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Extra Mission 2 (EXTRA (エクストラ) MISSION (ミッション) : 2, Ekusutora Misshon: 2?) is an extra chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on October 21, 2019.


After assassinating an armed militant group, Yor Forger is speaking to her employer over the phone as she plans to get milk and eggs for Loid Forger before she goes home. Distracted, she doesn't notice that one of her victims still lives, as he aims a gun at her and shoots.

Loid and Anya watching TV

At home, Loid and Anya Forger are watching a news report on TV regarding the death of members of the Red Circus, a radical terrorist group. Anya, disinterested in the news, asks to watch cartoons instead. Loid initially refuses but is persuaded by Anya's tearing up and she happily switches the TV to 'Spy Wars'. Loid greets Yor as she arrives home with the milk and eggs, but is concerned by Yor's irritated facial expression. Yor mentally reveals she was shot in the butt and that her grumpy facial expression is due to the intense pain. As she goes to bed, Loid mistakenly assumes Yor is upset at being asked to do errands and is determined to fix it, hoping she will feel better in the morning.

Yor in pain from her injury

As morning comes, Yor still has not recovered from her injury, her expression even worse than before. Determined to cheer Yor up, Loid asks Yor on a date. Recalling a conversation with her coworkers about not going on dates, Yor agrees to the date, wanting to learn to play the part of a married woman. Anya is excited about going on a date with them, but Loid rejects her as it's just for Loid and Yor, to her shock.

Franky and Anya holding hands

Loid manages to get Franky to babysit Anya while they go on a date, to Franky's protest, though he eventually agrees when Loid gives him a cheque. Determined to give Yor the perfect date, Loid even gets a chauffeur and comes up with 862 date ideas, including a helicopter and wine. Unfortunately, Yor is still in pain from her injury and unable to sit, preferring to walk over riding a car. This eliminates 794 of Loid's date ideas and he believes she's still angry with him. As Loid and Yor walk away, Anya is worried about the two of them. Remembering a scene from her cartoons, she proposes to Franky that they shadow Loid and Yor on their date.

Despite their disguises, Loid is able to spot them within seconds but pretends not to notice in favor of focusing on Yor. Loid brings her to a department store and suggests a pair of tight pants for Yor to wear. Yor refuses as they would put pressure on her wound. Loid continues to bring Yor to other date locations, including the cinema, the club, the zoo, the spa, and the pond, but is deterred by Yor's injury and inability to sit. Yor is unable to focus on the date due to the pain, while Loid is distressed at being unable to cheer Yor up at all.

As Loid and Yor worry, Franky laughs at Loid for being unsuccessful on the date. Franky and Anya get into an argument as Loid and Yor enter an expensive-looking restaurant. Franky and Anya try to enter the restaurant as well, but are rejected due to their casual clothing and Anya's age. As Franky and Anya prepare to go home, Anya's mind-reading abilities pick up on someone recognizing Yor's assassin identity, <Thorn Princess>. A waiter in the restaurant turns out to be a survivor from the Red Circus group that Yor assassinated earlier, deciding to avenge his former members. Although Anya realizes that Yor can likely take care of herself, she is worried that Yor will expose her identity and cause Loid to divorce Yor. Franky and Anya decide to infiltrate the restaurant.

Waiter squeezes blowfish

At the restaurant, Loid and Yor order drinks, while Loid praises the restaurant for being the few that serve blowfish. The former Red Circus member squeezes blowfish poison into a cocktail glass and has it served to Yor in an attempt to kill her. Anya, who is inside the vent with Franky, overhears his plan and tries to hurry Franky. Anya is too late, as the blowfish-poison martini is already being served to Yor. Yor drinks the poisonous martini as the former Red Circus member rejoices, but Yor has a high tolerance for poison and the blowfish poison has simply numbed her injury. Yor is once again joyful, confusing Loid.

Disappointed in his failure, the former Red Circus member decides to improvise a bomb with ingredients from the storeroom. Anya, still in the vent, notices that the storeroom is just nearby and vanishes from Franky's sight. As the former Red Circus member thinks of the ingredients to improvise his bomb, he slips on a large puddle of olive oil in the hallway that sends him crashing into a shelf. As he enters the storeroom, a bucket of objects falls on his head. He notices a container that would be suitable but soon realizes that the swelling container is a bomb. The makeshift bomb explodes on him, revealing that it was just made non-lethally with peanuts. Anya appears before him, threatening him not to approach Yor ever again and to make his girlfriend, Catherine, happy. The former Red Circus member faints at the shock of a child knowing his personal details, but not before deciding to live a normal life.

Yor enjoys the date

Yor, no longer in pain, talks cheerfully to Loid about the restaurant's food, to Loid's relief. Franky and Anya hide behind a bush as they watch Loid and Yor, with Franky wondering where Anya went earlier. As Loid and Yor look out at the city's night scenery, Yor thanks Loid for taking her out on a date and hopes they will be able to do this again when she is not injured. Yor notices a carnival and Loid proposes they pay it a visit. Anya excitedly tries to tag along, wanting to ride the ferris wheel. The next day, the numbing poison wears off and Yor is once again in pain, confusing Loid.



  • This extra chapter was published in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #47.



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