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Yor Forger (ヨル・フォージャー, Yoru Fōjā?), née Briar (ブライア, Buraia?), is one of four main characters of the SPY x FAMILY series. She is a 27-year-old woman who works as a normal clerk at Berlint City Hall, but is also an assassin who acts under the codename "Thorn Princess" (〈いばら (ひめ) , <Ibara Hime>?). She agrees in pretending to be Loid's wife and Anya's mother in order to help him reach his goals as well as her own.


Yor is a beautiful woman with long, straight black hair, red eyes, and light skin. Her hair is typically kept in a hairband, and either tied up at the nape or let down. She also dons earrings that are pointed, like her weapon of choice.

At home, she wears a red off-the-shoulder sweater with black leggings and brown ankle boots. When outside, she wears a long coat on top of her outfit.

As an assassin, she dons a halter-style black dress that shows off her shoulders and cleavage, with a rose choker and rose pattern on the inside of her skirt. She also wears a pair of black thigh-high boots and black fingerless gloves. The hairband she wears is gold-colored with a rose and two spikes on each side. Her weapons are of the same color as well.

Her standard work attire seems to be a white long-sleeved shirt with a sleeveless vest over it with a knee-length office skirt and black heels.


Yor is a kind and straightforward person with a somewhat aloof personality that doesn't care about matters unrelated to her work, often coming off as a private person to her coworkers. She doesn't seem to have much care for femininity as she replies indifferently to her coworkers, asking her about cosmetics and fashion. Her kind personality is shown when she immediately leaps down the building in an attempt to chase the thief upon seeing an old lady's purse being snatched.

Despite this, she has displayed a very morbid thought process, presumably caused by her years as a contract assassin, using dismembered limbs to help solve an equation and being excited by a dinner knife and painting of a man in a guillotine. Being a simplistic person, she doesn't understand opera and fine art but does enjoy paintings involving morbid artwork, as shown in the manga.

After the interview at Eden Academy, she tries to be more of a normal mother to Anya. She buys ingredients and tries to cook and goes to Camilla's house so she could be taught to cook as well as Camilla, despite getting into trouble frequently, for the sake of being a good mother to Anya. She also seems to have a strong maternal instinct, likely due to having to take care of her younger brother when young, as she immediately becomes angry and terrifying when a group of delinquents attempted to hold Anya hostage, beating one with her groceries and intimidating the rest into running away. Following this event, she feels regretful for not keeping her eyes on Anya and teaches her self-defense as per her request.


Yor and her family were originally from Eastern Nielsberg. Both of her parents passed away when she was young, leaving both her and her younger brother Yuri Briar as orphans, and causing them to be poor and unable to afford books or school supplies. Seemingly around this time, she was trained and started her career as a contract killer to support her brother financially and continued doing hits, even as both her and Yuri got government jobs. She is contacted by her employer, who she refers to as "Shopkeeper" for assassin missions over the phone. Although initially taking the job to provide for her brother, she now views it as a noble calling to clean up the country.

She would eventually marry Loid out of their common interests and their shared beliefs, becoming part of the Forger Family and Anya's adoptive mother.


Introduction Arc

Yor is first seen as a female employee at Berlint City Hall. Her coworkers, Camilla, Millie, and Sharon, try to involve Yor in their gossiping and fashion talk. Her indifferent and air-headed response causes them to make fun of her. After Camilla warns her of appearing suspicious as a single 27-year-old, Camilla invites her to a party and suggests that she bring someone along. At her home, she converses with her brother, Yuri Briar, over the phone. She tries to appease his concerns about her getting married by lying that she is going to bring her boyfriend to the party. This backfires as Yuri decides to hear about the boyfriend from his friend attending the party and hangs up before Yor can protest. As Yor is frantic about being exposed as a liar to her brother, she receives another call, this time from her employer, who calls her to The Royal Hotel. Yor is revealed to be the assassin known as the "Thorn Princess," who easily takes down her targets and any obstacles. As she is cleaning up, she realizes her best dress is torn, much to her distress.

The next day, Yor goes to the boutique to mend her torn dress, where she meets Loid Forger and Anya Forger. After her initial misunderstanding of Loid's marital status, she requests him to be her pretend boyfriend at the party, which he agrees to under the condition she pretends to be his wife at the school interview.

On the night of the party, Yor is waiting outside for Loid, who is running late. After a long time, she eventually gives up, disappointed at being stood up, and attends the party alone to avoid worrying her brother. She endures being mocked by her coworkers for lying about bringing a boyfriend, even contemplating killing all of them to prevent her brother from finding out. When she decides to leave the party, Loid suddenly enters, bleeding and injured, and introduces himself as her husband by accident. Camilla, who is jealous of Yor having a refined and handsome husband, attempts to humiliate her and sabotage their relationship. When Camilla tries to expose Yor's previous job as doing "massages," Loid expresses his admiration for Yor doing such harsh tasks for her brother, moving her. Loid excuses the two of them from the party, and they leave.

As Loid drives away, he apologizes for introducing himself as her husband. As Yor is about to propose an idea, they are interrupted by a car ramming into them. Loid makes up an excuse that they are his patients still suffering from delusions, which she believes. They escape into an abandoned factory and abandon their van. As they run around the factory knocking their pursuers out, Loid saves Yor from being shot by a gun but becomes vulnerable to an attack from above. Yor calmly kicks the attacker away, sending him rolling into a wall, much to Loid's shock. They both laugh together, and he thanks her.. Another attacker causes them to run away, and Yor decides to ask Loid to marry her, causing him to trip. She explains, suggesting that they extend their agreement and remain together as camouflage. Loid pulls a grenade pin and uses it as a wedding ring as he says his vows to her, tossing the grenade at their pursuers.

Eden Academy Arc


Loid Forger

Loid Forger is the fake husband of Yor Forger, first meeting at a tailor when Yor went to get her clothes fixed when they were damaged from a previous assassination. After having a discussion, they both agree to help each other out, with Loid agreeing to be her lover at the party while Yor acts as Anya's mother for the Eden Academy interview. On the night of the party, Loid mistakes his mission and Yor's mission and states that he is Yor's husband instead of her lover. They then become a married couple while concealing their true identities from each other. When tasked with raising Anya, Yor gives advice to Loid on the matter for which he is always thankful for.

When the pair meet Yor's younger brother, Yuri it is seen quickly that he doesn't trust the reality of Loid and Yor's relationship, and in a drunken proclamation, orders them to kiss or he will annul the marriage to protect his sister. The two are flustered by this order, but to Yor's surprise, Loid calmly agrees. Yor then gulps a bottle of wine and quickly gets drunk, saying she can't kiss sober. After Yuri's visit, Yor starts to develop insecurities about not being a good wife for the Forgers and mopes about it for a whole day until Loid encourages her. This insecurity comes again a few more times, as Yor feels as if she is a bad wife and mother because she cannot cook, and when she meets Fiona Frost, Loid's coworker. Yor becomes jealous of Fiona and Loid's relationship and suspects that Loid will replace her with Fiona as the mother. When the pair went out for a drink, a drunk Yor asks Loid if he is in love with Fiona and says that he used to think she was pretty, to which Loid realizes her feelings. He tries to seduce her, to which Yor responds by kicking him in the chin in embarrassment, knocking him out. When he wakes up, he tells Yor that she already is an incredible mother and reassures her that he does not intend to replace her with Fiona. The pair treat each other as husband and wife inside and outside the house but they do not share a room or for that matter, a bed.

Over time, their Yor and Loid's relationship changed from just working together to fulfil their own goals to that which somewhat resembles a husband-wife relationship. After Loid worked with Fiona Frost on behalf of W.I.S.E, Yor began overthinking and appeared to be genuinely depressed at the thought of losing her role as Loid's wife to Fiona, internally panicking at the thought. This was enough to lead Loid to suspect Yor harboured genuine romantic interest in him. Despite this, both Yor and Loid furiously blush whenever Anya asks if they will kiss.

Anya Forger

Yor Forger is the adoptive stepmother or as called by Anya, "Ma" of Anya. When Anya first met Yor, Anya read Yor's mind and found out that Yor is a assassin. As she finds the concept of spies and hitmen interesting, she comes out with a plan and has a scene where she desperately wants a mother and due to circumstances it works out and they begin their family. Yor is significantly more encouraging and patient with Anya compared to Loid, who often expresses exasperation or impatience at Anya especially with regards to her academic abilities. Yor often gives advice to Anya, though due to a variety of factors (e.g Anya failing to understand) this rarely works out. Yor has strong maternal instincts towards Anya, likely stemming from her raising Yuri when he was a child and gets extremely sad when Anya insults her cooking. This motherly behaviour makes Yor extremely protective over Anya, as she tends to violently (and excessively) deal with anyone antagonizing the child. She scolds Anya when needed such as when Anya runs away.

Yuri Briar

Yuri is the younger brother of Yor by 7 years. It is told that their parents died early in their youth and so Yor had been raising Yuri for most of his life. While growing up Yuri's two ribs are broken from Yor only with a hug but he calls it "love". When Yor used to come home late from her "job" she always came home with blood all over her. Much like Yor, Yuri is oblivious to strange circumstances and when he sees her with blood all over he thinks that Yor worked herself bloody just to support both of them. Because of this as a grown-up Yuri becomes a "SSS officer" as he feels like it is the only way he can protect Yor from society and by repaying her by working so hard raising him,all while not knowing that Yor is an assassin. Yor sees Yuri as her adorable and eccentric little brother and recognizes how much he cares about her. Likewise, she cares for her brother deeply and tries not to worry him by telling him that she already had a partner and tries to look like a good wife in front of him.


Camilla and Yor initially seem to have an antagonistic relationship as Camilla is shown harassing or mocking Yor, even inviting Yor to her dinner party just to make fun of Yor being single at 27. Upon realizing Yor was married to Loid, she attempted to spill hot gratin mac and cheese on Yor out of jealousy. Despite that, Yor states that Camilla always seemed like a wonderful person to her when Dominic later sets up cooking lessons between Camilla and Yor, though Camilla begrudgingly accepts.


Yor is a well-known assassin, known as a legend among contract killers, and has been trained in killing techniques from a young age. She is shown to have participated in assassination work even in her early teenage years.

Trained Assassin

Yor is an extremely deadly assassin, easily clearing out guards and terrorists armed with guns to get to her "customers," often without a single scratch. She specializes in dealing quick and lethal blows to her targets, usually by way of penetrating the head. She is also skilled enough to sneak up on Loid on their first meeting.

Enhanced Strength/Speed/Endurance

Yor's kicking skill

Despite her slim frame, Yor possesses monstrously superhuman physical abilities. She is capable of easily she is capable of easily piercing the skull of a human with her weapons and her hands alone were strong enough to destroy a pumpkin with a thrust and break a person's hand. The strength in her kicks is sufficient to change the direction of a moving car, causing it to crash into a streetlight and brutalize ordinary humans. In hand-to-hand combat, Yor is mostly seen attacking with rapid kicks, demonstrating her agility and flexibility. Her kicks were powerful enough to knock out Loid, something he didn't experience since his training days.

Yor has demonstrated the ability to be imperceptibly fast and agile. Despite moving in heels, she was able to jump and land from tall heights, effortlessly knock out a raging cow, and move fast enough to intercept and kill another assassin who was fast enough to evade the Director's bullets. Yor has remarkably quick reflexes, being able to intercept a falling hot pan with just a motion of her leg and dodge rifle fire on another occasion. Even when distracted, she was able to dodge garden shears thrust at her head mere feet away. She has a sharp intuition, as she can sense the gazes of the faculty members but doesn't suspect the source, as well as being able to recognize that Anya is missing in the crowd a moment after she leaps to a higher vantage point.

Yor was able to take and withstand a gunshot wound to her glutes and move normally, though this feat caused her considerable pain and left her in a bad mood. During the fight on the cruise ship, she was able to fight against (and kill) no less than 22 skilled opponents, exiting only with a jammed finger. In the same fight, she was able to grab a sword by the blade and snap the tip clean off.


As an assassin, Yor is skilled at cleaning up the scene after taking out her targets. This carries over to her homemaking abilities, and she is responsible for keeping the house spotless.


Though not as smart as Loid, Yor is knowledgeable about the locations of certain pressure points on a human body, utilizing it on a cow to instantly knock it out. To this extent, she has some knowledge about the human body, though this seems to only extend to lethal points such as the jugular or carotid.

She is also rather air-headed, not realizing Loid's lie about their pursuers being his hysteric patients and him knocking out their pursuers as 'concussive therapy.' Though she was perceptive enough to notice she and Loid were being observed, she could not deduce from where.

Yor also possesses adequate medical knowledge to treat a gunshot wound.

Poison Tolerance

Yor is highly resistant against poison, as shown when she drinks a cocktail containing a high volume of bodily fluids from a pufferfish, a family of fish notorious for the neurotoxin tetrodotoxin, which is lethal in the micrograms. Her only symptoms after ingesting the cocktail was a tingling sensation and a inhibited sense of pain which helped relieve her gunshot wound.

During the fight on the cruise ship, she withstood inhaling enough poison gas to take down a bear.


When in combat, Yor uses two slender, single-handed weapons with a vague resemblance to ice picks or awls. They have a handle with a thin, circular loop at the butt and a long, conical point designed for stabbing and thrusting. They likely parallel needles or thorns, given her rose motif. She has yet to be seen using them outside of her assassin work.

Yor uses them to stab into opponent's heads or arteries, though she has demonstrated the ability to throw them with great speed and force.



Yor drinks an entire bottle of wine

Yor is prone to drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time, pouring wine into her glass eagerly, and drinking wine straight out of the bottle. Despite her tolerance to poisons, she can become comically drunk, rendering her temperamental and aggressive, as she's willing to use her martial arts against Loid and barely misses throwing a fork at Yuri. She seems to share this trait with her brother, Yuri.


Yor is consistently bad at cooking and usually leaves the cooking to Loid. When she does attempt to cook dinner to become a better mother, she is unaware of what ingredients to buy and opts to get one of everything instead, thinking that she can make something as long as there are meat and vegetables. Her attempt at cooking breakfast for the family results in meals consisting of messily chopped fish heads and tails, prompting Anya to call her a terrible cook. This seems to be a result of Yor only considering only the nutrients that her brother got when she had to cook for him and nothing else. Her skills with handheld weapons are completely inapplicable in cooking, as demonstrated when she sliced meat razor thin and destroyed a cutting board. Strangely enough, she failed at using a potato peeler, injuring herself in the process.

The only dish she is able to successfully cook is her late mother's southern stew, after Camilla gives her several cooking lessons and recreates the dish from their memories. However, all other dishes have resulted in the tasters collapsing on the ground, incapacitated. The only individual shown to withstand Yor's cooking is her brother Yuri, though he continually and violently throws up while eating.[1]

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Introduction Arc
Mission 1 Absent
Mission 2 Debut
Mission 3 Appears
Admissions Interview Arc
Mission 4 Appears
Mission 5 Appears
Mission 6 Appears
Mission 7 Appears
Eden Beginnings Arc
Mission 8 Appears
Mission 9 Appears
Mission 10 Appears
Family Interrogation Arc
Mission 11 Appears
Mission 12 Appears
Mission 13 Appears
Mission 14 Appears
Stella Star Arc
Mission 15 Flashback
Mission 16 Appears
Mission 17 Appears
Inusan Crisis Arc
Mission 18 Appears
Mission 19 Appears
Mission 20 Appears
Mission 21 Flashback
Mission 22 Appears
Mission 23 Appears
Midterm Exams Arc
Mission 24 Appears
Mission 25 Absent
Mission 26 Appears
Mission 27 Appears
Mission 28 Appears
Tennis Tournament Arc
Mission 29 Appears
Mission 30 Appears
Mission 31 Flashback
Mission 32 Appears
Mission 33 Absent
Mission 34 Appears
Mission 35 Appears
Desmond Reunion Arc
Mission 36 Flashback
Mission 37 Absent
Mission 38 Appears
Mission 39 Absent
Post Desmond Reunion Arc
Mission 40 Appears
Mission 41 Appears
Mission 42 Appears
Princess Lorelei Cruise Arc
Mission 43 Appears
Mission 44 Appears
Mission 45 Appears
Mission 46 Appears
Mission 47 Appears
Mission 48 Appears
Mission 49 Appears
Mission 50 Appears
Mission 51 Appears
Mission 52 Appears
Mission 53 Appears
Mission 54 Appears
Extra Missions
Extra Mission 1 Appears
Extra Mission 2 Appears
Short Missions
Short Mission 1 Appears
Short Mission 2 Appears
Short Mission 3 Appears
Short Mission 4 Absent
Short Mission 5 Absent
Short Mission 6 Appears


  • When written in kanji rather than katakana, Yor's name can mean "night" (, yoru?).
  • Yor's pointed earrings are traits that she shares with Ashe, the main character of Endo's previous work, Rengoku no Ashe.
  • Yor's maiden name, rose motifs and codename hint at the inspiration for her character being drawn from Little Briar Rose, which is an alternative title for the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.
  • Yor refers to her assassin boss as "Shopkeeper" and her targets as "Customers," also using the codename "acupuncture treatments" to refer to her various jobs as an assassin.



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