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The People's Republic of Ostania (東人民共和国(オスタニア), Osutania?) is a large country that borders the east of Westalis. The capital city of Ostania is Berlint.


The country promotes its open politics and rapidly developing industry to foreign countries, but this is strongly motivated by propaganda. The security organizations openly promote the arrest of those who spread unfavorable information and facts to other countries, and speech is strictly controlled. However, as long as one does not transmit information that is detrimental to the state, the people of the country can live a normal life with a high level of security, and can freely take up jobs and study, depending on their abilities.[1]


The currency used in Ostania is dalc (ダルク, daruku?), commonly represented as Đ, and pent (ペント, pento?) coins. A 100 pent is equivalent to 1 dalc. 1 dalc is also equivalent to 320 Japanese yen in today's exchange rate.[2] This currency is also used in Westalis.[3]


In the past, the National Unity Party, a hardliner against Westalis, was the sole leader of the country. However, after the war, the National Unity Party was deposed from the ruling position, and a dovish party is now in charge of the state administration. On the surface, the country seems to be taking a conciliatory approach with Westalis, but there are many citizens who do not seek reconciliation with the Westalis, leading to a situation where it is difficult to predict when their discontent will erupt.[1]

There are many people who have defected from Ostania to Westalis.[4]


State Security Service

The State Security Service, also known as the Secret Police, is the primary security and counterintelligence organization of Ostania.

Main article: State Security Service


Garden is a secret assassination organization in Ostania. Their existence is unknown to all, with only a few in the State Security Service aware of them.[5]

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There are a variety of entertainment facilities in Ostania where the government is highly restrictive, as if no citizens would complain if there was food and entertainment. Many of them are of a high cultural standard, and most of them can be enjoyed by both children and adults. On the other hand, there is also a deceptively obvious fact that business tycoons and underground dwellers gather here to hold illegal gambling events where huge sums of money are at stake.[6]

A drama called Berlint in Love is popular in Ostania, even elementary first-years know about the series. Entertainment is more developed in Westalis, so there are so many things that go in and out of style.[2]

There are many streetcars running through the city. They are the primary mode of transportation for citizens who do not own a car.[6]

Landmarks and Locations

128 Park Avenue Exterior Manga.png 128 Park Avenue: The current residence of the Forger family.
Main article: 128 Park Avenue
City Hall.png Berlint City Hall: The current workplace of Yor Forger.
Main article: Berlint City Hall
Boutique Front.png Mona & Monacca Boutique: A tailor shop that is the exclusive seller for Eden Academy uniforms. Yor Forger appears to have frequented the shop and is familar with the owner and the clerk.
Eden Academy.png Eden Academy: A highly prestigious private school for elite students.
Main article: Eden Academy
Opera Hall.png Opera Hall: An opera hall in Berlint where visitors can enjoy performances by some of the best performers in Ostania. Visitors can experience the finest in opera and other art forms.[6] Loid Forger took the Forger family here in attempt to accustom them to finer activites.[7]
NoPicAvailable.png Art Museum: The museum in Berlint houses a collection of first-class works of art. The museum also holds events outside of its permanent collection, making it a must-see for art fans.[6] Loid Forger took the Forger family here in attempt to accustom them to finer upper-class activites.[7]
NoPicAvailable.png Newston Castle: An ancient castle located in the Münk region. It can be rented for 10,000 dalc per day, though arrangements for personnel on the day of the tour must be made separately.[6] In the anime, it has been converted into a theme park based on the Spy Wars cartoon, with similar gimmicks.
Berlint Aqualand.png Berlint Aqualand: An aquarium in Berlint. It is popular for housing the world's largest penguin exhibition.
Main article: Berlint Aqualand
Post Office.png Berlint Post Office: A post office near Yor Forger's workplace. She was sent there by her section chief Barnes on an errand.[8]
Central.png Central Mall: A large mall in Berlint. They hold biannual mega raffles where a shopper earns one raffle ticket for every 30 dalc spent.[9] Loid also took Yor to the department store in Central in his attempt to reconcile with her.[10]
Cinema.png Cinema: A cinema in Berlint. It was one of the date locations that Loid took Yor to.[10]
Kemono Park.png Kemono Park: A pet shop in Berlint. It is secretly affiliated with Westalian Intelligence and primarily deals in military dogs.[11]
NoPicAvailable.png Clock Tower: A famous landmark of Berlint that is loved by many people.[6] It was the main focus of Bond's vision where he foresaw Loid dying.[12]


  • Ostania's name originates from the word "Ost" in German, meaning east.
  • Ostania is based on the communist German Democratic Republic (East Germany) during the Berlin Cold War era, with the State Security Service heavily mimicking the name and behaviour of the Stasi.
  • Despite the fanbook stating that Newston Castle can be rented for 10,000 dalc a day[6], Sylvia Sherwood received an expense report for the castle with 35,000 dalc.[13]


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