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Extra Mission 1 (EXTRA (エクストラ) MISSION (ミッション) : 1, Ekusutora Misshon: 1?) or WJ Special Extra MISSION!! is an extra chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on July 7, 2019.


Loid's family sees him off

In their kitchen, Loid Forger thanks Yor Forger for breakfast as he begins to exit the house, saying that he'll be working late again as his wife and daughter see him off.

Elsewhere, and sometime later, a bomb goes off and Loid leaves a building as he mutters that his mission is complete. He then meets up with an agent from the organization in the city who asks him to report his progress on Operation "Strix", and Loid lets him know that he's secured both a wife and a child. The agent tells him not to draw attention to himself, beginning to walk off, then asking Loid if he's stopped smoking to which the spy replies that he's got a kid now.

Back in the Forgers' apartment, Yor suggests to Anya Forger that they eat out that night, thinking to herself that doctors sure are busy. Anya reads her mind and smiles as she thinks about how he's not really a doctor but a spy. She then walks over to Yor and announces that she'll help her wash up, and Yor thanks her before thinking to herself that the smell of blood belonging to the man she killed last night just wasn't getting out, shocking her daughter.

Loid announces a family outing

Loid thinks to himself that the agency really doesn't have enough manpower since he has to handle so many missions as he makes his way back home. When he enters the apartment block, he overhears three women gossiping about how he works too late and never really spends time with his wife and daughter. They wonder if he's having an affair or got fired from his job, and Loid thinks to himself that he's been too careless and not focused enough on his main mission as he walks up to his home. He opens the door and shouts to Yor and Anya that they're going out as a family the next time he gets a day off, then asking them if there was anywhere they wanted to go. Anya is currently drawing a penguin, so Loid suggests the aquarium and Yor then asks Loid if he should just rest on his day off, to which her husband responds that they need to prioritize doing things a normal family would if they want to make their false marriage convincing.

A few days later, Anya, Yor and a very tired Loid make their way out of their apartment, Yor asking her husband once again if he should just rest. He says he'll be fine as they walk past some of the other residents, one of them remarking to the other that all three Forgers together wasn't something you saw every day as Loid announces that they're going to the aquarium. Anya says that that her parents are very normal and that they're taking her out to play for the day, Loid thinking to himself that that sounds very suspicious as he says goodbye to the women and exits the building.

The WISE subway lady convinces Loid to take the mission

At the subway, Loid notices a sign from his contact and excuses himself from his family so he can "get a drink". A woman from the agency waiting for him at the subway's store informs him that he has a mission that day, but Loid says that he can't as today is an important one for Operation "Strix", Anya solidifying his point as she runs over to ask him to hurry up or the aquarium will go out of business. The agent, surprised, asks him if he'd already identified the aquarium as the drop-off point for the aforementioned mission's task, but Loid says that it's a coincidence and orders a coffee and a juice. He's pressed again, and so simply asks for his order again until the woman manages to convince him to accept the mission by listing the people who'd be affected if it wasn't carried out.

The Forgers enter Berlint Aqualand and Anya excitedly runs around naming all the creatures in the tanks, Yor remarking that someone's having fun before turning to an even more tired-looking Loid and saying he really doesn't look too good. Loid figures to himself that he accomplished his goal of showing the neighbors that they're a normal family so he's fine to focus on the mission now, until he realizes that the three women who'd been gossiping about him days earlier have also arrived at the aquarium. Yor greets them and asks if they'd like to go around together with the Forgers, much to Loid's silent disagreement. He decides to finish the mission as fast as he can so he can go back to acting normal, and goes over the intel he received about retrieving a microfilm that'd been swallowed by one of the aquarium's penguins before enemy agents have the chance to pick it up. Loid suggests to the group that they visit the penguins first, and they oblige.

Loid wonders which penguin has the film

They enter the penguin park, Anya excitedly exclaiming as a tour guide announces that there are over 200 penguins, and Loid dejectedly wonders to himself how he's supposed to know which penguin has the capsule. He figures that there just be a way of identifying it, and Anya reads his mind and points out a sick-looking penguin that seems as if it has something lodged in its throat via her ESP. Loid excuses himself again to "get a drink" and disguises himself as a new recruit for the penguin park, knocking out the real one and putting him in a locker.

A superior leads the disguised Loid into the penguin park and tells him that he'll teach him how to feed them, saying that the first step is learning all the names and faces of the penguins and then asking him if he even looked at the file given to him with that information on. He says he skimmed over it, which disappoints the superior until he realizes that Loid managed to remember all of the penguins' names just from that brief reading as he names them. He asks Loid how he's doing that to which the spy responds that they look totally different from one another, impressing the man who then leads him away to feed the birds. Loid finds the sick-looking bird Anya pointed out to him but is quickly swarmed by penguins wanting the bucket of fish he now holds, the superior telling him that he needs to be careful when feeding them as they all have different diets. Loid swiftly uses his honed observation skills to quickly feed each penguin the exact right amount, greatly impressing the other staff once again. He then picks up the sick penguin, Pyarles, and tells them he's taking it to the infirmary as it looks sick, leaving the area.

Loid takes the penguin to the infirmary

Now outside, he looks down the penguin's throat and realizes that there's something down there, also noticing a mark on its foot. A man approaches him from behind and asks what he's doing to the penguin, offering to carry it for him when Loid explains that he's taking it to the infirmary. Loid says that non-staff members aren't allowed to touch the animals, and the man produces an ID and introduces himself as Harry Taylor, the marine biologist who oversees all the animals there. Loid takes the ID and smudges the print, saying that it's fake and asking "Harry" who sent him. The terrorist produces a gun which Loid swiftly knocks out of his hand with a bucket, causing him to panic and run away. Another staff member sees Loid and shouts out to him, asking where he's going as Loid decides not to give chase to the criminal and instead priotirize taking the film.

Anya sees the commotion from a balcony and grabs into the terrorist's coat as he runs past her, calling out to Yor that she's being kidnapped. Yor grows angry and gives chase, kicking the man into the ceiling and thus "saving" her daughter, wondering to herself if she overdid it a little. Loid secures the film.

"I'm just your average dad"

Yor and Anya rejoin the women from their apartment, who then wonder again if Loid's having an affair before Loid runs in holding a large penguin plushie. He apologizes for taking so long and hands the plushie to Anya, explaining that it was a prize for the "name all the penguins" contest the aquarium had been holding that he tried again and again to win, Anya looking up at him as she thinks to herself that he's a liar and he got it the first try. One woman remarks to Loid that he's surprisingly thoughtful, but Loid just replies that he's your average dad who gets dragged every which way to keep his family happy. Now having smoothed things down on both ends, Loid thinks to himself that he's sick of being worked like a dog and will ask HQ for a long vacation, then reconsidering as he remembers that, to gain a country without war, he doesn't have time to rest. Anya then asks him if they can see the dolphin show, but Loid just replies that he needs a breather first.

Elsewhere, the employee that Loid disguised himself as wakes up and is promoted to chief by his superior, who tells the confused teen that he has nothing left to teach him.



  • This extra chapter was released to commemorate the volume release of the SPY x FAMILY manga.
  • This extra chapter was originally released after Chapter 8 as Chapter 8.5 in the digital publication.
  • This extra chapter was re-printed in Shonen Jump+ on October 21, 2019.[1]



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