Spy x Family Wiki

The following rules apply to all images uploaded to Spy x Family Wiki. For the appropriate usage of these images in articles, consult the corresponding section in the Manual of Style.


  • Acceptable file formats are .png and .gif. Files with .PNG will be renamed.
  • Any image considered to be inappropriate (nudity, sexual activity, gore, etc.), according to Fandom's Terms of Use, is to be immediately deleted and, depending on the severity of the offense, the user may be blocked from editing the wiki.
  • Do not upload duplicates of images.
  • Images not related to SPY x FAMILY should be kept to a minimum.
  • Only upload images that you are going to use (in articles, blogs, or forum), any images that are not used after 2 days of their upload will be deleted.
    • Before getting an administrator/content moderator to delete an unused image, you must check if there is a page where it can be included, and include it if that is the case. Unused images can be found via Special:UnusedFiles.
    • Images should not be uploaded to just image galleries, with the exception of those used for the Profile tab of image galleries. Images uploaded should be used on an article page or blog for constructive purposes.
  • Images should not be watermarked, with exception of official watermarks (Shounen Jump+, Shueisha, VIZ Media).
  • Any textboxes or speech bubbles in manga images should be blanked out and empty, and text outside of textboxes and speech bubbles should be in Japanese (this includes chapter covers as well).
  • Official promotional images or author illustrations should be sourced on the file page for verification purposes.
  • Images used in character infoboxes should be waist above. Full body images can be placed in the appearance section or image galleries section.
  • Images used in portraits should ideally have the character profiles be frontal with as few obstructions like speech bubbles or objects blocking parts of the face.

Uploading Images


  • Images are to be free of errors where possible. This means they should not contain mouse pointers and borders.
  • Preferably, avoid using manga panels or images from MANGA Plus by Shueisha official English translation as there is a noticeable quality drop from the raws. If an image is uploaded from MANGA Plus, it will be replaced with the raw version.

File Naming

The image's filename should be a brief description of the action or character that the image is showcasing.

Filenames should at minimum contain given names of all characters who are the focus of the images. Avoid using incorrect names like "Ania", "Yoru" or "Lloyd". Images with a large group of characters may use a recognizable name of said group. For example:

  • Forger Family Dinner.png
  • Young Briar Family.png
  • Damian's group.png

If similar files are named a certain way, the naming conventions should be followed. For example:

  • "Character Manga Infobox.png"
  • "Story Arc Manga Infobox.png"
  • "Character Manga Full Body.png"
  • "Character Manga Full Body Uniform/Casual/Suit.png"
  • "Character Portrait.png"
  • "US Volume Number.png" for the official English volume cover

Examples of unacceptable/bad filename:

Names with long random letters or numbers

  • SpyxFamily-1813129.jpg
  • Tumblr inline mpw7tvUe3c1qz4rgp.png
  • Screenshot 2015-06-08 at 5.10.01 PM.png

Ridiculous or undescriptive names

  • Loid fave.png
  • Best gal Yor.png
  • Damian.png

Examples of acceptable/good filename:

  • Anya showing off her Stella.png
  • Berlint General Hospital Consultation Room.png


After uploading a file, the image should be appropriately categorized by using the Add Categories button at the bottom of the page, or the Categories tab on the right hands side of the Editor. Categories should include all characters pictured in the image, and the chapter the image is obtained from. See Category:Images or other images for examples of what categories to include.

Duplicate Images

Duplicate images are copies or similar to images already uploaded to the SPY x FAMILY Wiki with a different name. Duplicate images should be marked for deletion using {{Delete}}, including the filename of the duplicated image for review. To avoid uploading duplicate images, please check before uploading by:

  • Looking in articles or pages related to the image object, especially the Image Galleries of related characters.
  • Making a search within the SPY x FAMILY Wiki, using the search box at the top of the page or Special:Search.
  • Looking in Category:Images and its subcategories.

Deletion and Violations

Images that violate any of the policies above (unused, duplicates, improper filename) should be marked for deletion using {{Delete}}. The uploader will be given an initial warning and a reminder of this policy. Violations of Fandom's Terms of Use may be blocked depending on the severity of the offence.

Any user is welcome to add the {{Delete}} tag to bring an image or file that violates the policies to an administrator's attention. Please contact an administrator or content moderator with any questions or concerns if there is uncertainty about whether an image or file violates the policy.