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Sharon (シャロン, Sharon?) is one of Yor Forger's three co-workers at Berlint City Hall. She has a child and attends the admissions interview at Eden Academy.


Sharon is a young woman with light skin and long black hair combed back. Her eyes are often obscured by her glasses but are usually half-closed when visible.

She wears a large plain barrette at the back of her head, pulling back her hair, and half-rim glasses. She is seen wearing the Berlint City Hall uniform with a vest over a long-sleeved shirt and knee-length skirt, along with a pair of dangling earrings.

At the party, she wears a long-sleeved blouse with shin-length black pants. She sports a hairpiece on the right side of her head and black heels.


Sharon is shown to be largely indifferent or disinterested, not actively making fun of Yor like her co-workers nor preventing them, though she tells Millie to cool it after Millie suggests Yor may be able to find a man if she stopped being air-headed.


She is frequently seen smoking. She has at least one child whose eldest is applying to Eden Academy. She hires a maid to do all the cooking.


Introduction Arc

During their break, she gossips with Millie and Camilla about the recent robbery at City Hall. Millie complains that the section chief is ogling her, but Sharon tells her its due to her wearing short skirts and that after having a child, she stopped wearing short skirts.

That weekend, she attends Camilla's party, where the three women gossip about Yor Forger and how she came alone.

Eden Beginnings Arc

Sharon, Millie, Camilla and Yor gossip how Jim Hayward was taken away for espionage. Camilla tells Yor that her brother is here and is surprised that she didn't tell him she was married, but Yor explains she forgot, which surprises Sharon that she forgot for an entire year. Millie wonders if her brother is cute and to set her up with him. Sharon reminds her she has a boyfriend, however Millie explains they just broke up.




Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Introduction Arc
Mission 1 Absent
Mission 2 Debut
Mission 3 Absent
Family Interrogation Arc
Mission 11 Appears
Mission 12 Absent
Mission 13 Absent
Mission 14 Appears
Midterm Exams Arc
Mission 24 Flashback
Mission 25 Absent
Mission 26 Absent
Mission 27 Absent
Mission 28 Absent
Princess Lorelei Cruise Arc
Mission 43 Appears
Mission 44 Absent
Mission 45 Absent
Mission 46 Appears
Mission 47 Absent
Mission 48 Absent
Mission 49 Absent
Mission 50 Absent
Mission 51 Absent
Mission 52 Absent
Mission 53 Absent
Extra Missions
Extra Mission 1 Absent
Extra Mission 2 Absent
Short Missions
Short Mission 1 Absent
Short Mission 2 Absent
Short Mission 3 Absent
Short Mission 4 Absent
Short Mission 5 Absent
Short Mission 6 Absent


  • She is a smoker and smokes with her left hand.
  • She appears at the admissions interview at Eden Academy.[1]


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