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The People's Republic of Ostania (東人民共和国(オスタニア), Osutania?) is a large country that borders the east of Westalis. The capital city of Ostania is Berlint.


The currency used in Ostania are Dalcs, which use the symbol "Đ" for their currency, and pent coins.


Ostania's Government seems to be an odd mix of Totalitarianism and Democracy. The name scheme is synonomous with countries that are under Communist rule (ex. People's Republic of China, not to be mistaken with the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan.) Ostania appears similar to the German Democratic Republic (also known as East Germany) in how it functions, as seen with the State Security Service with their uniforms being very similar to the uniforms used by Ministry for State Security, Stasi. Their work on monitoring a journalist has shown how the service operates more like the Stasi, rather than the Schutzstaffel(better known by their initials, SS) as some would be lead to believe from the abbreviation of the the State Security Service, the SSS.



Berlint has an opera house and an art museum.

The people also hate Westalis for an unknown reason, although it likely is stemming from the government.



  • Ostania's name originates from "Ost" in German, meaning east.
  • Ostania is based off on the communist German Democratic Republic (East Germany) during the Berlin Cold War era.
  • Ostania has shown to have been going through various events of human history:
    • From the late 1940s through the 1950s, America was going through The Second Red Scare, an era that was comparable to The Salem Witch Trials in the late 1600s that had everyone be afraid of prosecutions and accusations of their neighbor. Similar events are shown when Yor Forger's co-workers asked her to watch out, as they have heard of a lady being reported and taken away from the SS for being "suspicious" as she lived alone and was single at only 30 years of age.