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The countries of Westalis and Ostania are locked in a cold-war rife with espionage and assassination. The master spy known as <Twilight> is Westalis' top agent whose newest target is a man named Donovan Desmond. The problem is that Desmond is a social hermit and only ever makes public appearances at his sons' school functions. <Twilight>'s orders are to get close enough to the target to investigate his subversive activities... by getting married and having a child. Oh, and he has 7 days to find a family.

Assuming the identity of psychiatrist Loid Forger, <Twilight> recruits Yor Briar, an Ostanian civil servant, who needs a husband to avoid drawing attention in the heavily suspicious Ostanian society, and Anya, an orphan girl who wants a loving family, to play the part of his wife and daughter. Making things more complicated, however, is that Yor and Anya are keeping secrets of their own: Yor is a Professional Killer, and Anya escaped from a lab that gave her telepathic powers.

And so <Twilight>, Yor and Anya do their best to try and keep the others from discovering who they really are, all the while pretending to be the best family they can.
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