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Sylvia Sherwood (シルヴィア・シャーウッド, Shiruvuia Shāuddo?), also known as Handler (管理官(ハンドラー), Handorā ?) or the Fullmetal Lady (鋼鉄の淑女(フルメタル・レディ), Furumetaru Redi?), is Twilight's main contact at WISE.


Sylvia is a young woman with a slim figure and narrow purple eyes that droop at the corners. She has long and wavy red hair that reaches the middle of her back.

She sports a pair of round framed glasses and a black wide-brimmed hat with a ribbon. She also wears an elegant black dress with a low-cut square neckline over a white collared shirt, along with a large black ribbon under the collar. The back of the dress is long, reaching below her knees, while the front of her dress reaches mid-thigh.

As Secretary Sherwood, she ties her hair in a ponytail. She wears a black coat over a white top and a black skirt.


Not much has been to shown to get an understanding of her personality but from what's been shown, it's that she is similar to Twilight in which she is dedicated, skilled and logical with her approach to ideas but still is a somewhat impatient person albeit the target, Donovan Desmond has been doing some suspicious activity, willing to artificially make it so Anya would get more Stella Stars showing only to be told that it would expose the agents and having Anya under scrutiny. It can be assumed that she doesn't really understand kids, as seen when she told Loid to just bribe Anya with candy.

It has been shown she once had a daughter of a similar age to Anya but possibly due to war lead to her no longer having a daughter. It can be assumed based on her previous actions that she had her daughter a long time ago and now doesn't know how to deal with children due to dedicating her life for peace. This could be her reason for being in WISE, but she still acts like a kind mother. She comforts Anya about what they're going to do with the dogs and tells her that they would treat the dogs with care.


Handler seems to have been involved in the war before as she angrily makes a speech about the consequences of war and experiences of soldiers to several university students attempting to start a war between the East and the West, berating them for learning nothing about war in their university.[1]

She previously had a daughter around Anya's age.


Admissions Interview Arc

Sylvia meets with Loid Forger, but before she gets to the reason for their meeting, she tells him she is angry about his expenses like renting a castle. Loid explains that the private school is expensive and gives her even more expense reports. She starts briefing him for phase two of their operation and about Eden Academy. As their target is part of an honor program known as Imperial Scholars, to join them, Anya will need to earn eight Stella Stars awarded for exceptional grades and contributions to society. However, she explains there is also a demerit system awarding Tonitrus Bolts for poor grades and behavior, and getting eight of those leads to expulsion.

Eden Beginnings Arc

The Handler meets with Loid and asks him if Anya can become an Imperial Scholar in four months. Loid agrees, but she comments how he has got bad at lying. She informs him that they lost the informant in the city hall, warning Loid to be more careful as they will know less about the enemy eyes both in the city and within the academy.


  • Disguise: She can disguise herself pretty well, having passed off as an old woman to contact Twilight.
  • Handler: As a handler, she is the agency's main contact between them and the agents, and is responsible for managing them and their missions. Despite the strict surveillance of the nation's secret police, she manages to evade notice while competently handling her agents, even earning her the nickname of "Fullmetal Lady".


Loid Forger

Loid Forger, as Twilight, is one of the intelligence agents under her command.


  • Handler used to have a daughter around Anya's age.[2]


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