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Not fit to be a spy? No. The mistake was endangering that child in the first place. How did I not see that? Making a world where kids don't need to cry... That was the whole reason... I became a spy in the first place.
— Twilight to himself about his ideology as a spy[1]

Loid Forger (ロイド・フォージャー, Roido Fōjā?) is one of the main characters of the SPY x FAMILY series. He has discarded everything about his past to work for his country of Westalis as an undercover spy who acts under the codename "Twilight" (黄昏 (たそがれ) , <Tasogare>?). His real name is unknown, and he created the alias "Loid Forger."

For his current mission, he must marry and have a child. Thus, he enters a marriage with Yor Briar and becomes the adoptive father of Anya Forger.


Loid is a handsome man with short blond ruffled hair, blue eyes, and light skin. His hair is often slicked back to varying degrees, depending on the occasion. He is quite tall, with a slim but athletic build. His exact age is unknown, although his history and appearance point to him being in his late twenties or early thirties. Because of his handsome looks, many girls become infatuated with him; even Anya's best friend Becky Blackbell gains a crush on him and describes him as "very dreamy."

When Loid is outside, he often wears a light green three-piece suit with a red tie, a long-sleeved white shirt, and black leather shoes. On his left lapel, he wears a pin in the shape of a dagger with the symbol of WISE at its center. Occasionally, he also wears hats of different colors (for example, black, brown, or white), a long tan trench coat, black gloves, or a black watch on his left wrist.

For his home attire, Loid typically wears plain T-shirts (white, gray, or black) with long black pants or blue jeans. Periodically, he can be seen wearing a vest or sweater. When working in the hospital as a psychiatrist, he wears a lab coat over his shirt and tie.

As a child, Loid wore a white long-sleeved button-down shirt, black shorts with suspenders, white crew socks, and black shoes. When joining the second East-West war, he wore the standard Westalian Army soldier uniform.


Befitting of a spy, Loid is able to project whatever personality is necessary for his mission, though his true personality is rather cold and methodical, doing whatever it takes to complete the mission, from joining terrorist organizations to dating a target's daughter to becoming a father. He is normally seen to be a calm, aloof, and calculating individual who takes every situation seriously and merely views his approaches as logical means to an end. Contrary to his apathetic front, he has a kind and caring personality that reveals itself when it comes to his new family, even at the risk of his mission. Despite his stoicism and outwardly stern appearance, Loid has shown to bear a hidden selfless, solicitous, and concerned nature.

Loid's title as Westalis's greatest spy is quite deserved. His skills, both physical and mental, are second to none. He is able to effortlessly disarm an army of well-trained spies and remain ice-cold under pressure, able to calmly analyze any given situation and create a plan in seconds. He can not only figure out an entire person's personality and develop a tailored list of answers to any question they could ask, but can keep track of that list in his mind, as well as an extensive number of codes.

Loid exhausted by Anya

Loid confused and exhausted by Anya's unpredictability

As a spy, Loid works hard to understand the people around him, whether they are his targets or his fake family. He tries to figure out what makes them tick and who they really are. However, Loid admits that he does not understand women or children. This has led to a lot of frustration when dealing with his family, as their unpredictable actions often make him overthink his interactions with them. To cope, he tries to plan for every possible scenario, but since he can rarely predict Yor or Anya, he often fails.

Loid and Yor's disastrous date

Loid's attempts to cheer up Yor on their disastrous date

For instance, he once asked Yor on a date because he thought he had upset her, and came up with 862 plans to get her to enjoy herself on the outing. However, nearly all of his plans were scuttled from the onset due to the fact that Yor was, in fact, not upset but was in pain due to having been shot in the rear the previous night. As it involved her assassin work, she said nothing to Loid about it, and he misinterpreted her attempt to mask her pain as being unhappy with him. Since she could not sit down on the day of the date but refused to explain why, it was nearly a disaster in spite of all his plans. It has also caused him to be entirely oblivious to Fiona Frost's obsessive infatuation with him, and to the fact that Anya's friend, Becky, has a crush on him.

Loid usually pursues his missions with an incessant and unwavering determination. He will often go to any lengths to accomplish his objectives, regardless of what the costs are. While Loid is willing to do anything to complete his missions, he has a strong sense of responsibility in that it is his burden and his alone to make his mission successful. He only kills when absolutely necessary and sees putting innocent civilians, even his pawns, in danger as unacceptable. For example, after he rescued Anya from Edgar, he intended to put Anya at a better orphanage and make a new plan without the child being involved and while he knows he will have to ultimately leave Anya and Yor at the end of Operation Strix, he will make sure they are well provided for and kept safe upon the mission's completion.

Loid vs

Loid lets himself get bitten by the bomb dog

Even the lives of animals are factored into his calculations. During the plot to assassinate Minister Brantz, Loid was at one point being pursued by a trained dog with a bomb strapped to his back. At the conclusion of the chase, he had the opportunity to shoot it at nearly point-blank range after it leaped at him. Instead of doing so, he shot the straps of the bomb backpack, allowed the dog to bite him, then grabbed the bomb off the dog and threw it into a nearby river. He then confined and later rescued the dog, who was adopted by Sylvia Sherwood.

Possibly resulting from his upbringing, Loid holds a rather strict discipline. When Loid was tutoring Anya for the first time, he ignored Yor's suggestion to let Anya take a break. He even banned her from watching cartoons until she understood the material, which upset Anya and made her run to her room. This strict behavior was also seen during his military training with Bond, where he quickly scolded the dog for any mistakes, scaring him a bit. However, Loid realized he was being too harsh and changed his approach to be gentler while making up with them. Even though Loid remains firm, he is ultimately courteous and considerate.

After years of isolation and seclusion, Loid has become detached from the very notion of developing any meaningful connections. Somewhat of a loner with the belief that people like him are not allowed to have any form of attachment either due to his true identity or actions, he often distances himself from essentially everyone, only being seen with certain individuals for extended periods of time if his assignment requires it. Despite this, he was able to sympathize with Anya and her desire to have a family. He also felt uplifted when a senior citizen thanked him for retrieving her stolen purse and was slightly envious of the strong sibling bond Yor and Yuri Briar share.

Loid is one of the many victims of the second East-West war, having lost everything in the brutal bloodshed and was left to fend for himself in war-torn streets. As a spy, he found it necessary to "turn off" his feelings and refuse to let himself have feelings of love or hate. This is crucial to his success as a spy; a spy with too much emotional attachment will hesitate to commit necessary despicable acts while one that fosters hate will create unnecessary violence.

Young Twilight Crying

Loid's lonely past

Loid's past as a powerless war orphan, feeling despair and isolation, has seemingly stuck with him into his adult years and serves as his detestation for warfare and motivation as a spy to create a world without war and where children would not have to cry and share his experiences. As someone who threw away his entire identity and previous life to become a spy, he sincerely empathizes with Yor about sacrificing oneself for the sake of others and their beliefs, becoming the deciding factor for her decision to marry him. In addition, Loid values friendship, emphasizing to Anya that they should be cherished, and quotes one of Bondman's lines that "yesterday's enemy is today's friend" to encourage Anya to reconcile with Bond after they fought.

Unlike his current personality, Loid was once more emotional and a bit naive, rarely questioning what he was told. As a child, he was honest, rarely lied to his parents, and was easily influenced by public opinion without considering the bigger picture. Not understanding what war really means, Loid enjoyed playing war games and was excited about the idea of being a soldier to fight the "evil" Ostanians, believing the propaganda he heard on the radio. Despite this, he was a good kid at heart who did not actually like violence but simply did not grasp the reality of war. When he lied to his father to receive pocket money to buy a soldier set, he quickly felt guilty about it, almost confessing to his father immediately afterward and wishing to work for money to pay his father back. After his father disappeared during the Ostanian raid on his hometown, Loid felt even more guilty and vowed to tell his father the truth when he returned; unfortunately, his father never returned and most likely perished in the war along with his mother.

Twilight's realization

Loid's change of worldview during the war

Perhaps his most ardent conviction is his belief that ignorance is both an intolerable weakness and an inexcusable moral shortcoming. This stems from the fact that up until his recruitment by WISE, practically everything he had believed in was based on incomplete information. Loid managed to survive and became an impassioned, well-meaning but foolish soldier who blindly believed that the Ostanians were simply war-mongering monsters who had gleefully started this war to destroy Westalis. He hated the Ostanians for seemingly starting the war that killed his parents and childhood friends, and he would go on to kill many Ostanian soldiers in vengeance. However, a chance encounter with an Ostanian deserter exposed him to the possibility that Ostania may not have started the war, but that instead, Westalis may have launched a false flag operation as an instigating excuse. A short while later, he also discovered that his childhood friends had all in fact survived the initial bombing of his hometown.

These two encounters, combined with the deaths of all his friends shortly thereafter, made him realize that his ignorance had caused both himself and others a tremendous amount of either mitigatable or completely avoidable suffering. He had been utterly convinced that he was righteous in his desire to take vengeance on the Ostanians, only to realize that not only had the Ostanians potentially not started the war, but that most of the people he had wished to take vengeance for had not actually been dead. He had allowed himself to hate the Ostanians enough to remorselessly kill them but had never thought to examine the reasons behind that hatred. He had simply accepted as true that which he had been led to believe, and had spent most of his formative years wallowing in anger and bitter despair as a result. Additionally, he came to realize that the Ostanians were not the monsters he had convinced himself that they were. Instead, they were just people who, like him, had been swept up by circumstances that they had felt strongly about, but had never stopped to truly think about. Upon joining WISE, he vowed to never make the mistake of allowing either unfounded beliefs or rampant emotionalism to rule him ever again.

Abilities and Skills

Twilight had served as a spy for at least ten years after serving in the Westalian military for a few years. Overall, Loid can be considered a jack of all trades: he is extremely physically and mentally skilled, has a razor-sharp mind and intellect, and is able to adapt to nearly any situation, only ever surpassed combat-wise by stronger individuals like Yor or matched by other agents of similar caliber. His skillset includes proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and mastery in disguises.

Genius-level Intellect: Twilight's greatest weapon is his intelligence, which would be considered genius level by most definitions. He has a keen mind and has showcased exceptionally high-level intellectual feats on numerous occasions. He has a borderline photographic memory, and once demonstrated the ability to recall the individual names of over 200 penguins simply by skimming over a list of their names and dietary habits, as well as remembering Yor from a long list of numerous potential wife candidates. He has also memorized the Ostanian Intelligence manual, allowing him to immediately see through Yuri's cover story. He once claimed to have read every book in a particular library[8] and also memorized the faces and features of Donovan Desmond's security team while having a conversation with the man.[9]

Anya tries to read Loid's mind

Manifestation of Loid's intellect

He is immensely observant to the point he can recognize the smallest of details, such as noticing his former apartment being raided before opening the door[10] and a tennis court being composed of 36 distinct panels.[11] He was even able to deduce Martha Marriott being an experienced former soldier by simply observing the way she presents herself.[12] Loid is shown to have an unusually fast and complex thought process. He is capable of thinking and analyzing situations at incredible speeds (usually at 0.1 seconds[13]). He can process immense amounts of information instantaneously, which makes it difficult for Anya to read his mind at certain points. On such occasions, she has been seen to become mildly woozy, which would typically only occur if she was in the midst of a crowd and being exposed to many people's thoughts simultaneously.[14]

Twilight repeatedly displays ingenuity in combat, using flour as a smokescreen while fighting against a gang and identifying a fake ID with no trouble. He can also intuitively read a person's body language and movements, as he was able to instantly recognize a purse thief in disguise by observing his walking pattern.[15] He is also capable of convincingly playing the part of a licensed medical doctor, with all of his co-workers and patients not only believing in his persona but considering him to be exceptionally capable. This is in spite of the fact that he has, presumably, not attended medical school.

Forgers revealing more extra outfits

Loid planning ahead in preparing another change of clothes

In addition to his impeccable intelligence, Loid has demonstrated to be an exceptional strategist and tactician, being able to strategize and develop complex actions and plan ahead in advance. This is demonstrated during the Eden Academy interview where he packed extra clothing in anticipation of them being dirtied or torn apart during the examination.[16] He also wore a bulletproof vest in an underground tennis tournament and was instantly able to adapt to their various traps.[17] Loid was even able to come up with several options to infiltrate the Imperial Scholar mixers' security in order to meet with Donovan Desmond and carefully revise the possibilities and consequences on each one.[18] He is also an expert in lying and possesses incredibly fluent deception skills, being able to trick scientists into thinking he had stolen the Gerrulimus, luring them into locating and opening the locker containing the serum.[19]

Trap Mastery: Loid demonstrates remarkable proficiency in devising and implementing highly effective traps that can immobilize enemies and help him gain the advantage when going against multiple foes. Notably, he possesses the skill to conceal these traps to such a degree that even the SSS, despite thoroughly surveying the terrain, remains unaware of their existence. His ability to hide traps with such precision adds an element of surprise and advantage to his tactical approach.

Even as a child, he showed a level of ingenuity in the war games he played with his friends, putting together a bucket trap and a rubber band gun to quickly turn around a situation where his side was losing. He would later use the same tactic when fighting in the war.

Twilight unmasking himself

Twilight's skill of disguising

Master of Disguise: Twilight has immaculate stealth and is a master of disguise, with his ability to seamlessly pass off as other people with different body types and characteristics, even down to their voices. Since he was a child, Twilight himself has even admitted that he tends to get into roles he plays, to the point that one of his friends pointed out his intensity when they played war games. Later, as a spy, Twilight has utilized this ability in countless missions; as long as he has enough intel on the individual, like watching old home videos of them, he can pull off a believable impersonation. His skill is such that Ostanian Intelligence does not have the first clue as to what he actually looks like, in spite of numerous agents of theirs knowing for certain that they have encountered him.

Loid can also do the same for others, creating costumes for Franky Franklin and Fiona so they can pose as SSS agents, in one case even creating a male disguise for Fiona. Loid was even able to pull off the part of a sumo wrestler in the Far East, in spite of the fact that he has nowhere near the girth required to be one.[20] With his disguises, Twilight has always been able to evade capture from his enemies. In rare instances, he has been close to being cornered due to the enemy having more intel and thought ahead of him or outside factors, but was able to escape due to his quick thinking.

Loid and Fiona Tennis

Loid displays his speed and agility while playing tennis

Enhanced Speed and Agility: Twilight is phenomenally athletic and deft. He is fast enough to take down multiple people without much trouble, can escape a trained dog by performing various parkour maneuvers, and is agile enough to leap from a tall bridge and pounce on a purse thief without being impacted by the landing.[15] He is also capable of performing several evasive movements to avoid rubber bullets fired from multiple angles while playing tennis in an underground tournament and demonstrated the ability to jump higher than a normal human should be able to during this event. He also demonstrated an extraordinary level of acrobatics during the end of the game.[21] Even upon being launched across the bar after receiving a full-blown kick from a flustered Yor, Loid was able to quickly recover and efficiently land on his feet, though he lost consciousness a few moments later.[22]

Enhanced Senses: Twilight has incredibly sharp senses and is acutely aware of his surroundings. He was able to effortlessly find Anya in their hide-and-seek game and could sense when he was being observed by the faculty members of a prestigious academy, as well as pinpoint their locations and know the intent behind their observation.[16] He was also able to spot the tiny WISE symbol from far away on a cluttered wall[23] and detect a colorless, odorless gas.[11] He instantly spotted Anya and Franky in disguises spying on his date with Yor.[24] He can also spot listening devices with ease and was able to distinct the suspicious-looking assassins from the large crowd.[25] Twilight is even able to infer the situation of a person by the sound of their footsteps.[26]

Loid saves the cruise ship from an explosion

Loid throws the explosive clock as far away from the cruise ship

Enhanced Strength: Twilight has impressive strength, being able to gracefully pull an obese child stuck in a gutter with just one arm over his head and land him on his feet, shatter a solid wooden table with a single punch,[27] rally shots from a jet-powered racket,[28] and tear off a clock containing a bomb from the post, after which he threw it far from a cruise ship and into the sea.[29] His strength is even significant enough to move an entire dumpster in front of his former apartment to barricade the door by himself.[30]

Enhanced Durability and Endurance: Twilight is durable enough to endure a car crash and still be fine enough to go to a party, albeit bleeding and mildly concussed.[31] Additionally, he was capable of withstanding multiple punches and kicks from an intoxicated Yor,[32] whose blows have left full-grown adults unconscious and seriously injured, and which once knocked a speeding car off course.

Loid vs Goons

Loid fighting off an ambush

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Twilight is an exceptionally well-trained spy in unarmed combat, capable of dispatching a group of armed thugs and even fellow trained WISE spies by himself.[33] Even more impressive is his ability to hold his own against Yor despite her seemingly superhuman strength. Although she was intoxicated at the time and presumably not at her full capability to fight, neither did Loid make any attempt to harm her. He merely blocked and avoided her attacks until she passed out, after which he emerged with only a small cut on his cheek. In multiple instances, Loid has demonstrated to be very resourceful and inventive while in action, using any object as an effective tool or an offensive weapon such as canned food, pipes, and even his own belt.

Expert Marksman: Twilight's main weapon is a handgun, which he demonstrates great accuracy and physical coordination in using. He can shoot three men while fighting off another three in close range.[31] He was also able to shoot off the straps attaching a bomb to a dog while it pounced at him.[34] He was also shown to be able to deliberately shoot a gun out of someone's hand immediately after being shot in the arm himself.[35]

Vehicular Expertise: Twilight has shown to be an expert in operating various kinds of transportational vehicles, being able to pilot them with refined proficiency. He is capable of driving automobiles such as cars and small vans and can skillfully navigate them during high-speed chases as shown during his mission to retrieve the stolen art pieces.[31] Twilight has even revealed his capability in piloting aircrafts. Provided by WISE upon his request, he used a plane to take the family and Franky to the castle he rented for Anya in order to celebrate her admission into Eden Academy.[33]

Loid deflects the bullet

Loid's impressive skills in a tennis match

Master Polymath: Twilight has demonstrated a borderline superhuman ability to master essentially any skill in an extremely short time span. This includes lockpicking, basic forgery, lip reading, bomb defusing, and military dog training. He can also do basic household chores such as sewing and, particularly, cooking. When partaking in a tennis competition with only a short period of practice, his performance was decisively superior to that of numerous professional players.[36] During another mission, he also managed to convincingly play the part of a professional sumo wrestler, which would have been impossible without being able to imitate that particular skill set.[20]

This ability also extends to leisure activities that he has presumably never previously partaken in, such as horseback riding with Anya, surfing, and building absurdly large and detailed sandcastles.[37] In order to help Anya study, he even once drew and voice-acted a cartoon indistinguishable from her Bondman show after having simply "studied the show's art and composition style." Unfortunately, while the cartoon itself was impeccably crafted, the incorporation of Anya's study material made it too complicated for her to follow.[38]

Alcohol Tolerance: Twilight's spy training has enabled him to develop a high level of tolerance to alcohol.[32] He can intake immense amounts of it without suffering from its notable effects. Because of this, Yuri's attempt to inebriate Loid with the wine he purchased in order to have him expose any secret he is confining has completely backfired as Yuri ended up getting intoxicated instead.

Loid scares Franky with his death glare

Loid displays his death glare

Intimidation: Loid is capable of instilling great fear into his targets. During his final shot against the Campbells in their tennis match, he intimidates Carrol with his aura as he slams the ball under him.[17] He is also able to inculcate fear into people with threats and the information he has on them. This was demonstrated when he held Edgar at gunpoint from behind and browbeaten him with the life of his daughter.[10] Once he was also able to intimidate Franky with just one glare.[39]

Teaching: Loid is rather proficient in teaching as he was Fiona's former mentor. He trained her to become a formidable and capable secret agent for WISE.

Cooking: Twilight is a skilled cook, much to the happiness of the Forger family members. Having once gone undercover as a world-class chef, Loid can cook anything.[20]


Overassessment: Loid's primary weakness is his tendency to overanalyze certain situations. Loid is very serious in his duty to maintain peace. Due to his training and life as a spy, Loid is often seen planning and being extremely cautious, suspecting anyone who could be a potential threat to his mission or cover, which results in him overthinking things that, in reality, are much simpler than he thinks. For example, when Loid realized Yuri was a member of the SSS, he suspected that Yor could also be involved and was aware of his identity as a spy. Despite his intuition and previous background investigation clearing her, Loid chose to follow her and spy on her conversations with a listening device he secretly put on her dress, even disguising himself as an SSS officer to press answers from her. After confirming that she does not know about the true job of her brother and is unaware of his true nature as a spy, Loid quickly feels guilty for doubting her.

Loid admits he can’t understand Anya

Loid admits he cannot understand Anya

Despite being an exceptionally intelligent spy, this scenario frequently occurs, particularly concerning Anya. Loid tends to overthink Anya's actions, assuming they might be linked to potential traumas from her past. However, Anya's actions are often innocuous, driven solely by her personal motivations or by simply wanting to stop Loid from suspecting her true nature as a telepath. In some situations, Anya would either use Loid's concern to her advantage or try to alleviate it.

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  • During the development pitch, Twilight's code name was originally "Mirage" (蜃気楼 (ミラージュ) ?) in order to reflect the mystery of his character's real face. "Twilight" was a placeholder name that ended up sticking.[20]
    • During the design phases, Twilight's current persona was supposed to be named "Oscar." Some of his characteristics were that he made kids smile as a magician during the war and "can't be hurt while in his fake persona."[40]
    • Endo always intended for Loid's cover job to be a high-paying one, expecting him to be either a doctor or a lawyer. Due to having an affinity for psychology, Endo decided to make him a psychiatrist.[41]
    • Loid's design appears to take some inspiration from Gath, the protagonist of Endo's previous one-shot Ishi ni Usubeni, Tetsu ni Hoshi, which is more apparent in his original sketches, as he had a slightly wider and built frame.
  • The lapel pin on Loid's clothes is actually his organization's symbol.
  • Twilight is very popular in his organization, having many other WISE agents enamored to see him in the flesh and in action, even rushing to the castle upon hearing his name. Some agents even wanted his autograph.[32]
  • Twilight prefers to choose names for his personas that start with "L" or "R" (ex. "Loid," "Robert," "Lionel," "Lawrence," "Roland"). In Japanese, there is no clear distinction between "l" and "r," instead transcribing the equivalent sound with "r."
    • His fake last name, Forger, is a nod toward the "forged family" situation he is playing a part in. In the Campbelldon, Nightfall chose their last name Foney, as the "phony couple" they were.
    • Loid's name was originally romanized as "Lloyd" until Chapter 10 when it was licensed by Viz Media.
    • The name "Loid" is likely a play on the word "loiding", which is a lockpicking technique that consists of opening a lock using a flat object like a credit card (which is consistent with Loid's real occupation).
    • The name Twain Foney he used in the Campbelldon is derived from his agent codename "Twilight" (same for Nightfall's alias Nafalia). In Japanese, he used the name "Garesso" (ガレッソ?), which is also a derivation of his Japanese codename, "Tasogare" (黄昏 (たそがれ) ?).
  • Loid's chair, featured on the cover of the first volume, is a Grand Confort LC-2 Petit Modèle armchair designed by Le Corbusier.[42]
  • According to Loid's character page[20] and a Volume 1 extra page, he wears black underwear.[33]
  • Operation Strix is Loid's toughest mission yet, as even Anya's admission interview was more stressful to him than stopping a nuclear bomb.[20]
  • When compared to Yor in terms of combat ability, Yor is a 10 in pure physical capability, while Loid is around 6 or 7. However, as a spy, Loid can even out the odds by avoiding physical confrontation and using his skills with firearms, traps, and other abilities.[20]
  • Between always working on his missions and hospital work during the day, Loid only gets 2 hours of sleep each night.[20]


  • (To himself): "Hopes of marriage? The joys of an ordinary life? Those joined my I.D. papers in the rubbish bin on the day I became a spy."[43]
  • (To himself about Yor Forger): "To endure such a harsh job... for the sake of another, for the sake of something greater than oneself... That isn't something that just anyone would do. I truly admire that."[44]
  • (To Yor Forger): "I take thee, Yor... for better or for worse... for richer or poorer... in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health... I pledge myself to you."[45]
  • (To Murdoch Swan): "If belittling the feelings of children is a part of Eden Academy's educational philosophy...then I have chosen the wrong school."[46]
  • (To himself about Anya Forger): "I never expected she would earn a Stella that way. As far as the mission goes, it's an ideal outcome. It's strange though, I can't help but think of the time I foiled that terrorist attack... I feel that same pride today."[47]
  • (To Donovan Desmond): "It may be arrogant to think that we can understand others at all. What's important is meeting them in the middle, in spite of that. Very little of what my daughter says and does makes any sense to me. But by acknowledging her, even when I don't understand, I can at least create an opportunity for dialogue. Sometimes that works out, and sometimes not. And I imagine, Mr. Chairman... that's why you took the time out of your busy schedule to meet with your son today."[48]
  • (To Bond Forger): "You gotta be careful. Because there's someone else back home who'd be heartbroken if anything happened to you. I'm sorry about before. Your working dog duties should always come second. I want you to think of yourself as a member of the Forger Family, first and foremost. Got that?[49]
  • (To himself): "I didn't know the real reason the war had started. I thought there wouldn't be a war at all... I hated the enemy without knowing why. I picked up a gun without knowing why. I obeyed my country without knowing why. Ignorance isn't bliss. Ignorance is weakness. Ignorance is a sin."[50]
  • (To Anya Forger): "But it brought you closer to Damian, right? Well, that's a good thing, don't you think? Friends are important. Cherish them."[51]
  • (To himself): "Authentic marriages sure seem... difficult..."[52]
  • (To himself): "But the thing is, Yor... I've become painfully aware of my weaknesses. And when I looked into Wheeler's eyes, I remembered... I live in a world which only the perfect survive."[53]


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