Franky (フランキー , Furankī?) is an informant who seemingly works at a tobacco store and presumably works for Loid Forger's agency. He gets information regarding Eden Academy's exam and Anya Forger's past records for Loid Forger.


Franky is a man with a square face, round eyes, and an upturned nose. He has big perm-like black hair, with a short goatee.

He usually wears a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up with black suspenders and a red tie. He sports glasses with a thick red frame and an earring on his left earlobe.


Franky is a kind person willing to help Loid out when he's in a pinch even though the danger is high. He frequently warns Loid Forger not to get too close to other people in their line of work.


Not much is known about Franky's past other than he works at a tobacco store which he uses as a false front for him being an informant for WISE.



As an informant, his primary skills are information gathering

  • Intel Gathering: Franky is an extraordinarily impressive informant being able to access a vast amount of highly secure information without getting caught or noticed by the SSS having accessed and copied a large pile of personal documents regarding info on unmarried women in the city as well as getting the answers to an exam from Eden Academy.



  • As revealed in Franky's Secret Files in Volume 1, Franky was originally intended to be Anya's uncle.



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