Yor Forger (ヨル・フォージャー, Yoru Fōjā?, née Briar (ブライア, Buraia)) is one of three main characters of the SPY x FAMILY series. She is a 27-year-old woman who works as a normal clerk at Berlint City Hall, but is also an assassin who acts under the codename Thorn Princess (いばら姫, Ibara Hime?). She agrees in pretending to be Loid's wife and Anya's mother in order to help him reach his goals as well as her own.


Yor is a beautiful woman with long, straight black hair, red eyes, and light skin. Her hair is typically kept in a hairband, and either tied up at the nape or let down. She also dons earrings that are pointed, like her weapon of choice.

At home, she wears a red off-the-shoulder sweater with black leggings and brown ankle boots. When outside, she wears a long coat on top of her outfit.

As an assassin, she dons a halter-style black dress that shows off her shoulders and cleavage, with a rose choker and rose pattern on the inside of her skirt. She also wears a pair of black thigh-high boots and black fingerless gloves. The hairband she wears is gold-colored with a rose and two spikes on each side. Her weapons are of the same color as well.

Her standard work attire seems to be a white long-sleeved shirt with a sleeveless vest over it with a knee-length office skirt and black heels.


Yor is a kind and straightforward person with a somewhat aloof personality that doesn't care about matters unrelated to her work, often coming off as a private person to her coworkers. She doesn't seem to have much care for femininity as she replies indifferently to her coworkers, asking her about cosmetics and fashion. Her kind personality is shown when she immediately leaps down the building in an attempt to chase the thief upon seeing an old lady's purse being snatched.

Despite this, she has displayed a very morbid thought process, presumably caused by her years as a contract assassin, using dismembered limbs to help solve an equation and being excited by a dinner knife and painting of a man in a guillotine. Being a simplistic person, she doesn't get opera and fine art but does enjoy paintings involving morbid artwork, as shown in the manga.

After the interview at Eden Academy, she tries to be more of a normal mother to Anya, buying, and ingredients and trying to cook; however, she gets into trouble rather frequently. She also seems to have a strong maternal instinct, likely due to having to take care of her younger brother when young, as she immediately becomes angry and terrifying when a group of delinquents attempted to hold Anya hostage, beating one with her groceries and intimidating the rest into running away. Following this event, she felt regretful for not keeping her eyes on her and teaches her self-defense as per request.


Yor and her family were originally from Eastern Nielsberg. Both of her parents passed away when she was young, leaving both her and her younger brother Yuri Briar as orphans, and causing them to be poor and unable to afford books or school supplies. Seemingly around this time, she was trained and started her career as a contract killer to support her brother financially and continued doing hits, even as both her and Yuri got government jobs. She is contacted by her employer, who she refers to as "Shopkeeper" for assassin missions over the phone.

She would eventually marry Loid out of their common interests and their shared beliefs, becoming part of the Forger Family and Anya's adoptive mother.



Yor is first seen as a female employee at Berlint City Hall. Her coworkers, Camilla, Millie, and Sharon, try to involve Yor in their gossiping and fashion talk. Her indifferent and air-headed response causes them to make fun of her. After Camilla warns her of appearing suspicious as a single 27-year-old, Camilla invites her to a party and suggests that she bring someone along. At her home, she converses with her brother, Yuri Briar, over the phone. She tries to appease his concerns about her getting married by lying that she is going to bring her boyfriend to the party. This backfires as Yuri decides to hear about the boyfriend from his friend attending the party and hangs up before Yor can protest. As Yor is frantic about being exposed as a liar to her brother, she receives another call, this time from her employer, who calls her to The Royal Hotel. Yor is revealed to be the assassin known as the "Thorn Princess," who easily takes down her targets and any obstacles. As she is cleaning up, she realizes her best dress is torn, much to her distress.

The next day, Yor goes to the boutique to mend her torn dress, where she meets Loid Forger and Anya Forger. After her initial misunderstanding of Loid's marital status, she requests him to be her pretend boyfriend at the party, which he agrees to under the condition she pretends to be his wife at the school interview.

On the night of the party, Yor is waiting outside for Loid, who is running late. After a long time, she eventually gives up, disappointed at being stood up, and attends the party alone to avoid worrying her brother. She endures being mocked by her coworkers for lying about bringing a boyfriend, even contemplating killing all of them to prevent her brother from finding out. When she decides to leave the party, Loid suddenly enters, bleeding and injured, and introduces himself as her husband by accident. Camilla, who is jealous of Yor having a refined and handsome husband, attempts to humiliate her and sabotage their relationship. When Camilla tries to expose Yor's previous job as doing "massages," Loid expresses his admiration for Yor doing such harsh tasks for her brother, moving her. Loid excuses the two of them from the party, and they leave.

As Loid drives away, he apologizes for introducing himself as her husband. As Yor is about to propose an idea, they are interrupted by a car ramming into them. Loid makes up an excuse that they are his patients still suffering from delusions, which she believes. They escape into an abandoned factory and abandon their van. As they run around the factory knocking their pursuers out, Loid saves Yor from being shot by a gun but becomes vulnerable to an attack from above. Yor calmly kicks the attacker away, sending him rolling into a wall, much to Loid's shock. They both laugh together, and he thanks her.. Another attacker causes them to run away, and Yor decides to ask Loid to marry her, causing him to trip. She explains, suggesting that they extend their agreement and remain together as camouflage. Loid pulls a grenade pin and uses it as a wedding ring as he says his vows to her, tossing the grenade at their pursuers.


Loid Forger

Anya Forger

Yuri Briar


Camilla and Yor initially seem to have an antagonistic relationship when Camilla is shown harassing or mocking Yor, even inviting Yor to her dinner party just to make fun of Yor being single at 27 and attempting to spill hot gratin on Yor in jealousy of her husband, Loid Forger. Despite that, Yor states that Camilla always seemed like a wonderful person to her when Dominic later sets up cooking lessons between Camilla and Yor to improve their relationship.


Yor is a well-known assassin, known as a legend among contract killers, and has been trained in killing techniques from a young age. She is shown to have participated in assassination work even in her early teenage years.

Trained Assassin

Yor is an extremely deadly assassin, easily clearing out guards and terrorists armed with guns to get to her "customers," often without a single scratch. She specializes in striking pressure points of her targets.

Physical Abilities

Chapter 2 Yor saves Loid

Yor's kicking skill

Yor possesses impressive strength and endurance for her slim frame, capable of easily piercing the skull of a human with her weapons and destroying a pumpkin with the sheer thrust of her bare hand and have enough strength in her kicks to change the direction of a moving car, as well as being able to endure being shot in the glutes, albeit she was in a bad mood the whole day. In hand-to-hand combat, Yor is mostly seen attacking with rapid kicks, demonstrating her agility and flexibility. She is also able to easily jump down several feet of steep ground and knock out a raging cow in a mere instant. She also has quick reflexes, being able to intercept a falling hot pan with just a motion of her leg. She has a sharp intuition, as she can sense the gazes of the faculty members but doesn't suspect the source, as well as being able to recognize that Anya is missing in the crowd a moment after she leaps to a higher vantage point.


As an assassin, Yor is skilled at cleaning up the scene after taking out her targets. This carries over to her homemaking abilities, and she is responsible for keeping the house spotless.


Though not as smart as Loid, Yor is knowledgeable about the locations of certain pressure points on a human body, utilizing it on a cow to instantly knock it out. She is also rather air-headed, not realizing Loid's lie about their pursuers being his hysteric patients and him knocking out their pursuers as 'concussive therapy.'

Poison Tolerance

Yor is strongly immune against poison, as shown when she drinks a martini containing a lethal dose of the poison tetrodotoxin from fugu, a species of pufferfish known for its notorious lethality. Her only symptoms when she ingests the poison is a tingly sensation and the numbing serving as a painkiller for her prior injury.


Yor's choice of dual-wielding weapons seems to resemble ice picks, with a longer pick and a hole at the end of the hilt where she can place her finger. They likely parallel needles or thorns, given her rose motif. She has yet to be seen using them outside of her assassin work.



Chapter 13 Loid watches Yor drink bottle of wine

Yor drinks an entire bottle of wine

Yor is prone to drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time, pouring wine into her glass eagerly, and drinking wine straight out of the bottle. She quickly becomes drunk as a result, rendering her temperamental and aggressive, as she's willing to use her martial arts against Loid and barely misses throwing a fork at Yuri. She seems to share this trait with her brother, Yuri.


Yor is consistently bad at cooking and usually leaves the cooking to Loid. When she does attempt to cook dinner to become a better mother, she is unaware of what ingredients to buy and opts to get one of everything instead, thinking that she can make something as long as there are meat and vegetables. Her attempt at cooking breakfast for the family results in meals consisting of messily chopped fish heads and tails, prompting Anya to call her a terrible cook. This seems to be a result of Yor only considering the nutrients that her brother got when she had to cook for him.

The only dish she is able to successfully cook is her late mother's southern stew, after Camilla gives her several cooking lessons and recreates the dish from their memories.[1]



  • Yor's name was previously translated as "Yoru," meaning "night."
  • Yor shares the same pointed earrings as Ashe of Rengoku no Ashe.
  • Yor Briar's name, rose motifs and codename hint at her being themed after Little Briar Rose, an alternate title for the fairytale "Sleeping Beauty."
  • She refers to her assassin boss as "Shopkeeper" and her targets as "Customers."


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