Emile Elman (エミールぅ・エルマン, Emīrū Eruman?) is one of Damian Desmond's followers at Eden Academy.


Emile is a young boy with a square face and slanted eyes with small irises. His nose is upturned and he has buckteeth. He has light hair cut into a bowl cut. He has a round physique.

Like all other male students, he wears Eden Academy's uniform—black button-up shirt with black shorts. He wears white crew socks with black shoes.


As one of Damian's followers, he is frequently praising Damian's abilities and making fun of Anya and Becky. He is willing to sacrifice himself for Damian during the dodgeball tournament, throwing himself in the path of Bill Watkin's ball.


He is friends with Damian and Ewen.


Eden Beginnings Arc

Emile quickly become friends with Damian Desmond and Ewen Egeburg, praising Damian and commenting that he will become Imperial Scholar in no time. Learning that Anya is nobody, he and Ewen quickly push her away to not spread germs on Damian. As Damian picks on Anya and she punches him, Emile and Ewen tell the teacher, but Anya denies it, saying that Damian walked into her hand.





  • During the arts and crafts class, he made a lion.[1]


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