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The Midterm Exams Arc (中間考査編 (ちゅうかんこうさへん) , Chūkan Kōsa Hen?) is the seventh story arc in SPY x FAMILY.

The students at Eden Academy take their midterm exams. Great success will lead to Stella Stars, but great failure will lead to Tonitrus Bolts.


Story Impact

  • Yor Briar learns to cook her late mother's southern stew with the help of Camilla.
  • Becky Blackbell sees a family photo of the Forgers and becomes infatuated with Loid Forger.
  • The name of Damian's brother Demetrius is first mentioned.
  • Yuri Briar is asked to tutor Anya Forger for her midterm exams.
  • Anya Forger and Yuri Briar's first time meeting each other.
  • Yuri Briar teaches Anya Forger Foreign Language instead.

Characters Introduced

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