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Short Mission 4 (SHORT (ショート) MISSION (ミッション) : 4, Shōto Misshon: 4?) is an extra chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on June 1, 2020.[1]


Henry dressed for the day

At 5:33 AM, Henry Henderson is taking a jog around Eden Academy. After completing his jog, he heads to Cecile Hall's dormitory to take a shower. After completing his shower, he puts on his suit and starts making some tea. The dorm tutor walks in and the two wish each other a good morning. Henry invites the tutor to have tea and the tutor gladly joins. Henry pours hot water into the kettle, puts his tea blend into their teacups, and then pours water from the kettle into the cups. Henry tells the tutor that the students from this dorm did well on the history midterm, to which the tutor tells Henry that the students said it was thanks to Henry. Henry states that it's because he focuses less on timelines and more on the human element of history and the ideas that come from it.

Anya and Damian fighting

The dorm mother then walks up and Henry invites her to tea as well. After finishing their tea, Henry goes to his desk and begins writing some letters. At 7:58 AM, he reads a book while listening to music coming from his phonograph. Outside his window, he sees the students coming to school and wishing each other a good morning. He finishes reading and gets ready for another elegant day at Eden Academy. However, he is instead greeted by Damian, Emile, and Ewen fighting with Anya and Becky. Henry gives a look of disappointment having to deal with this so early in the day.





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