Henry Henderson (ヘンリー・ヘンダーソン, Henrī Hendāson?) is a History Teacher and Housemaster of Dormitory 3, Cecile Hall at Eden Academy.


Henry has neck-length slicked back hair matched with a long straight beard that resembles an uppercase "W".

Taking into consideration his age, he has noticeable creases and wrinkles on his face accompanied by small, almost squinty eyes with thin eyebrows right above them. Usually, he is seen with a monocle on his left eye.


Being of an elderly age, Henry is a mature and noble person. This can be seen in his interview with the Forger family, he was calm and composed. Even at Eden Academy, when he teaches students, he observes and mentally criticizes the students. Although, he is a bit weird as seen with his constant obsession with "elegance".


Not much is known about Henry's upbringing, but it can be assumed he has a high social background of some sort.

Story Overview

Admissions Interview Arc

The screening for Eden Academy's interview had started. Henry joins the other teachers saying that he is disappointed at this year's applicants and how important is to be elegant. He takes a notice of Loid Forger and his family and sees them saluting the statue of their founder. He can't believe the elegance he sees, but learning that Anya Forger barely passed with 31 points, he finds it quite inelegant. He lets them pass and observes them when Loid steps in the gutter water to save a boy, dirtying his clothes. He gets disappointed and don't want dirty peasant to enter the school, however a moment later, he gets shocked to see that Loid and his family were expecting something like this to happen and have a spare of clothes. Henry is even more surprised when Loid spares the boy feelings. As he thinks children emulate their parents, he wants to expose that Loid is a 31-pointer too.

The animals escape and Henry wonders who's crazy idea was that, but learns its an actual crisis and not a set up. He orders the teachers to put a stop, as there are legitimate VIP among the applicants. He witness Yor Forger stopping the leading cow and Anya calming it and is unable to believe such elegance exists. Henry then rushes to Loid, thanking him and telling him they will delay the interview until they clean themselves, however Loid says there is no need for that as they expected it and has another spare clothes. Henry is shocked, wondering if this is truly elegance or something more terrifying.

During the family interview, Henry is surprised that Loid calls Anya "wise". He asks Anya if she knows their headmaster name and how hard one must work to succeed as him, to which Anya cites the training montage from her favorite spy cartoon. Henry is shocked of her resolve and starts to think he may have underestimated Anya. At the end of the interview after inappropriate behavior of Murdoch Swan, Loid smalls the table and leaves, commenting he may have chosen the wrong school if they belittle the feelings of children. Henry tells Murdoch that he went too far, however Murdoch threatens him with his father. Recalling how Loid praised the teaching at Eden Academy, Henry punches Murdoch, stating that he disgraced the academy.

On the admissions announcement day, Loid's family learns that Anya is not accepted. Before they left, Henry approaches them and shows them that Anya is on top of the waiting list. Henry tells Loid that each year several accepted students withdraw, so they need to prepare themselves, however Henry explains he may no longer be part of the school when Anya is accepted, depending on how Murdoch's father sees the situation with Murdoch.


Not much is known yet about Henry's capabilities.


Loid Forger

Henderson has a deep respect for Loid, having personally acknowledged Loid's "elegance" and being deeply impressed by Loid's ideals. Loid's actions cause Henderson to completely rethink how he approaches being an educator. Because of Loid, Henderson has regained his old love for teaching.



  • In each chapter that features a class taught by someone other than Henry, that person ends up calling in sick that day and Henry fills in for them. This first happens in Chapter 15 when the gym teacher is sick, and then again in Chapter 25 when the art teacher is sick.



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