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State Security Service <SSS> (秘密警察(こっかほあんきょく), Kokka Hoankyoku?) is an organization in Ostania established to maintain domestic order. Their primary objective includes hunting down spies and surveilling the public. Some tactics they use include violence, wiretapping, intimidation, and torture. Due to that, they are widely feared by the public who call them the Secret Police (秘密警察(ひみつけいさつ), Himitsu Keisatsu?).


They work as Secret Police much like agencies in totalitarian regimes. They view the Westalian Intelligence, journalists, and "Twilight" as their greatest enemies. They are effective at surveiling and capturing enemies, as seen with Franklin Perkin being captured in a matter of days after becoming a target.

Known Members

  • Second Lieutenant Briar, otherwise known as Yuri Briar


  • When its name is translated to German (Staatssicherheitsdienst), it corresponds with one of the names the Stasi was known for.
  • The emblem of the SSS takes elements from both the Nazi Eagle, with the bird, and the "Shield and Sword of the Party" Stasi insignia, with the guns and shield.
  • The badge symbol of SSS bears more resemblance to the Nazi Eagle than the "Shield and Sword of the Party" insignia of the Stasi.