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SPY x FAMILY: Family Portrait (スパイファミリー () (ぞく) (しょう) (ぞう) , Supai Famirī Kazoku no Shōzō?) is a light novel spin-off of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written by Aya Yajima and featuring illustrations by Tatsuya Endo.


While on holiday, the Forgers go to a park, and a chance encounter leads them to becoming the models for a very famous painter. Fearing that it will interfere with her assassination mission, Yor continues to act out of character in an attempt to prevent her face from becoming public knowledge, but Loid is unsure of her true intentions...[4]

Novel Mission: 1

Anya's Nature Class (アーニャの () (ぜん) (きょう) (しつ) , Ānya no Shizen Kyōshitsu?) is the first chapter of the light novel. Eden Academy is holding an overnight nature class. Anya hears Loid's thoughts and plans an "Operation Camping Friendship" with Damian. She is assigned to the same group as Damian, but they keep quarreling and the plan is in jeopardy... Thanks to Becky's misunderstanding, Damian and Anya are are now in charge of fetching water. What will become of the plan...?[5]

Novel Mission: 2

Yuri's Day Off (ユーリの (きゅう) () , Yūri no Kyūka?) is the second chapter of the light novel. During one of his days off, Yuri is asked to take care of Anya in place of his favorite older sister, Yor. Yuri reluctantly takes Anya to a vocational experience facility, but he finds out that a parent or guardian is required to accompany Anya to the police station booth for an interrogation experience. Yuri reluctantly changes into his uniform, but...[5]

Novel Mission: 3

Franky's New Love!? (フランキーの (あら) たな (こい) !?, Furankī no Aratana Koi!??) is the third chapter of the light novel. On his way home from a hospital visit, Franky meets Alessa, a blind girl with an angelic singing voice. Franky visits Alessa as often as he can and their friendship deepens, but one day she tells him that she is going to undergo eye surgery. He promises to visit her when she can see again, but she is actually the daughter of a famous family...?[5]

Novel Mission: 4

Portrait of the Forger Family!? (フォージャー () (しょう) (ぞう) () !?, Fōjā Ke no Shōzōga?) is the fourth chapter of the light novel. When the Forgers are showing off their harmonious relationship at the park, a young man asks if they could become models for his painting. They accept, but he turns out to be a very famous painter!! Afraid that having the painting displayed in a museum would interfere with her assassination job, Yor continues to acts strangely in order to avoid having her face depicted in the painting. Naturally, Loid has no way of knowing the truth behind her actions, but....[5]

Short Novel

Family (Temporary) (ファミリー( (かり) , Famirī (Kari)?) is the short chapter of the light novel. A restaurant in the capital of the eastern country, Berlint. Lily, a waitress who has failed to get married, and her colleague Rose are talking about marriage. Amidst many unhappy-looking families, the topic of conversation turns to the Forgers, the ideal family that everyone longs for. Lily is motivated to get married when she imagines such a picture-perfect happy family. However, these women are unaware of the Forgers' true nature.[5]

Author's Notes

We hope that readers will also enjoy the novel's slapstick comedy (and the illustrations as well).
Tatsuya Endo (Afterword)

Extra Pages


  • The novel takes place some time after the events of manga Chapter 39, therefore it's recommended to finish chapter 39 before reading this novel.


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