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Short Mission 5 (SHORT (ショート) MISSION (ミッション) : 5, Shōto Misshon: 5?) is an extra chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on February 8, 2021.[1]


The chapter introduces Sylvia Sherwood, handler at Westalia Intelligence Services' Eastern-focused Division. However, her age is redacted. She officially acts as an attaché at the Westalis' Embassy in Ostania but actually commands a corps of intelligence agents while being under strict surveillance by the secret police. She is also called the "Fullmetal Lady" by her agents due to her flawless performance under those conditions.

Sylvia walks down the street as several men begin to tail her. She swiftly identifies other people following her in the crowd. She heads for the public pool every Wednesday. maintaining the same clothes, same errand and same route to lull the men into a false sense of security. The men tailing her are bored and decide to get something to eat while waiting for her to leave the pool. Sylvia quickly changes into a new set of clothes and a short black wig, leaving the pool without alerting the men.

In her disguise, she meets up with Twilight and briefs him on what they learned from the financial records of Donovan Desmond's partners. As she talks, Loid notices that Sylvia forgot to cut the price tag off of her new coat but is unable to point it out to her.

At another time, Loid is attempting to meet up with Sylvia and needs to help lose her pursuers. Sylvia looks into a nearby shopwindow, reflecting Loid who signals the location of her pursuers. Loid asks if they should cancel through secret communication. Sylvia refuses and tells him to meet at Point C. At the meeting point, Loid reports that Anya can now jump over to vaulting boxes, as well as jump rope five times in a row.





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