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THE PRESTIGIOUS SCHOOL'S INTERVIEW (MISSION: 4 名門校面接試験, MISSION: 4 Meimon-Kō Mensetsu Shiken?) is the fourth episode of the SPY x FAMILY TV anime series.[1]


The day they had been preparing for has finally arrived! The Forgers are fully prepared and head to the interview. As soon as they enter the school grounds, Loid feels someone watching them. All of the applicants were being observed from the shadows by the instructors of the academy. The exam had already begun. Housemaster Henderson, who would be grading their performance, kept a keen eye on how the Forgers were acting and seeing if they were truly worthy of the prestigious Eden Academy.[1]


Loid and his new family are ready for the exam. They head to Eden Academy, but the moment they enter the school yard, both Loid and Yor feel like they are being watched. Loid quickly figures out that instructors are observing them and the exam had already started, and instructs Yor and Anya to act properly.

The instructors are failing and passing people based on their elegance. The Housemaster, Henry Henderson, is disappointed at this years candidates as all families lack true elegance. However, he notices the Forgers stopping and paying respect to the school founder statue, and finds it very elegant. The instructors tell him that's K-212, the Forgers, and Anya barely passed the exam with 31 points, which Henry doesn't find elegant at all. As Loid had remarried, an instructor wonders if they are an impromptu family for admission purposes, but Henry isn't certain and wants to investigate.

Loid pulling a kid out of the gutter

The Forgers and those that pass, are send to Hall 1, while the rest to Hall 2. On their way, they see a boy who had fallen into the gutter and requests help to get out. Loid realizes its an obvious test and decides to deal with the situation. He gives Anya a signal, and she states they need to help the boy. The boy is made to do this for merits and Henry states that anyone who is going for an interview, won't dare to sully their clothes. However, Loid steps into the sewage and pulls out the boy, ruining his clothes. Henry is shocked, but disappointed, telling the instructors to fail them. However, he is shocked to see that the Forgers anticipated something like this and had prepared change of clothes just in case. As they feel Loid looks better in the new clothes, Loid thanks the boy for giving him a reason to change clothes, causing Henry to be moved of how brilliant and elegant that was. The instructors state they should be testing the child, but Henry states that children learn from their parents, so he must expose that Loid is also worth 30 points.

Yor stops the cow

Continuing towards Hall 1, an alarm rings, informing the people that the animals has escaped the farmhouse and are running wild. Henry wonders who gave them the order to go that far, but as the instructors are also unaware of it, Henry realizes this is an actual incident and orders the instructors to help out the people as some of them are quite important people. As they run from the animals, a CEO of a bank leaves his kid behind and Loid saves him, but ruins his clothes. Loid notices the leading cow, but before he can do anything, Yor attacks the cow, hitting pressure points and immobilizing it and stopping the whole herd. Anya then pets the cow, telling it there is no need to be scared and the cow and the rest of the animals calm down and return to the farmhouse. Henry can't believe this elegance and runs outside to meet the Forgers. He thanks them for avoiding a crisis and admits they bested him today. As the believes the Forgers deserve to reach the interview, he announces they will be delaying the interview and it will give them time to tiddy up themselves. However, Loid states they anticipated something like this could happen and bring out another change of clothes.

Henry doesn't find Anya intelligent

The interview starts and Loid had planted a listening device in the room and hears how the previous families fail, and feels nervous like never before. As its their turn, the Housemaster of Dorm 5, Walter Evans, decides to ask the first question and asks Loid how he me this second wife. Loid explains he met her in a tailor shop. He was hesitant to pursue a relationship while having a child, but the more he spoke with Yor, the more he felt she was a kindred spirit. Yor states that Loid is a wonderful person who truly cares for his daughter and is very considerate of her. The Housemaster of Dorm 2, Murdoch Swan, asks Yor why would a beautiful girl like her marry someone with a baggage, but Henry states that was uncouth. Loid recalls Murdoch to be na arrogant and greedy person, who got divorced last month and lost custody of his daughter. All his previous interview questions to other applicants indicated he was jealous of other families and takes out his frustrations on them. Walter asks why they choose this school and Loid explains that there is no better than Eden. Walter asks how will they describe Anya, and Loid explains that she is a curious child, but intelligent and sometimes he feels like she sees through him, but she is also a picky eater. Walter asks Yor about her parenting style. Yor states as she isn't her biological mother, she spoiled Anya at first, but hopes to become more stricter for Anya's sake. Walter then asks what kind of meals she cooks for Anya. Loid then states he is doing the cooking, but when he is busy, Yor will do the cooking. Murdoch is disappointed to hear that she isn't cooking for Loid, and states she should be more stricter to herself first. Loid explains everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and Yor is very good at keeping the house spotless. But Murdoch states that was already expected of the wife and as he can't stand lovely couples, he decides to make sure they fail.

Walter decides to continue with Anya and asks her name and address, and what she does on her days off. He then asks her what she plans on doing once she enters this school. As she couldn't remember what she had to say, she read Loid's mind and states she needs to find what the boss of the organization is planning. Walter wonders if she meant the headmaster and Loid confirms, which impresses Henry, thinking she has desire to learn from the predecessors. Henry asks her if she knows the name of the principal and reading Loid's mind, she states its Benedict Ivan Goodfellow. Henry then wonders how hard you must work to succeed like him. Anya then thinks of her spy cartoon and states the training of the main character, going through the jungle with no supplies and dancing with death over and over to get brave. However, Henry finds that as incredible resolve and starts to think he underestimated her.

Loid losing control after Murdoch's words

Walter asks Anya what her father works, and Anya almost states he is a spy, correcting herself saying he’s a spychiatrist. Walter wonders what she thinks of Yor and Anya finds her to be very nice, but scary at times. Walter then asks her to score her parents and Anya reveals its perfect 100 points as they are fun and she wants to stay with them forever. Murdoch gets annoyed and asks her to compare Yor to her first mother. Anya starts to cry and Murdoch states its natural that she likes her first mother more. Both Loid and Yor are barely holding themselves, but as Murdoch states that they don't need a child crying over trifling stuff, Yor loses it and was about to attack him. Loid was about to lose it too but he controlled and tried to calm Yor down, but as soon Murdoch tells Yor she shouldn’t take it out on him for losing to Anya’s mother, Loid lost control and tried to punch him. A the end he punches the table, breaking it. He apologizes, stating that there was a mosquito and starts leaving. Murdoch states the interview isn't over, but Loid tells him that if making light of a child's feeling is part of Eden's education, he feels they chose the wrong school for Anya. Murdoch gets angry for Loid disgracing the school and starts yelling as Loid leaves. Henry states its enough, but Murdoch threatens him to watch his mouth as his father still have influence in the school. Recalling Loid's word of the instructors being the best, Henry asks Murdoch who truly disgraced the school, and then punches him.

At home, Loid feels they failed again as spy as he led his feelings get in his way of the mission. Anya apologizes for failing, but Loid states there is no need for an apology. Knowing that failing to join the school, the "family" will break, Anya states she wants to go to school. Anya and Yor believe that Walter and Henry are good people and they will vouch for them. Loid decides to believe a little and they have a toast over the bright future of their family.


Anime Notes

  • In the manga, right before entering the interview, Loid mentions that he is more nervous than the time he stopped a nuclear weapon with one second to spare. For the anime, both the visuals and the dialogue are changed to simply say he stopped a missile from launching, removing mention of the word "nuclear". The English dub undoes this change, saying that Loid stopped a nuclear missile from launching.


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