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Short Mission 2 (SHORT (ショート) MISSION (ミッション) : 2, Shōto Misshon: 2?) is an extra chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on December 29, 2019.[1]


Franky tells Loid that he's fallen in love with someone. Loid turns around, wishes him good luck, and starts walking away. Franky stops Loid and asks him for help to which Loid tells him the secret is effort. Loid starts to walk away but Franky says he'll sell Loid out to the secret police to which Loid gives Franky a look of killing intent. Franky tells Loid he was joking and that he'll make the smaller listening device for Loid in exchange for help with his love.

They stop by a coffee shop and Franky tells Loid that he's fallen in love with a woman named Monica McBride, an employee at the cigar club on Fifth Street. Franky proceeds to divulge lots of personal information that he has collected on her. Loid gives him a face of disappointment, which Franky complains about as Loid does research on others too. Loid fires back though, telling Franky that it's his job to research people. Loid asks Franky why Franky even needs his help if he's already gathered this much info on her. Franky loudly whispers at him that information gathering and analysis are two very different things and that he's only good at gathering.

Franky begs Loid to help him as Franky keeps buying fancy cigars every day just to see her. Loid asks Franky if he just wants an analysis of the information he gathered and a plan based on that info to which Franky confirms. Loid proceeds to make a large conversation flow chart for Franky to memorize. Franky tells Loid that's too complicated and asks for something that'll work no matter what. Loid shoots off the idea that he could just sit behind her and give Franky hand signals, but Franky shoots down this idea as he doesn't want Loid to hear their conversation.

Loid then suggests that Franky practice having a date with him which Franky at first says no to but quickly changes his mind. Loid throws together a disguise of Monica and the two of them practice having a conversation. Franky, feeling satisfied, thanks Loid and heads out to go ask out Monica. Loid worriedly believes that Franky will fail at asking her out. Franky arrives at the cigar and Monica greets him. Franky tries talking to her but stumbles over his words.

The Forger Family is out for a walk and Anya Forger tells Yor Forger she wants to go on the playground obstacle course which Yor says would be fun. Loid however notices Franky across the street and Anya says hello to him. Loid asks him how it went and Franky relays the excuse Monica provided for why she couldn't go on a date. Franky says that she said she'll see a movie with him later but right now he feels like getting a drink. Anya sadly pats Franky because she feels bad for him.

Franky sobs at the bar and asks for another cheap drink. However, instead, he gets an expensive drink provided by Loid. They greet each other and Franky asks where Anya is and Loid tells him that she and Yor went to the park. Franky believes that Loid just came there to mock him but Loid tells him that people like Franky and himself can't afford to have feelings for others in their work. Franky yells at Loid since he has a wife and daughter which Loid comments are part of his mission. Franky tells him that he's going to get drunk on Loid's tab, which Loid says he'll join in with.





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