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The Inusan Crisis Arc is the sixth story arc in SPY x FAMILY.

A terrorist group from Berlint University targets Minister Brantz in order to start a war between Westalis and Ostania.


Loid Forger decides that since Anya Forger isn't likely to get a Stella Star through academics, she could get one through community service. Loid takes her to a hospital to perform service, however, she fails miserably and gets excused from service. While leaving, Anya hears Ken screaming for help in his thoughts because he's drowning. Anya rushes to the pool to save him and dives in after him. Not being able to swim either though, Loid ends up saving both of them. However, for her efforts to save his life she earned a Stella Star.

After successfully earning herself a Stella Star, Anya wears her Stella Star around Eden Academy and asks to be addressed as "Starlight Anya". Becky Blackbell asks what reward she'll get for her Star from her parents and after some thinking, she decides she wants a dog. Loid agrees to the idea and decides to take them to some pet shops over the weekend. Meanwhile, a group of terrorists from Berlint University begins collecting dogs to use as bombs to start a war between Westalis and Ostania.

That weekend, they go out to visit the pet shop, however, Loid gets called out on a mission soon after arrival. After being filled in on the details, Loid disguises himself as Keith Kepler to trick Kris, a member of the terrorist group, into spilling the details of their plot. During this time, Anya and Yor Forger head to an adoption fair to continue looking for a dog. While there, Anya sees Bond through a window and after telepathically linking with him, sees herself and the rest of the Forger family.

Keith tells the others to kill her.

Anya decides to follow after the dog, which leads her right to the terrorist's hideout. Unfortunately, she ends up getting caught listening to their plans and they decide they need to take her out. However, Bond ends up protecting Anya and a phonecall at their hideout distracts the terrorists and allows the two of them to escape.

WISE continues pursuing the terrorists, but all hideouts they find are abandoned. Yor goes looking for Anya and sees her escaping riding on the back of Bond. Unfortunately, Anya and Bond run into the terrorists again and get attacked by them. In the nick of time, Yor jumps in and takes out Kurt who was attempting to silence Anya. Keith runs in fear away from them.

Yor decides to report the incident to the police while Anya reads Bond's mind. While reading his mind, she sees a vision of the future where Loid dies from an explosion near the clock tower and Minister Brantz is assassinated. The explosion then leads to a war between Westalis and Ostania, as Westalis holds the Ostanian government responsible for the assassination. Anya rushes off with Bond in order to stop the explosion from going off.

While Anya rushes off, WISE captures four of the terrorists and attempts to get information out of them. They end up getting four potential locations to check, and Loid heads off to one of them. Anya gets to the bomb first though and climbs through a window to get to it. Having no knowledge of how to disarm it though, she leaves a symbol behind for Loid to stop him from opening the door and activating the trap. After seeing the symbol and finding the bomb, Loid and those with him decide to go to where Minister Brantz is in order to disguise as him to lure out the terrorist. Loid gets into a car and starts driving and just as planned, Keith follows after him.

After getting into an accident with Keith, Loid decides to run off on foot so Keith sends a bomb dog after him. Loid saves the dog from the bomb by throwing the bomb in the river then throws the dog into a dumpster. Not knowing Loid had done this, Keith tries to blow up Loid only to be shocked to learn where the bomb was. Keith realizes he needs to get out of there so he starts driving away. Yor, however, sees him while looking for Anya and kicks his car off the road. Yor calls the police again and reports that the terrorist got into an accident.

After Keith is caught, the Forger family reunites and Loid learns that Anya and Yor had gotten caught up in the terrorists' plot. Members of WISE impersonating as members of the State Security Service show up and report that they need to take the dogs that the terrorists had used. An upset Anya declares though that she wants to keep Bond and that she'll stop going to school if she doesn't get him. Not wanting to endanger the mission, the Handler decides it would be fine to let her have the dog after it got examined by them. Bond arrives at 128 Park Avenue with a warm welcome from the Forgers.

Story Impact

  • Bond Forger is introduced and adopted into the Forger family.
  • Handler's alias as Sylvia is mentioned by Minister Brantz.
  • Handler's opinion of war and past with a daughter is revealed.

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