, but is silenced by Yor, who throws a fork at him and grazes his cheek. After watching Yor pushing Loid down the couch and moving in to kiss him, Yuri flashes back to his past with Yor raising him and him wanting to marry her. Unable to watch Yor kiss another man in front of him, Yuri decides to jump in between the couple to stop them. A now embarrassed Yor decides to slap Loid, but ends up slapping Yuri instead. He flies across the room, waking up Anya momentarily before she returns to sleep. Yuri gets up with a bloody face and misinterprets the slap as Yor being mad that he tried to stop their kiss. Yuri concedes defeat for now, relinquishing his sister’s lips to Loid, but is quickly slapped across the room again by an embarrassed Yor.

Being drunk and having lost some blood, Yuri has trouble keeping his balance. Yor offers to call him a taxi and tries to help him stand. However, because Yor is also drunk, the two start staggering but are caught by Loid who holds them both up. He grins at them and tells them how much he admires how wonderful of siblings they are. Loid thanks Yuri for all the work he has done to protect and support his sister and assures him that he'll do everything he can to support her as well. Yuri, embarrassed, slaps away the hand Loid was using to hold him up and announces he's going home. Loid tells him that he's welcome to come back and visit anytime for Yor and meet their daughter Anya. Yor adds that Anya tried to stay up for him but ended up falling asleep. Irritated, Yuri announces he will come back to prove that Loid tricked her into this marriage. Yuri gives Loid a warning that if he makes Yor cry he will have him executed but cuts himself off before saying the executed part. Yuri then rushes off as Yor wishes him a safe trip home.

As Yuri heads home, he asks two men which direction the station is in. Shocked by his bloody appearance, they tell him to go to the hospital.[6]

Yuri returns to work the next day, where his superior questions him about his injuries, aware of Yuri’s meeting with Yor’s new family. Yuri tells him that he barely remembers it and the Lieutenant assumes Yuri got drunk and picked a fight with Loid. Yuri tells him that Loid doesn't deserve Yor and is asked if Loid is a bad guy. Yuri recalls that Loid was nice but believes it could have been an act and that he's secretly a spy that needs to be locked up. The Lieutenant asks if he has any evidence and Yuri realizes he should've planted bugs. He thinks more about it and realizes if he heard any inappropriate "sounds" coming from his sister he wouldn't be able to bear it. He slams his head against his locker over the thought, making the Lieutenant question if the wounds were self-inflicted. The Lieutenant tells him if Yor is happy he should give her his blessing. He tells Yuri that he needs to focus on the job and that catching Twilight is their top priority. Yuri agrees but tells himself that if Loid makes his sister cry it will be a different story.[7]

Doggy Crisis Arc

At the hotel Foreign Minister Brantz is staying at, Yuri waits outside as a contingency from the Foreign Ministry to escort Brantz to the conference. After Twilight disguises himself as Minister Brantz, he exits the building and Yuri is there to greet him, unaware of the deception. Yuri directs the disguised Minister to a car he will be escorted in, but Twilight instead steps into the driver’s seat and drives off, to everyone’s surprise, and shock.[8]

Midterm Exams Arc

Dominic invites Yuri over to Camilla’s place to help taste-test Yor’s cooking. Yuri arrives and greets everyone, telling his sister that wasn’t going to miss a chance to eat her home cooking again. Yuri asks what the occasion is and Yor tells him that she’s taking cooking classes and asks him not to tell Loid, which upsets Yuri. While Yor messes up while trying to prepare the ingredients, Yuri continues to praise her. After Camilla gets upset at Yor, Yuri gets irritated and wonders if he should make her disappear. But he quickly changes his mind after Camilla tells Yor to divorce Loid, agreeing with her sentiment. However, when Yor begs for Camilla’s help so she doesn’t divorce with Loid, Yuri looks on in surprise.

After Yor completes her attempt at a minestrone, Dominic tells Yuri to eat up and so Yuri enthusiastically digs into the dish. He screams at how fantastic it is while constantly eating and throwing up the dish. Camilla and Dominic curiously decide to take a bite of the dish and fall to the floor. Camilla tells Yor to cook something easier, so Yor attempts to make a meatball. Yuri digs in once again and proclaims how he's seeing more of his childhood memories with each bite and is seeing his mother beckoning him into the light. Dominic worriedly tells him to stop eating and put down the fork. Camilla realizes that having had Yor cook for herself and Yuri since they were kids probably warped their palates. Yor however just wanted to make sure Yuri got all the nutrients he needed.

Camilla realizes that because Yor cooked for herself and Yuri since they were kids, it may have warped their palates. Yor admits to just wanting to make sure Yuri got all the nutrients he needed. Camilla asks Yor and Yuri if they remember any dishes their parents used to make and Yuri remembers a stew their mother made which had a fried egg on top. Camilla then helps Yor recreate the soup. After finishing the soup, Yuri takes a spoonful and tells them that it's not quite as he remembers. Camilla asks them where they're from and Yor tells her East Nielsberg. Camilla tells them that they put sour cream in stew there so she adds a bit. Yor and Yuri both take a spoonful of the stew and look at each other realizing that this is the stew they had as children.[9]

As Anya’s midterm exams are approaching, Yor calls Yuri over to the Forger home to help tutor Anya. Yuri quickly arrives and is introduced to his niece, who attempts to read his mind and is overwhelmed by his thoughts about Yor. Upon sitting down in the living room, Loid and Yuri have a chat about the recent terrorist attacks, with Yuri now aware that Minister Brantz was being impersonated by Twilight and now making sure to make himself look good as a diplomat. After wrapping up their conversation, Loid decides to head out, but not before telling Anya that she and Yuri should get to studying.

Annoyed at having to tutor Anya, Yuri begins by giving her some hard problems to solve, which she ends up getting all right due to her reading his mind. Surprised by her results, Yuri asks Anya why even needs to study, but Anya tells him it was dumb luck, which he hesitantly accepts. They try studying again but Yuri starts getting upset after realizing that she isn’t all that bright. After Yor asks him to be more supportive, and Anya exaggerates her love for Yor, Yuri begins being kinder with his critiquing. The two of them continue studying, but after hitting some roadblocks, Yuri questions whether Anya likes studying or not. Anya questions him right back after saying she hates it, to which he replies that he studied hard so that he could take care of Yor. Yuri explains to Anya that “knowledge is power” and she can be or do anything she wants if she studies. Anya gets very excited about the concept of studying and the two intensely continue studying. After an exhausting study session, Yuri questions whether Anya has mastered grammar yet to which Anya questions what grammar even is.

Realizing that he just wasted his time, Yuri angrily storms out of the house. While making his exit, Yuri realizes that he is the one who should be studying and that he doesn’t have enough “power”. He believes that if he had more knowledge, he could have captured Twilight back then and put an end to him, and concludes that he is still powerless to protect his sister or his country. However, he returns inside for a brief moment to eat all of the cookies Yor says she just made, once again screaming at how good it is while eating and throwing it up.[10]

Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc

Yuri is surveilling a room through a listening device as three men enter the room. He quickly assesses the position and skill of the men through their footsteps, determining that two of them are big and professional and that their target, Conrad, is sitting on the sofa. After Yuri announces that they've made the deal, the lieutenant tells him they're going in. The lieutenant and two other members of SSS enter, arresting the men on suspicion of espionage. Conrad attempts to evade arrest through the window, only for Yuri who is waiting outside to quickly disable him.

Back at the SSS building, a superior praises Yuri for his work and give him another assignment to investigate Franklin Perkin, a journalist who writes several books and articles that slander Ostania, selling them to Ostanian black markets, and stop his work from influencing public opinion. The lieutenant expresses some concern for the amount of work Yuri's been doing lately but Yuri reassures him. Yuri is disgusted at Franklin for selling out his own country for money. Yuri monitors Franklin, referring to him as Subject J-095, and carefully logs all his actions from waking up to sleeping, as well as the appearance of fellow passengers on the train and his conversations with his coworkers. The lieutenant is impressed at the number of details but tries to persuade Yuri to let someone take over as he's pulled two all-nighters in a row. As the lieutenant reads out the report, Yuri twitches in response to some words that sound similar to Yor so he tells Yuri to rest.

Yuri and the lieutenant proceed to shadow and observe Franklin, from his living situation to how he makes his articles. Listening to Franklin as he writes his new article, he hears him tell his father that he just wants to make the country a better place for his family to live in and that they need money to live, wishing they had more money so his mother would still be alive. Yuri wonders if Franklin is motivated by concern for his family on the report but rips it out and crumples it.

Five days pass, and Yuri continues to monitor Franklin, noting there have been no signs of attempted contact with his publishers. He then realizes that Franklin does it while working at the post office, sending out his manuscripts by slipping them into mail cleared by the postal monitors. After Yuri watches Franklin discreetly slipping the manuscript into the mail, he seals his fate. Four days later, Franklin prepares to leave but sees Yuri Briar and SSS officers waiting outside the apartment. Franklin accepts his fate and after he walks outside, Yuri informs him that they've arrested the publishers. Franklin expressed appreciation for them waiting outside and Yuri tells him there was no reason for his family to witness his arrest while he places handcuffs on him. Franklin then asks Yuri who is the true disgrace, but Yuri tells him that he would never do anything to cause his sister pain. As Franklin is escorted away, Yuri says he'll submit an application for his father to receive financial assistance and Franklin thanks him.

Yuri's boss pats him on the back, saying he's proud of Yuri. The boss promises to treat Yuri to a steak dinner. Yuri drops by the Forgers' home with Loid Forger, Yor Forger and Anya Forger at home. When Yor asks if something is wrong, Yuri says he just wanted to see his sister's face. Anya reads Yuri's mind and pats him. Yor pats Yuri on the head and makes some tea for them.[11]

Great Cruise Adventure Arc

On her way back, Yor runs into Yuri dozing off on the subway. She approaches him and wonders out loud why he is on a route that he usually doesn't ride, for which he explains that he is on his way back from a work trip (i.e. arresting a dissident). She then invites him over for dinner, which he declines. As the subway approaches Yuri's stop, he reassures his sister that he is not a child anymore and can take care of himself. Once Yuri gets off to his stop, Yor wonders to herself why since Yuri no longer needs her help, she is keeping her assassin job.[12]

During Yor’s mission to protect Olka Gretcher and her son, she flashes back to Yuri and the Forgers while questioning her motives.[13] In her battle with the Swordsman, she once again flashes back to the time when Yuri got a job offer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and got his first paycheck, now able to live independently from her. After some self-reflecting, she remembers her motives for becoming an assassin: to protect his carefree life, which she now finds more important than ever with the Forgers in her life.[14]

After the Forgers return from their trip, Yuri drops by and celebrates at the sight of his sister, shouting for joy when she gifts him a souvenir. After a dejected Anya returns home and sits in the living room with everyone, she tells them how she lied about her trip to her classmates. After Anya tells Loid that she lied to get attention, Loid tells her that lying is wrong. In his thoughts, Yuri explains that he deals with liars all the time, and how they are worthless trash. He also justifies his own lies, saying they are for Yor’s sake and that anything would be righteous if it was for her. However, he simply tells Anya that all liars are trash. Yor agrees with them and the room quickly falls silent. Anya then says that she'll try to stop lying as being a liar seems pretty rough.[12]


Yor Forger

After both of their parents died in the war, Yor was the one who raised Yuri during his childhood despite living in poverty. Because of this, he has developed a sister-complex and will do anything to keep his sister safe, to the point of suspecting her husband of being an enemy. He holds a deep appreciation for Yor, as seeing her work bloody all for his sake in their youth motivated him to become a successful man and vowed to protect his last living relative.

Loid Forger

Since Yuri is protective of his sister, he acts rudely towards Loid and thinks that he is unworthy of his sister.

Anya Forger

Yuri first meets Anya in person when Yor calls him over to tutor Anya for her midterm exams. Neither of them have a good impression of the other due to Yuri's dislike of Loid and his child, while Anya gets creeped out from Yuri's overly obsessive thoughts about his sister. Using Yuri's love for Yor, Anya is able to persuade him into tutoring her seriously and he eventually shares his motivation for studying when he was younger. Although Yuri later stomps off in frustration when she fails to learn anything, his story allows Anya to reflect on the recent bombing incident and how she could have better helped Loid if she were more knowledgeable.

It is shown that afterward, the two seem to have a rather fine relationship when Yuri (along with Loid and Yor) tells Anya that lying is wrong. (Despite that they're all lying about themselves)


He is Yuri's friend and neighbor.

Abilities and Skills

Having been a very studious person growing up for the sake of his sister, he has become far more intelligent than her.

Intelligence: Yuri is extremely smart, able to work as a diplomat at a very early age. Despite this, however, his intel is that of an amateur when he's compared to Loid, as he follows what was in the Ostanian Intelligence manual word for word during his dinner with Yor and Loid, which allows the latter to quickly figure out that he was picked up by the SSS. It is also seen that in the SSS, he managed to locate, surveil, and capture a journalist in a matter of days.

Interrogation: Yuri is said to be very talented for his age, allowing his boss to let Yuri tag in for a senior officer for interrogation.

Endurance: Yuri is very durable, most likely due to his sister inadvertently hurting him in his youth. As an adult, he is durable enough to take two of Yor's drunken hits albeit sustaining heavy amounts of injuries enough for people to tell him to go to the hospital. He has also been hit by a truck after pulling four all-nighters in a row, sustaining little to no injuries.


Alcohol: Just like his older sister Yor, Yuri is a lightweight. He is prone to drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time, pouring wine into his glass eagerly, and drinking wine straight out of the bottle. Intoxication renders him temperamental and unable to think properly, as shown when he forces Yor and Loid to kiss in front of him, and then the latter became regretted his decision.

Chapter Appearances

Anime Appearances


  • Yuri is popular with girls due to his face, but they leave when they discover his personality.[1]
  • His senior who is close to him in SSS has several times told him to stop drinking.
  • Yuri's chair, featured on the cover of the fifth volume, is a Barcelona Chair.


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