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The setting of the SPY x FAMILY manga, which largely takes place in the country of Ostania. Other mentioned countries of note include Westalis and Hugaria.




The countries of Ostania and Westalis border each other with Ostania to the east and Westalis to the west, the iron curtain severing the two countries.

Despite their seemingly peaceful front, their relationship has greatly deteriorated to the brink of pushing them into a war from any incidents.


Main article: Ostania

Ostania (東国(オスタニア), Osutania?) is the country bordering the east of Westalis.


Westalis (西国(ウェスタリス), Wesutarisu?) is the country bordering the west of Ostania. Despite its major role, very little information is known about Westalis beyond their advanced intelligence agency, WISE that has managed to evade Ostania's counterintelligence, the State Security Service, to prevent war between the two countries by any means possible.


Landscape of Hugaria

Hugaria (フーガリア, Fūgaria?) is the setting of the cover story often used by agents of Ostanian Intelligence, including Yuri Briar, to fabricate nonexistent travels abroad. The capital city of Hugaria is Obda.

The wine called Tokar that Yuri brings to the Forgers is from a shop on Hedger Street and there is a restaurant called Kalpatia.


  • Hugaria was based on Hungary, with its capital city, Obda, being based on Hungary's capital, Budapest.
    • The landscape of Hugaria features the Inner City (Belváros) of Budapest with buildings such as the Inner City Parish Church.
      • The exterior and name of the restaurant Kalpatia is based on actual restaurant Karpatia in Budapest.
  • The northern part of the map resembles southern Denmark and northern Germany. This suggests the world's shape is similar to that of Europe.
  • Westalis was based on West Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany. But unlike West Germany, Westalis had a different capital.
  • Ostania was based on East Germany, the German Democratic Republic. Unlike East Germany however, they had Berlint to themselves.