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Short Mission 3 (SHORT (ショート) MISSION (ミッション) : 3, Shōto Misshon: 3?) is an extra chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on April 6, 2020.[1]


Anya and Bond are watching the cartoon Bear Squad when Loid tells Anya that it's time for a bed. Anya continues to watch the cartoon and right when one of the characters gets killed Loid grabs Anya and takes her to bed. She requests to sleep with her penguin plush tonight, he gives her the penguin, and she goes to sleep hugging it. Bond glares from outside of the door at the penguin. Anya wakes up the next morning to find that her penguin had been ripped apart. Loid points out that the damages are bite and claw marks so Anya looks at Bond. Bond looks away, but she reads his mind and hears hateful thoughts directed at her penguin. She yells at him that she hates him which puts him into despair.

Yor says she'll fix up Anya's penguin which excites Anya, however, Yor just ends up ripping it up more. Loid tells Anya that he'll buy her a new one, but she exclaims that she wants to keep the one she has as the penguin was gifted by him, causing him to blush slightly. He concedes and tells her to go finish her breakfast and then study while he fixes up the penguin. While he fixes up the penguin, Bond cries into the sink and Anya cries over her books. Loid finishes his work and presents the mended penguin which looks like Frankenstein's monster to Anya. Bond walks into the room holding a bag of peanuts in his mouth as an apology. Anya decides to forgive Bond and so he and the penguin shake on a peace treaty.





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