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Franky (フランキー , Furankī?) is an informant who seemingly works at a tobacco store and presumably works for Loid Forger's agency. He gets information regarding Eden Academy's exam and Anya Forger's past records for Loid Forger.


Franky is a man with a square face, round eyes, and an upturned nose. He has big perm-like black hair, with a short goatee.

He usually wears a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up with black suspenders and a red tie. He sports glasses with a thick red frame and an earring on his left earlobe.


Franky is a kind person willing to help Loid out when he's in a pinch even though the danger is high. He frequently warns Loid Forger not to get too close to other people in their line of work.

He frequently falls in love with other women but his love life typically fails due to lack of mutual interest or they are already with someone else.

He's rather money-driven as he is willing to perform favors for Loid as long as Loid promises to give him material goods, even though he was previously reluctant to do so or even if the situation is extremely dangerous.


Not much is known about Franky's past other than he works at a tobacco store which he uses as a false front for him being an informant for WISE.

He's once dreamed of making the work a better place with his inventions, as well as getting money from patents.


Introduction Arc

Loid visits Franky, explaining that he got late as he had to trap Anya inside the apartment with Franky hoping he won't get reported for child abuse. Franky then gives him the application, an appointment for the entrance exam and copy of the test. He also tells Loid that he did some digging on Anya's past and there is no birth records or anything about her from more than a year ago. Franky makes a joke saying that since she got many names while being fostered out and returned, she is perfect for Loid. As Loid leaves, Franky warns him to not get attached as it never ends well.

Realizing he needs a wife for the interview, Loid calls Franky and disguises him as a woman, but as it doesn't look good, he blames Franky for his body proportions. Later, Franky copies all the single woman files from the City Hall and gives them to Loid.

On Saturday, Loid gets a side mission to retrieve some stolen antiques and decides to take Franky with him. Franky explains this isn't his field of work and that Loid had maxed his credit with him, but Loid comments that the antiques are quite valuable and if one or two go missing, it won't be noticed. Hearing that, Franky quickly accepts the mission and they go and successfully manage to get the antiques back.

Admissions Interview Arc

Learning that Anya got accepted, Franky goes to their house to celebrate. While they eat and drink, Franky tells Anya that Loid will buy her something as reward, but Anya wants to be rescued in a castle. Franky takes her side and convinces Loid to rent a castle, otherwise Anya won't go to school.

At the castle, Anya wants Loid to save her from the evil boss Franky. Franky takes the role and calls "Yorticia", the deadliest witch to stop "Loidman". Being drunk, Yor seriously attacks Loid, but her heals break and she falls asleep. Franky tries to stop Loidman by himself, but gets easily knocked out by him.


As an informant, his primary skills are information gathering and making contacts.

Intel Gathering

Franky is an extraordinarily impressive informant being able to access a vast amount of highly secure information without getting caught or noticed by the SSS having accessed and copied a large pile of personal documents regarding info on unmarried women in the city as well as getting the answers to an exam from Eden Academy. He also has access to a large network of contacts and fellow informants, allowing him to quickly gather information and borrow a large variety of skills as needed.


Franky is capable of building a variety of gadgets, though they are often niche or extremely limited in use.


Loid Forger

Franky serves as Loid's informant and provides him with most of the important information and goods needed for his missions. They appear to be generally friendly with each other.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Introduction Arc
Mission 1 Debut
Mission 2 Appears
Mission 3 Absent
Admissions Interview Arc
Mission 4 Absent
Mission 5 Absent
Mission 6 Appears
Mission 7 Absent
Family Interrogation Arc
Mission 11 Absent
Mission 12 Absent
Mission 13 Absent
Mission 14 Appears
Tennis Tournament Arc
Mission 29 Absent
Mission 30 Absent
Mission 31 Absent
Mission 32 Absent
Mission 33 Absent
Mission 34 Absent
Mission 35 Appears
Princess Lorelei Cruise Arc
Mission 43 Appears
Mission 44 Absent
Mission 45 Absent
Mission 46 Absent
Mission 47 Absent
Mission 48 Absent
Mission 49 Absent
Mission 50 Appears
Mission 51 Absent
Mission 52 Absent
Mission 53 Absent
Extra Missions
Extra Mission 1 Absent
Extra Mission 2 Appears
Short Missions
Short Mission 1 Absent
Short Mission 2 Appears
Short Mission 3 Absent
Short Mission 4 Absent
Short Mission 5 Absent
Short Mission 6 Absent


  • As revealed in Franky's Secret Files in Volume 1, Franky was originally intended to be Anya's uncle.



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