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I don't need to be at peace. I don't care if I have to bloody my hands. Even if it means living a life that could end at any moment... Even if it means having to leave the Forger family... I think Loid would respect that. He would understand. That's why I won't give up this fight!
— Yor Forger in Chapter 53

Yor Forger (ヨル・フォージャー, Yoru Fōjā?), née Briar (ブライア, Buraia?) is the tritagonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. While she works as an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall, she also leads a secret life as a Garden assassin with the code name "Thorn Princess" (〈いばら姫〉, <Ibara-hime>?).

She and Loid Forger get married to fulfill their separate goals, with the former becoming the adoptive mother of Anya Forger.


Yor is an attractive and fairly tall young woman with fair skin, long black hair and upturned red eyes. She splits her hair into two parts and crosses it over her head, securing it with a headband and forming two thick locks of hair that reach below her chest.[6] When her hair is let down, she lacks the usual two thick locks of hair and her hair reaches about mid-back.

At home, Yor generally wears a backless red off-shoulder sweater with black tights, a red skirt and brown-heeled ankle boots. She wears a white headband and a pair of dangling gold earrings in the shape of small spikes. When going outside, she wears a long beige coat with black buttons over her clothes.

At Berlint City Hall, she wears the standard work uniform, consisting of a white long-sleeved shirt with a sleeveless green vest over it, with a knee-length green office skirt and black heels.

As an assassin, Yor wears a form-fitting halter-style black dress that shows off her shoulders and cleavage, with a rose choker and a red rose pattern on the inside of her skirt. The front of the skirt is mid-thigh length while the back of the skirt reaches below her knees. She also wears a pair of black thigh-high boots and black fingerless gloves. The headband she wears is gold-colored with a rose and two spikes on each side. Her weapons are of the same color as well. This is her only good dress[7] prior to marrying Loid, after which she purchases more formal wear to better present herself for Eden.

As a child, Yor had shorter hair that reached just below chin-length.[citation needed]


Yor lacks social skills and initially comes across as a somewhat aloof individual, interacting minimally with her coworkers and being rather straightforward, and she's described by Camilla as a robot. Similarly, Yor is remarkably collected, able to keep her composure in the midst of combat. She is incredibly polite to the point of asking her assassination targets for "the honor of taking their lives." Despite her job, Yor is a genuinely kind person with a strong maternal and big sister instincts. After becoming a family with Loid and Anya, Yor becomes more expressive and opens up to her coworkers, asking for help on being a better wife or cooking. She is protective of her faux family, especially towards Anya whom she has no trouble defending with extreme violence.

Due to spending most of her life as an assassin, Yor's ways of thinking are often highly deviant. She is frequently inclined to solve problems through murder, such as considering killing everyone at Camilla's party after the latter threatens to tell Yor's brother that she came without a date, and assassinating the parent of an Eden Academy applicant so Anya is ensured a place. To this extent, she has an affinity towards weapons, being captivated by a painting of a guillotine and a table knife.

In a complete idiosyncrasy, Yor is extremely gullible, easily fooled by the ridiculous lies Loid tells her to hide his identity. In spite of her intelligence and competence, Yor has a startling lack of common sense, asking Camilla if boogers made coffee taste better in response to her suggestion that they put one in their superior's coffee. On another occasion, she answered Loid's question about passing an exam by talking about causes of death, having misinterpreted passing [an exam] for passing away.

Yor is shown to be insecure about herself and her abilities, believing she is not good at anything apart from killing or cleaning, and she constantly worries that she's not being a good wife or mother. After the interview at Eden Academy, she tries to be more of a normal mother to Anya by trying to cook and asking Camilla for cooking lessons.


Yor and her younger brother Yuri grew up in Eastern Nielsberg. Orphaned at a young age, Yor was recruited into Garden, where she began working as an assassin to provide financially for her brother. Wanting her brother to live without worries, she would use her paycheck to buy whichever educational books or snacks her brother desired.[citation needed]

She continued to support her brother with paychecks from her assassination jobs until Yuri was hired into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a diplomat, at which point she used the money for herself instead, and continued doing contracts into the present. Prior to her work at Berlint City Hall, she gave "massages" to customers, which were in fact a euphemism for her assassination work.[8]


Introduction Arc

Yor is first seen as a female employee at Berlint City Hall. Her coworkers, Camilla, Millie, and Sharon, try to involve Yor in their gossiping and fashion talk, but her indifferent and air-headed response causes them to make fun of her. Camilla warns her of appearing suspicious as a single 27-year-old, then invites her to a party and suggests that she bring someone along. At her home, she converses with her brother Yuri, over the phone. She tries to appease his concerns about her getting married by lying that she is going to bring her boyfriend to the party. This backfires as Yuri decides to hear about the boyfriend from his friend attending the party and hangs up before Yor can protest.

As Yor is frantic about being exposed as a liar to her brother, she receives another call, this time from her employer, who dispatches her to The Royal Hotel. Yor is revealed to be the assassin known as the "Thorn Princess," who easily takes down her targets and any obstacles. As she is cleaning up, she realizes her only good dress is torn. The next day, Yor goes to the boutique to have her dress mended, where she meets Loid and Anya Forger. After her initial misunderstanding of Loid's marital status, she requests that he be her pretend boyfriend at the party, which he agrees to under the condition she pretends to be his wife at the school interview.

On the night of the party, Yor is waits outside for Loid, who is running late. She eventually gives up, disappointed at being stood up, but attends the party alone to avoid worrying her brother. She endures being mocked by her coworkers for lying about bringing a boyfriend, even contemplating killing all of them to prevent her brother from finding out. When she decides to leave the party, Loid suddenly enters, bleeding and injured, and introduces himself as her husband by accident. Camilla, who is jealous of Yor having a refined and handsome husband, attempts to humiliate her, but Yor easily turns the tables without understanding her coworker's intent. Camilla exposes Yor's previous job of performing "massages," Loid expresses his admiration for Yor doing such harsh tasks for her brother, moving her. Loid excuses the two of them from the party, and they leave.

As Loid drives away, he apologizes for introducing himself as her husband. As Yor is about to propose an idea, they are interrupted by a car ramming into them. Loid makes up an excuse that they are his patients still suffering from delusions, which she believes. They escape into an abandoned factory and abandon their van. As they run around the factory knocking their pursuers out, Loid saves Yor from being shot by a gun, and she in turn save him, sending a surprise attacker rolling away with a single kick, much to Loid's shock. They both laugh together, and he thanks her. Another attacker causes them to run away, and Yor decides to ask Loid to marry her, causing him to trip. She explains that she wishes to extend their agreement and remain together as camouflage. Loid agrees as he throws a grenade their pursuers, using the pin as a it as a wedding ring as he says his vows to her, tossing the grenade at their pursuers.[8]

Admissions Interview Arc

With the marriage cover now established, Yor relocates to the Forger residence and receives a warm welcome. After unpacking, she helps Loid and Anya with an interview mock questionnaire on what to expect, neither doing so well. Loid takes Yor and Anya on a tour of high society locations to broaden their perspectives and take in culture so as to improve their standing with the admissions, but it doesn't go as planned again. To help them relax, Yor takes the two to a park overlooking the city, which Yor admits she visits to remind herself that her work matters. However, they see a purse snatching and Yor gives chase immediately, but loses the thief in a narrow back alley. Returning to check on the robbed elderly lady, Yor regroups with Loid and Anya, where she watches over Anya as Loid finds the thief and knocks him out. With the purse returned, the Forgers visit the grateful old lady, who compliments the Forgers as looking like a sweet family. Returning home, Yor prepares some drinks as they retry their mock interview questions to better results, enjoying their evening before the admissions the next day.[9]

On the day of the interview, the Forgers make their entrance onto Eden Academy and Yor immediately senses observing glares as Loid acknowledges the faculty observing them. Yor follows Loids lead to salute a statue to earn favor, and proceeded to the next location as directed where Loid rescued a boy from a storm drain. Sullied by rescuing the boy, the Forgers took on new apparel before a stampede from the school's petting zoo came down the scene. Leaving Anya with Loid, Yor lunges at the cow leading the stampede and strikes it down with pressure point strikes, ruining her second dress. Realizing her actions, Yor hastily forms an excuse about learning yoga before Anya walks to the downed cow and it then walks away from her kindness. Once the animals passively depart, Housemaster Henry Henderson greets the Forgers and invites them in after they clean up, to which they had already done so. Inside, Yor answers questions about her being Anya's stepmother just like her practice with Loid, but was caught off-guard about questions of her cooking by Walter Evans and Murdoch Swan's disappointment in her. Once they question Anya on Yor as her stepmother, the child gives Yor and Loid a perfect 100 score. However, Professor Swan asks Anya to compare her birth mother to Yor, resulting in Anya crying and Yor coming to her aid. Hearing Swan's dismissal of Anya's feelings in regard to attending, Yor's bloodlust flared up, but she was stopped after Loid shattered the table. As Loid gave a departing comment, Yor took Anya with her and the family went home where they sulked in the likelihood at Anya's failure to get accepted. Preparing tea to calm the nerves, Yor worried her future with the Forger's but justified it as being about continuing her cover. Serving the tea, Yor asked Loid to cheer up as Anya noted Professors Evans and Henderson being more likely to recommend her. The family toasted to a positive future before growing dismayed at their family portrait falling, scared by the bad omen.[10]

Eden Beginnings Arc

Secret Police Arc

Stella Star Arc

Doggy Crisis Arc

Midterm Exams Arc

Campbelldon Tennis Arc

Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc

Great Cruise Adventure Arc

Abilities and Skills

Yor's kicking skill

Strength: Despite her slim frame, Yor possesses monstrously superhuman physical abilities. She is capable of easily piercing human skulls with her weapons throw them hard enough to break through a wooden door and impale someone on the other side. She can easily crush people with her raw strength, and a thrust from her hands alone can destroy pumpkins. Yor also has enough leg strength to jump an entire floor while carrying a woman and her child. Her kicks can move speeding cars, brutalize humans, and serve as her preferred method of close combat to devastating effect. Her kicks were powerful enough to knock out Loid by merely grazing his chin, something no one has done to him since his training days. While attempting a strength-tester game, Yor destroyed the machine with a one-handed swing.

Yor has difficulty controlling her strength. While taking cooking lessons from Camilla, Yor accidentally sliced up the cutting board that she was chopping vegetables on. During a tennis match against Fiona Frost, she accidentally diced a tennis ball from the power of her swing. While she held back her strength on her next serve, it was still so powerful that Frost, a WISE agent with considerable strength, could barely hold back the ball until her racquet snapped. Frost claimed that the ball would've been sent flying a mile away if she had not tried to hit it. Two accidental slaps from Yor was enough to cause Yuri to bleed excessively to the point that some passing civilians were concerned and recommended that he should go to the hospital. By her own admission, she has accidentally broken two of Yuri's ribs from a hug when she was in her teens.

Speed and Reflexes: Yor is imperceptibly fast and agile. Despite moving in heels, she can jump and land from tall heights, effortlessly knocking out a raging cow, and move fast enough to intercept and kill another assassin who was fast enough to evade the Director's bullets.

She also has remarkably quick reflexes, being able to intercept a falling hot pan with just a motion of her leg and dodge rifle fire. Even when distracted, she was able to dodge garden shears from several feet away and was able to throw Becky out of the path of a car and catch her in time.

Durability and Stamina: Yor was able to withstand a gunshot wound to her glutes and move normally, making it home, though this feat caused her considerable pain and left her in a bad mood. During the fight on the Princess Lorelei, she was able to kill over 22 assassins nonstop, coming away with only a a jammed finger and a chest wound. While rushing Becky Blackbell to the hospital after falsely assuming she was intoxicated, Yor was struck in the side by a car. Despite the car being damaged enough to start smoking and being sent rolling. Yor got up, caught Becky and continued running without issue.

Cleaning: Having to clean up the aftermath of her assassinations had left Yor with near-unrivaled cleaning skills, which she uses to keep the Forger home spotless.

Intelligence and intuition: Though not as smart as Loid, Yor has some knowledge of pressure points, utilizing it on a cow to instantly knock it out. She has some knowledge about the human body, though this seems to only extend to lethal points such as the jugular or carotid. She displayed a sharp intuition at the Eden Academy interview, sensing the gazes of the faculty members but not suspecting the source. She was also to search a large crowd for Anya mere moments after reaching a vantage point. Her illustrious assassination career is further testament to her impressive situational awareness.

Yor also possesses adequate medical knowledge to treat a gunshot wound.

Poison Tolerance: Yor is highly resistant against poison. She drank a cocktail laced with the body fluids of a pufferfish, a family of fish which contain a neurotoxin that is lethal in the micrograms. Her only symptoms after ingesting the cocktail was a tingling sensation and a inhibited sense of pain which helped relieve her gunshot wound. During the fight on the cruise ship, she withstood inhaling enough poison gas to take down a bear.

Weapons: When in combat, Yor uses two golden stiletto-type weapons. They have a handle with a thin, circular loop at the butt and a long, conical point designed for stabbing and thrusting. She has yet to be seen using them outside of her assassin work. Yor uses them to stab into opponent's heads or arteries, though she has demonstrated the ability to throw them with great speed and force. These weapons are a reference to the thorns of a wild rose.[5]

Teaching: Yor has shown to be a decent teaching skills, specifically when it comes to physical training. She taught Anya how to defend herself at her school. She also taught Anya how to prepare to play dodge ball explaining her how to perform a "secret ball throwing technique".


Yor drinks an entire bottle of wine

Alcohol: Despite her tolerance to poisons, Yor is a lightweight. She is prone to drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time, pouring wine into her glass eagerly, and drinking wine straight out of the bottle. Intoxication renders her temperamental and aggressive, as she is willing to use her martial arts against Loid and barely misses throwing a fork at Yuri, grazing him. She seems to share this trait with Yuri.

Cooking: Due to only considering the nutrients involved and not the taste or appearance of the meal, Yor is consistently bad at cooking and usually leaves the task to Loid. When she does attempt to cook dinner, she is unaware of what ingredients to buy and opts to get one of everything instead, thinking that she can make something as long as there are meat and vegetables. Her attempt at cooking breakfast for the family results in meals consisting of messily chopped fish heads and tails, prompting Anya to call her a terrible cook.

Yor's dishes cause any taster, even Loid, to collapse to the ground. However, all other dishes have resulted in the tasters collapsing on the ground, incapacitated. The only individual shown to withstand Yor's cooking is her brother Yuri, though he violently throws up endlessly even while eating. Despite this, Yuri grew up with no significant health issues. However, it was implied that Bond saw himself die at the hands of Yor's cooking in one of his visions. The only dish she can successfully cook is her late mother's southern stew, after Camilla gives her several cooking lessons and recreates the dish from their memories.

Her skills with handheld weapons are completely inapplicable in cooking, as she sliced meat razor thin and destroyed a cutting board. Yor also injured herself using a potato peeler.

Lying: Yor is extremely bad at lying and her alibis are successful only through sheer luck. After Yuri Briar asks Yor why she didn't tell him about Loid, Yor simply said she forgot. When pressed further, she told Yuri that she'd forgotten that she forgot to tell him. After destroying a strength tester machine, she attempted to explain her strength to Loid by lying about a former blacksmith apprenticeship.


Yuri Briar

Yuri is the younger brother of Yor and her only remaining family member alive after their parents died at an early age. As a result, she took on a parental role for her brother when she was young, taking assassination jobs to provide for him and cooking meals. When Yuri became sick with a fever, Yor went into the forest to pick herbs for him, getting stung by bees and killing a boar in the process.

When Yuri was a child, Yuri tells Yor he wants to marry her when he grows older and Yor jokingly says she will save herself for then.

Loid Forger

Loid Forger is Yor's fake, although legal, husband. First meeting him at a tailor, Yor went there to mend her clothes damaged from a recent assassination contract. After having a discussion, they both agreed to help each other out, with Loid agreeing to be her lover at the party while Yor would act as Anya's mother for the Eden Academy interview. On the night of the party, an injured Loid mistook his mission with Yor's and stated himself as Yor's husband instead. After leaving, they were attacked by Loid's "deranged patients" before subduing them and heading to city hall to become a married couple, all while concealing their true identities from each other. When tasked with raising Anya, Yor gives advice to Loid on the matter for which he is always thankful for. The pair treat each other as husband and wife inside and outside the house, but they neither share a room nor a bed.

When Yor's introduced younger brother, Yuri, he quickly didn't trust the reality of Loid and Yor's relationship, and drunkenly ordered them to kiss or he would annul the marriage to protect his sister. The two were flustered, but to Yor's surprise, Loid calmly agreed, while she gulped a bottle of wine to quickly get drunk, saying she can't kiss sober. After Yuri's visit, Yor started to develop lingering insecurities about not being a good wife for Loid, moping for a whole day until Loid encouraged her. This insecurity reoccurs a few more times, as Yor feels she's a bad wife and mother because she cannot cook.

Over time, their relationship changed from just working together to fulfill their own goals into a faux-marriage somewhat resembling husband and wife. Frequently, both Yor and Loid will furiously blush whenever Anya asks if they will kiss, followed by a shared denial. Upon meeting Fiona Frost, Loid's coworker (for his spy job in W.I.S.E.), Yor becomes jealous and overthinking of Fiona and Loid's relationship, appeared to be genuinely depressed at the thought of losing her role as Loid's wife to Fiona. When the pair went out for a drink, a drunk Yor asks Loid if he is in love with Fiona, even though he used to say she was pretty. This was enough to lead Loid to suspect Yor harbored genuine romantic interest in him, but as he tried to seduce her further, a flustered Yor responded by kicking him upside the chin, knocking him out. When he awoke, he reassured Yor that she was already an incredible mother and that he won't replace her with Fiona.

Yor's feelings for Loid appear to be developing further, as she grows fond of her family and her new home. Loid, along with Anya and Bond, are now part of her reason to keep the assassination job, that is to protect their peaceful life.

Anya Forger

Yor believes Anya is Loid's biological child from his first marriage and that his late wife's dying wish was for her to go to a good school. Yor is significantly more encouraging and patient with Anya compared to Loid, who often expresses exasperation or impatience at Anya especially with regards to her academic abilities. Yor often gives advice to Anya, though due to a variety of factors (e.g Anya failing to understand) this rarely works out. Yor has strong maternal instincts towards Anya, likely stemming from her raising Yuri when he was a child and gets extremely sad when Anya insults her cooking. This motherly behavior makes Yor extremely protective over Anya, as she tends to violently, and sometimes excessively, deal with anyone antagonizing the child. As part of her maternal behavior, she scolds Anya when needed such as when Anya runs away. In return, Anya is also protective of Yor, willing to put herself in harm's way to save a cornered Yor.

Bond Forger

It has been implied that they hold a very strong relationship off-screen, that she is responsible for all his baths and that she is the one who always takes him for a walk whenever Anya isn't around.


The Shopkeeper is Yor's handler within the Garden organization, similarly to Loid's handler. The Shopkeeper calls Yor when a "client" is available and sends her out to complete assassination contracts.[7] In rare instances, he will assign her missions whereby she will protect someone, such as Olka Gretcher and her infant son.[11]


At the beginning, Yor and Camilla are not on good terms. Camilla is openly envious of Yor's attractive appearance and mocks her for her aloof attitude and lack of a partner at her age. She even exposes unsavory rumors of Yor's previous job to Loid in an attempt to discourage him from courting Yor, though it fails. Later on when Yor asks Camilla to teach her how to cook, she warms up to Yor a little and they reconcile, though Camilla remains somewhat thorny with her.

Chapter Appearances

Anime Appearances


  • Her first name is a shortened form of "Yolanda", an Eastern European name. Despite popular belief, Tatsuya Endo did not plan for her name to be a homophone of the kanji for "night" (, yoru?).[5]
  • Yor originated from Tatsuya Endo's love of fighting heroines, particularly Princess Alena from the Dragon Quest series.[5]
  • Yor's personnel file has the date "06 APR 63".[12] This may be her date of employment, as neither the calendar year has been revealed nor has her birthday been disclosed.
  • Yor dislikes insects, to the point she hates even looking at pictures of them.[13]
  • Yor likes eating apples.[14]
  • Yor and Yuri used to hunt rabbits in the mountain when they were children.[15]
  • Yor's maiden name, rose motifs and codename hint at the inspiration for her character being drawn from Little Briar Rose, which is an alternative title for the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.
  • Yor's pointed earrings are traits that she shares with Ashe, the character of Tatsuya Endo's previous one-shot Rengoku no Ashe.
  • Yor's chair, featured on the cover of the third volume, is a La Chaise designed by Charles and Ray Eames.[6]


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