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SPY x FAMILY CODE: White (劇場版 SPY×FAMILY CODE: White, Gekijō-ban Supai Famirī CODE: White?, lit. "Spy x Family: The Movie - CODE: White") is a 2023 Japanese animated spy action comedy film based on Tatsuya Endo's SPY x FAMILY manga series.

The movie was officially announced on December 18, 2022 and premiered December 22, 2023 in Japan. It premiered internationally on April 2024[1].


In an era in which the nations of the world were waging a fierce war of information just out of sight...

Loid Forger, codenamed "Twilight," a talented intelligence agent in the WISE division of Westalian Intelligence, is on his usual mission when he receives an order to change missions. However, the new man chosen for Operation Strix is incompetent.

Meanwhile, a cooking competition is being held at Eden Academy, with the winner rumored to be awarded a Stella Star. To show progress in Operation Strix and negotiate with WISE to continue the mission, and ultimately to protect world peace, Loid suggests to Anya that she make the "Meremere," a traditional pastry from the Frigis region and a favorite of the principal, who is also the head judge of the competition. Thus, the Forgers decide to take a family trip to Frigis to taste the real thing. On the other hand, Yor witnesses an exchange between Loid and a mysterious woman before their departure, resulting in some uneasiness about their temporary relationship during the trip.

During the trip, Anya discovers a key, and through Bond's visions, locates a suitcase on the train. Inside, for some reason, there is a single chocolate. While wondering, the owners of the suitcase return, and in her surprise, Anya accidentally swallows the chocolate. However, the chocolate hides a serious secret that could threaten world peace!

And just like that, a series of happenings occur on the journey!

The fate of the world has once again been entrusted to this temporary family.[2]


While Loid is undergoing an infiltration mission at a masquerade to obtain some information, Yor completes an assassination at a warehouse. The two return home at the same time to Anya and Bond after completing their respective jobs, and Anya gets to hear the exciting things her parents did today after reading their thoughts. Yor suggests making dinner for the night, but after seeing herself and Loid suffering after eating it through Bond's vision of the future, Anya requests Loid's peanut butter pizza from last night's dinner.

At Eden Academy, Henry Henderson announces an upcoming cooking contest next Monday, in which the principal will be the head judge. He adds that the previous winner won a Stella Star, which catches Anya's attention. Observing Anya's class from afar, Loid also learns about the competition and decides to prepare Anya for the sake of progressing Operation Strix. He is suddenly called to meet with Sylvia, who has an infiltration mission for him. Loid declines to prioritize Strix but is informed that he will be replaced by Major Depple of Westalis's Army Intelligence. Loid knows Depple will be incompetent, but Sylvia informs him that Depple is backed by a higher-up in WISE. However, she tells him that if they can come up with any progress, they can negotiate against it.

Loid catches Fiona's hat

Loid catches Fiona's hat, though the position causes a nearby Yor to misinterpret the scene

Upon leaving the photo booth to the safe house, Loid encounters Fiona, and the two discuss Operation Strix. A gust of wind causes Fiona's hat to fly off her head, and Loid reaches over her to catch it. Across the street is Berlint City Hall, where Yor is on the roof with her co-workers to raise the flags. Yor spots Loid but does not recognize Fiona and believes the two were kissing from her position. Coincidentally, her co-workers happen to be talking about cheating, and Camilla tells Yor the three signs of cheating: taking more business trips, a change of clothing taste, and suddenly giving gifts.

At home, Loid contemplates the end of the Forger family if he is pulled from Strix, while Yor worries that he plans to replace her with the woman she saw with him. Anya returns home and informs her of the cooking competition. Loid suggests making the Meremere, knowing that it is the favorite food of the principal and that he especially likes the one from his homeland of Frigis. To appeal to the principal and ultimately earn Anya a Stella for Strix's progress, Loid suggests that the family go on a weekend trip to Frigis. Loid invites Yor to come along, not disclosing that the restaurant that serves the Meremere they are looking for has a strict family-only policy. On the other hand, Yor worries that Loid is actually cheating on her, thinking back to Camilla's first sign of cheating.

After packing their things, the Forgers take the train to Frigis, bringing Bond along. Anya tries to have fun during the ride, but Loid still gets her to study. Anya goes to the bathroom to escape studying and finds a key on the sink. As Anya questions it, Bond suddenly has a future vision. In it, he and Anya go to the luggage car, where Anya opens a suitcase with the key and opens a box, as well as two men mentioning that there is a treasure inside. Excited and curious about this treasure, Anya decides to look for it.

Back at the Forgers' train car, Loid and Yor discuss Anya's penmanship, which Yor mentions working on with her. Loid compliments Yor's motherly side, which gets her flustered and confused. She is further flustered when she sees a couple kissing outside their cabin and twitches her lips. Loid notices her fidgeting and asks if something is wrong. Yor claims that her lipstick is itchy, then excuses herself to look for Anya, who has been gone for a while. Outside, Yor calms herself down and reminds herself that she and Loid are only a couple for appearances.

Anya eats the chocolate

Anya fails to catch the chocolate and accidentally eats it

Anya reaches the luggage car, where she finds the suitcase from Bond's vision. Bond tries to stop her from opening it, making Anya consider the morality of going through other people's belongings. However, she justifies doing this for world peace after remembering that the two men in the vision said the treasure is from the Republic. Opening the suitcase, Anya is disappointed to find a single piece of chocolate inside. Suddenly, the two men from Bond's vision enter the car, which startles Anya and causes her to drop the chocolate. Anya fails to catch it and ends up accidentally swallowing it.

After returning the luggage to its place, Anya and Bond quickly hide as the two men, Domitri and Luca, arrive at the scene. Domitri and Luca are shocked that the chocolate has been stolen and declare to kill its thief. This scares Anya, who accidentally makes a noise and alerts the men. Anya and Bond escape the car but find that the door to the next one has been locked by Domitri. The two men realize that Anya ate the chocolate and prepare to kill her. Anya calls out for Yor, who arrives and tears open the door just before the duo can do anything to her. Though the men plan to take them both out, Anya accuses them of being chocolate thieves planning to do something bad to her, prompting Yor to beat them up.

The Forgers finally arrive at Frigis, and Loid hurries them to the local restaurant Rubble and Bonds. At the same time, the beaten Domitri and Luca exit another train car and say they need to contact their colonel. At Rubble and Bonds, the Forgers enjoy Frigis's cuisine and order the Meremere. Bond is left outside but is treated to a meal by the waitress. While they eat, Yor notices Loid's new turtleneck, which furthers her belief in Camilla's three signs. The Forgers talk with the head chef, who shares his experiences from the war that led him to make the restaurant, and Loid empathizes with him.

At the SSS headquarters in Berlint, Yuri gets word of the Military Intelligence Special Reconnaissance Regiment being in Frigis and declares to go there to ensure Yor's safety but is prevented from going by his captain and his fellow agents. Back at the restaurant, the Forgers receive the last slice of the Meremere. Just as this happens, Colonel Snidel and his soldiers arrive at the restaurant, where he takes a seat for himself and makes an order. Despite the restaurant's family-only policy, Snidel threatens to shut down the restaurant if they do not obey him. Snidel orders the Meremere, and when he hears that they have run out, he notices the Forgers' untouched slice and takes it.

Snidel reveals his answer

Snidel reveals his more accurate answer

Loid politely confronts Snidel to ask for the dish back so Anya can have it. Recognizing Loid as a fellow food connoisseur, Snidel challenges him to a game with the Meremere as the reward. In this competition, the two must specifically identify the types of sugar in three different cakes, and if Loid gets the same answer, he will get the Meremere back. Confident in his ability to win due to his experience as a chef at a 3-star restaurant, Loid correctly identifies the sugar types. To everyone's surprise, Snidel did not only have the same answer but also specified the exact number of grams used. Yor and Anya are shocked by Loid's defeat while he remains silent.

After Snidel and his soldiers leave, Loid says they can come back tomorrow for more Meremere, but the chef informs them that they do not have the ingredients to make the dish until Monday, the day of Anya's competition. The chef refuses to give the Forgers the recipe for the dish but agrees to cook it again when Yor suggests getting him the ingredients. The Forgers head out to Frigis's city market to obtain all the ingredients for the Meremere. After memorizing the list, Loid quickly purchases all the ingredients they can find at the market, impressing Anya and Yor. Their shopping is briefly interrupted by some women who offer Loid lipstick for Yor. Loid purchases one as a gift for Yor, recalling her saying she had itchy lipstick. However, he unknowingly fulfills all of Camilla's signs of cheating, making a depressed Yor drag herself away to the bathroom.

Searching for a bottle of orange syrup, Loid and Anya find a shooting game booth with the ingredient placed as one of the prizes. Anya tries her hand at the game but fails. The old booth owner's thoughts reveal that the game is rigged, having placed metal brackets hidden behind the prizes. Loid quickly catches on to the scam and decides to play. Ricocheting his shot on many prizes, including the orange syrup, to fall over, Loid exposes the owner's scam and convinces him to run a more honest business. With the orange syrup obtained, Loid prepares to find the final ingredient but notices that Anya is missing, only to find her happily riding a mini train. Loid reunites with Yor, and the two get drinks at a wine and coffee booth. Determined to confirm if Loid is cheating on her, Yor begins drinking wine and gets herself drunk to be able to confront him about it. In her drunkenness, Yor throws Loid to the ground and asks him what he thinks about her before passing out. Yor is taken to a bench to rest, where she later wakes up sober and worries that Loid will want to divorce her. Fearing a divorce after hearing about it from Becky, Anya gets the idea to go to a Ferris wheel where Loid and Yor can "flirt."

Loid reminds Yor of their vows

Loid reminds Yor of their vows

At the Ferris wheel, Anya pushes Loid and Yor into the gondola while she and Bond remain outside. Inside, Loid asks Yor what has been going on with her, and she confesses to seeing Loid with the mystery woman the other day, believing she is his girlfriend. Loid realizes what she is talking about and clears up the situation, claiming that the woman was simply a stranger asking for directions. Yor is embarrassed by the misunderstanding and worries about her role as a mother and wife. Loid takes her hand and reminds her of their vows together. Yor gets flustered as Loid gets closer and slaps him so hard that he flies out of the gondola. Though Loid makes a safe and graceful landing, he gains a large lump on his cheek. The family gathers outside, where the flustered Loid and Yor tell Anya they were not fighting nor "aggressively flirting." As the family realizes it has gotten late, Loid tells Yor and Anya to rest at the hotel while he finds the last ingredient they need: cherry liqueur. As the drink is rare and rarely on the market, Loid decides he must get it through illegal means, which is why he must go alone.

Elsewhere, Snidel arrives at a hangar holding a large battle airship. With their preparations complete, Snidel readies for his plan for war with Westalis. He then shoots one of his officers dead, revealing him as a traitor who leaked their information to WISE. As the soldiers board the ship, Domitri and Luca inform Snidel that their microfilm has been eaten, to the latter's shock. Meanwhile, Sylvia gathers with several WISE agents to inform them of Snidel, whom they have been keeping close tabs on. WISE is also after the microfilm, and Sylvia emphasizes how it could lead to an all-out war between the East and West. As Loid is currently in Frigis, he may be their only hope. Sylvia orders the WISE Agent and another agent to meet with Loid at Frigis and get the microfilm. However, Fiona elects herself to the mission and hurries to be on a mission with Twilight, ignoring Sylvia's protests.

Loid scours every place he can think of around Frigis to obtain the cherry liqueur but ultimately comes up with nothing. With no other choice left, Loid calls Franky to get him the liqueur by tomorrow morning. Franky, who was in the middle of chatting with a pretty girl, is annoyed by the difficult task but begrudgingly accepts. At the hotel, Yor, Bond, and Anya unpack their things. After the three play together, Anya eventually gets tired and falls asleep.

Loid arrives at the hotel room, only to announce that he will be leaving again to find the liqueur in another town, using a car provided by the hotel. Anya wakes up and overhears their conversation. Reading his mind, Anya learns that if she does not get a Stella soon, the Forger family will end, so she demands to go with Loid. When he sternly rejects her, Anya realizes that he thinks she will hold him back and sadly retreats to the bedroom with Bond. Before Loid leaves, Yor stops him and asks how many people can fit in the car. Loid answers five, prompting Yor to ask if they can all go together, reminding him that this is a family trip. In the bedroom, Anya sadly hugs Bond, who suddenly receives a vision. Anya reads his mind and discovers some cherry liqueur at a store in a plaza near the hotel. Anya thinks of telling Loid and Yor but worries about revealing her and Bond's powers and decides to get it herself.

Yor relates Anya's happiness with Yuri whenever they spent time together on birthdays and trips when they were younger. Loid recalls how happy Anya was throughout their vacation thus far and remembers her gratefulness to him after he adopted her. Yor tells Loid that Anya was looking forward to being with him and how lonely it is to be separated from one's family, knowing it from her own experience. She asks again if they could get the liqueur in the next town together. While Loid initially thinks of the possible danger of bringing Anya, he ultimately agrees with Yor. The two are interrupted by room service, and Loid is surprised to see Fiona behind the door disguised as a hotel staff. Loid excuses himself to talk with Fiona, who fills him in on the situation with the microfilm and Snidel. Back in the room, Yor goes to the bedroom after hearing a sound and finds the window open with Anya and Bond missing. Yor quickly informs Loid of the situation and shows him Anya's scrappily written note she left behind, and the two head out to the city's streets to search for her.

Domitri and Luca capture Anya

Anya is captured by Domitri and Luca

At the plaza, Anya purchases the cherry liqueur and secures it in her bag. On her way back to the hotel with Bond, the military searches for her, using Luca's drawing of her as a reference. Anya is found by Domitri and Luca, who capture her. Bond attacks Luca but is thrown aside while the duo drives off with Anya. They knock back a can, which hits Bond and renders him unconscious. Shortly after, Loid and Yor find the dog, who had torn off the Military Intelligence Special Reconnaissance Regiment emblem from Luca's uniform. As Loid realizes Anya's situation, Fiona arrives and urges him to get the microfilm, and he asks her for a favor.

Anya is brought to the airship to meet Snidel, who asks if she has gone to the bathroom since eating the chocolate. Reading his mind, Anya is horrified to learn that the microfilm they need is in the chocolate she ate and that he intends to have her killed after she poops. Anya denies needing to go to the bathroom but quickly admits to lying after Snidel glares at her. Snidel tasks Domitri and Luca with watching Anya and to inform him when she poops. With the microfilm finally in their possession, the Regiment moves on with their war plan as the airship takes off into the sky. Anya fears for her life and begins her efforts to hold back her poop.

Back on the ground, Loid and Yor go to the old military aircraft at the city station, which Loid powers up and uses its radio. Overhearing Anya with Domitri and Luca, he is dismayed to learn that she ate the microfilm. Loid informs Yor that Anya has been detained by the military and asks her to stay behind while he retrieves their daughter. Yor suspects that Domitri and Luca are from the military, but does not want to tell Loid what she knows and that she beat them up. As Loid takes off, Yor remembers their promise to go together as a family, so she stows away onto the plane by entering its hatch.

Back at WISE, Sylvia hopes for Loid's success, saying that the fate of the world depends on whoever holds the microfilm. On the battle airship, Anya desperately resists the urge to go to the bathroom. She shifts around to try holding it back, which she tells Domitri and Luca is a dance she learned from school. Meanwhile, Fiona infiltrates the Military Intelligence Special Reconnaissance Regiment's air traffic control station at Loid's request, taking out the men there. Communicating with Loid's plane, Fiona informs him of the location of Snidel's airship. Loid compliments her on getting the information so quickly, much to her happiness. Fiona proposes taking over the wife role in Operation Strix, only to realize their communication got cut off as Loid went out of reach.

The God of Poop

The Poop God appears as Anya's hallucination

Anya continues to fight off her toilet urges while Domitri and Luca wait for her to go. She eventually hallucinates meeting the "Poop God," who praises her efforts to hold back and encourages her to relieve herself. Returning to reality, Anya still refuses to poop, much to the duo's disappointment. Luca reports Anya's resistance to Snidel, who orders him to cut open Anya's stomach to retrieve the microfilm. Luca informs Domitri of Snidel's order, and they reluctantly follow. The now frightened Anya is restrained by Domitri while Luca pulls out his knife, and she calls out for her parents.

Loid flies to the airship and contacts them on the radio. Claiming that his plane is in a state of emergency due to a fuel system failure, he requests an emergency landing on the airship. However, Snidel demands his soldiers to shoot down the aircraft. The ship opens fire on the plane with its turrets, but Loid maneuvers through them. Frustrated with the plane's evasion, Snidel orders to destroy it with guided missiles, reasoning to his surprised subordinates that there will be a war anyway. While Loid evades the missiles, Yor is still in the hatch and gets dizzy from Loid's flying. When the plane is struck by bullets, Loid crashes it into the airship. The crash causes the ship to shake and Domitri to drop Anya. As Anya escapes and runs through the ship's halls, Domitri and Luca quickly chase after her.

Inside the ship, Loid exits the cockpit equipped with his bag of spy tools and begins his search for Anya. Outside on the ship's exterior, Yor opens the hatch shortly after and sees Loid missing from the cockpit. Deciding to find her own way in, she begins sprinting across the ship. The soldiers spot Yor, to Snidel's disbelief, and he orders to have her shot down as well. Yor avoids the turrets firing at her, and when a soldier tries to toss a grenade at her, she takes off her coat and throws it at him, causing him to lose his balance and fall backward into the ship. The grenade is still with the soldier, and he quickly flees before it detonates and sets fire to the deck. Leaping into one of the opened turrets, Yor heads into the ship's hull. Snidel orders the fires to be put out and dispatches Type F, their mysterious mechanical soldier, to handle her.

Anya manages to elude Domitri and Luca, after which she finds herself hiding in a bathroom and happily uses the toilet. However, after Anya exits the bathroom, she is once again caught by the duo. While evading the soldiers, Loid disguises himself as a lieutenant on the ship. Yor encounters soldiers trying to put out the flames and asks if they have seen Loid and Anya, but they immediately open fire on her. Yor dodges their attacks and knocks them all out by rolling a fire extinguisher at them. Taking two knives with her, Yor heads further into the ship. Yor arrives at the ship's fiery central hull, where she is attacked by Type F. Yor evades the soldier's rounds of bullets and pins him down, managing to break off the top part of his mask. Yor points her knife at Type F's forehead, but he instead presses against the knife and shatters it. Yor retreats from Type F, who stands back up. The flames burn up his coat and reveal his cyborg body, with both arms holding firepower.

Loid learns that Anya is at the bridge where Snidel is and makes his way there. At the bridge, Snidel learns that Anya has already pooped but believes that the microfilm may still be in her digestive tract and decides to cut her open himself. He then orders Domitri and Luca to search through the sewage tank to find the microfilm on the chance it is there. Snidel then has Anya gagged and tied up in the room below, deciding to deal with her after the chaos in the ship is dealt with. On his way to the bridge, Loid crosses paths with Domitri and Luca. Upon recognizing the missing patch on Luca that Bond tore off, Loid pulls them aside and beats them up. When Loid enters the command bridge, Anya hears his thoughts and gets his attention by banging her head on the pipes that extend to the bridge. Loid walks over to the hatch near the pipes but gets stopped by Snidel, who exposes him as an imposter and the man he met at the restaurant, revealing that he instantly smelled Loid's "city scent" once he entered the room. Snidel and his men begin firing at Loid, who returns fire and removes his mask after it gets damaged.

Meanwhile, Yor continues her fight with Type F, dodging his vast array of firepower in his arms. Equipping herself with a nearby fire axe and gripping one of his arms, she gets Type F to shoot a hole into the platform and kicks it open, causing the cyborg to crash to the floor below. Yor descends to make a finishing blow, only to discover large rounds of magazines inside his chest. Back on the bridge, Snidel decides to use a poison gas grenade he has been developing to kill Loid. After donning gas masks alongside his men, Snidel tosses the grenade at Loid. Hearing the plan with her telepathy, Anya manages to break free from the rope and faceplant into a console in front of her, hitting buttons that open the windows and releasing the gas as it detonates. Amidst the confusion, Loid quickly disguises himself as Snidel and grapples with him, causing the men to cease fire as they are unable to shoot their colonel. Snidel pulls out his knife and attacks Loid, intending to damage his mask and expose him as the imposter once again. Loid out-maneuvers and overpowers Snidel, putting the colonel into a chokehold until he loses consciousness. Loid orders all the soldiers to abandon the airship and take the real Snidel with them, after which he stays behind and removes his disguise.

Yor destroys Type F

Yor destroys Type F

Yor continues to struggle against Type F as she tries to make him run out of ammunition but is beginning to wear herself out. After discovering the lipstick Loid bought her still in her pocket, Yor makes her final move against the cyborg. Before doing so, she tries to convince Type F to stop fighting, which falls on deaf ears. Yor charges at Type F, circling him while dodging his firepower. Type F comments on her seemingly futile efforts to defeat him, but is surprised to see lipstick markings on the magazine in his chest, as well as more marks encircling him. Yor explains that lipstick is mainly made of oil before lighting it on fire and dropping it onto the lines, engulfing the cyborg in flames and causing him to explode.

Loid opens the hatch to the floor below the bridge and reunites with Anya. Loid discovers the cherry liqueur in her bag and smiles as he realizes why she ran from the hotel. As more explosions go off in the airship, Loid and Anya prepare to leave and run into Yor, who arrives on the bridge. As Anya runs to Yor, Loid asks how she got on the airship, to which Yor explains herself and tells him that they promised to go together as a family. When Yor asks if the men on the ship are from the military, Anya claims they are chocolate thieves, and Loid plays along, which Yor accepts. Loid and Yor then scold Anya for stealing and eating the men's chocolate, but they cannot help but smile when she apologizes.

The Forgers turn the wheel

The Forgers work together to turn the ship's wheel

As more explosions go off in the flaming airship, the Forgers prepare to flee but see the Frigis city skyline on the horizon. Realizing they will crash into the city, Loid begins operating on the ship to avoid this disaster. When questioned about his ability to fly the ship, he claims to have learned it from part-time work when he was a student; while Anya knows he is lying, Yor is impressed. Below, the people of Frigis panic and run away as they see the ship descending from the sky. While the ship's propulsion system and lifting platforms are dead, the rudder is still operational, so Loid takes control of the wheel and struggles to turn it. As he does so, debris from the damaged ceiling drops down and injures him. Yor and Anya help Loid, supporting his hands and helping him move the wheel. Using their combined strength and effort, the Forgers avoid crashing into the city, barely dodging one of its towers.

The airship crashes into the nearby lake, and Fiona and Bond worriedly watch the crash from afar. The Forgers survive the wreck and climb up to higher ground, where they witness the beautiful scene of the snow and lights outside. They are suddenly soaked by water pouring from above, which makes Yor and Anya laugh while Loid smiles. When Anya sneezes, Loid notices something in her mouth and finds the microfilm, which had been stuck in Anya's teeth the entire time. When Yor asks what it is, Loid says it is their ticket back home.

The Forgers head home after their vacation

The Forgers head back home after their vacation

Back at Berlint the next day, Yuri is busy doing paperwork concerning the clean-up of the airship crash at Frigis, which has been covered up as an accident during a training exercise. The Lieutenant hands him more documents and tells him it would be troublesome if the public knew the truth about what happened at Frigis. Yuri suspects WISE was involved in the incident and blames Twilight. Loid meets with Sylvia and gives her the microfilm. To his surprise, Sylvia informs him that he will continue as the lead agent on Operation Strix, as Depple was pictured having an affair, causing him to lose backing from his father-in-law, one of the higher-ups initially pushing to have him on the mission. Sylvia insinuates being behind Depple's fall, which amuses Loid. Loid meets up with the rest of the Forgers at a fountain in the park, having left under the pretense of meeting with an emergency patient. Anya reads Loid's mind and is happy to know that the family will stay together and their mission will continue with them. With Loid and Yor taking Anya's hands, the family returns home to prepare Anya for making the Meremere in the cooking competition.

On Monday, Anya's class prepares to cook their dishes, and Damian mocks her when he hears she will be making the Meremere. Deciding to advance the Friendship Scheme, Anya offers to let Damian have some of her Meremere when she finishes it, but he rejects her in embarrassment. Suddenly, a loud sound goes off in the kitchen. Anya returns home to inform Loid and Yor that the oven in the school kitchen broke, forcing the competition to be postponed, with the vice principal now serving as the head judge due to scheduling conflicts. Loid recalls that the vice principal likes berry pudding from the southern region, so the Forgers decide to take another trip. As they begin planning for the next family vacation, Bond has a vision of them happily playing on the beach.

In a post-credits scene, Franky arrives at Frigis's station with the cherry liqueur, which he went to great lengths to obtain. He calls out for Loid, unaware that the Forgers have already returned to Berlint.


The project was announced alongside the anime's second season during Jump Festa 2023 on December 18, 2022. It was announced that it would be an original story supervised by Tatsuya Endo, who would also be in charge of the original character designs.[3] On March 26, 2023, an official key visual featuring the Forgers was revealed, along with the release date for December 22, 2023.[4] On June 20, 2023, a movie-version teaser visual was released, and the official teaser for the film was released on June 26, 2023.


Blu-ray & DVD[]

Main article: SPY x FAMILY CODE: White Blu-ray & DVD

On May 20, 2024, regular and deluxe editions of the film were announced. They will be released on July 31, 2024 in Japan.[7]


For the marketing of the film, on July 2, 2023, it was announced that it will have a collaboration project with the game Street Fighter 6, with an illustration revealed for the announcement. On July 10, 2023, a new poster imitating the upcoming spy action film Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One introduced other characters besides the Forgers was released alongside a highlight video for the film narrated by the voice actors of the Forgers.

From September 19, 2023 to March 31, 2024, several collaborations with Japanese companies, fast food chains, and games were held to help promote the film's upcoming release.

Main article: Spy x Family CODE: White Collaborations

On December 7, 2023, it was announced that a special booklet by Tatsuya Endo, SPY x FAMILY CODE: White Film Files, would be distributed to visitors, and limited to four million people nationwide.[8] On December 19, 2023, a collaboration with the animated musical fantasy film Wish was released, featuring a special illustration imitating the film's poster and a video promoting both films.

On the day of the film's release, a collaboration with Spotify was announced, creating an official playlist consisting of songs from the film and anime's soundtracks, voice messages from the cast of the Forgers, and a special program with Takuya Eguchi (Loid). Additionally, two special short commercials were released to promote the collaboration and featured a special animation.

Movie Premiere Illustration

Bond Statue outside Shibuya 109

On the same day, a statue of Bond was placed at the front of the Shibuya 109 department store. The statue is similar to the Statue of Hachikō that is also in Shibuya, with Bond's statue in the same pose with a similar inscription saying: "Loyal Dog Bond" ("Chūken Bondo", 忠犬ボンド?).[9] Later, on January 9, 2024, the statue was moved to Toho Cinemas Ikebukuro[10], where it remained until January 31, 2024[11].

After the film's release, on January 9, 2024, a special promo video of Shibuya Ward was published. A second round of visitor gifts was also announced, this time being an illustration card featuring Anya illustrated by Endo, with distribution beginning on January 13, 2024, and limited to 500,000 people nationwide. The card had a limited AR feature that ran from January 13 to February 12, 2024.[12] Additionally, on the same day, it was also announced that the film would be released with English subtitles starting on January 19, 2024, at nine select theaters.[13]

On February 2, 2024, it was announced that MX4D and 4DX motion-enhanced versions of the film would be released at several select theaters on February 10, 2024. On the same day, a third round of visitor gifts was announced, this time being flake sticker sets featuring the film's characters. Its distribution began on February 10, 2024 and was limited to 300,000 people nationwide.[14]


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  • Original Creator: Tatsuya Endo
  • General Supervisor & Original Character Design: Tatsuya Endo
  • Director: Takashi Katagiri
  • Script: Ichirō Ōkouchi
  • Character Design: Kazuaki Shimada
  • Sub-Character Design: Kana Ishida
  • Chief Animation Director: Kyoji Asano
  • Setting Researcher: Seiichi Shirato
  • Prop Setting: Seiji Tanda, Yuu Matsuo
  • Concept Mechanical Design: Shinobu Tsuneki
  • Mechanical Design: Satoshi Takabatake
  • Art Setting: Yuho Taniuchi, Kazushige Kanehira
  • Art Director: Satomi Sugimoto, Ayumi Kojima
  • Color Design: Kanami Tanaka
  • 2D Graphics: Chihiro Kawashima
  • 3DCG Director: Kana Imagaki
  • Chief Composite Director: Akane Fushihara
  • Editor: Akari Saitō
  • Music: (K)NoW_NAME
  • Sound Director: Shōji Hata
  • Sound Effects: Noriko Izumo
  • Animation Advisor: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
  • Animation Producer: Kazue Hayashi, Kazuki Yamanaka, Yoshito Ito
  • Animation Production: WIT STUDIO, CloverWorks
  • Production: SPY x FAMILY The Movie Project Production Committee





  • The film debuted at #1 in the Japanese box office in its opening weekend. The film reportedly sold 866,000 tickets and earned 1.224 billion yen (about US$8.61 million) in its first three days.[16]