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Eden Academy (イーデン (こう) , Īden Kō?) is a highly prestigious private school in Berlint, Ostania that covers grades corresponding roughly to ages 6 through 18. It is attended by around 2500 students in total.


Eden Academy is well known for providing a first-rate education in every field and accepting only the most elite of students. Eden Academy awards Stella Stars for outstanding grades or service to society, while Tonitrus Bolts are given for poor grades or misconduct. Students who earn 8 Stella Stars are able to become part of a special group of students known as the Imperial Scholars. There is apparently a divide between alumni families and first-generation families. Students are separated into school dormitory boarders and commuters, which is rumored to have caused conflict between them.



  • Benedict Ivan Goodfellow (ベネディクト・アイヴァン・グッドフェラー, Benedikuto Aivu~an Guddoferā?)


  • - Housemaster of Dormitory 1, Specter House.
  • Murdoch Swan (マードック・スワン, Mūdokku Suwan?) - Housemaster of Dormitory 2, Cline Hall. Teaches Economics.
  • Henry Henderson (ヘンリー・ヘンダーソン, Henrī Hendāson?) - Housemaster and the Teacher-In-Charge of Dormitory 3, Cecile Hall. Teaches History.
  • - Housemaster of Dormitory 4, Wald Hall.
  • Walter Evans (ウォルター・エバンス , Worutā Ebansu?) - Housemaster of Dormitory 5, Malcom Hall. Teaches English.


  • Coach Bobby (ボビー先生, Bobī-sensei?) - Teaches Physical Education.
  • Mr. Viehmann (フィーマン先生, Fīman-sensei?) - Teaches Physics.

Known Students

208 new students were accepted into Eden Academy.

  • Dormitory 1, Specter House (第1組スペクター寮, Dai 1 Kumi Supekutā Ryō?)
    • William Howard (ウィリアム・ハワード, Wiriamu Hawādo?)
    • Theodore Russell (セオドア・ラッセル, Seodoa Rasseru?)
    • Grace Fein (グレース・ファイン, Gurēsu Fain?)
    • Jessica Clark (ジェシカ・クラーク, Jeshika Kurāku?)
  • Dormitory 2, Cline Hall (第2組クライン寮, Dai 2 Kumi Kurain Ryō?)
    • Lucy Garrett (ルーシー・ギャレット, Rūshī Gyaretto?)
  • Dormitory 3, Cecile Hall (第3組セシル寮, Dai 3 Kumi Seshiru Ryō?), Class Room 1082
    • Alice Paulette (アリス・ポーレット, Arisu Pōretto?)
    • Edward Berkshire (エドワード・パークシャー, Edowādo Pākushā?)
    • Damian Desmond (ダミアン・デズモンド, Damian Dezumondo?)
    • Jesse Capel (ジェシー・カペル, Jeshī Kaperu?)
    • Peler Nomni (ペーラー・ノムニー, Pērā Nomunī?)
    • Johnnie Loose (ジョニー・ルーズ, Jonī Rūzu?)
    • Anya Forger (アーニャ・フォージャー, Ānya Fōjā?)
    • Sara Seymour (サラ・シーモア, Sara Shīmoa?)
    • Conner Hume (コナー・ヒューム, Konā Hyūmu?)
    • Becky Blackbell (ベッキー・ブラックベル, Bekkī Burakkuberu?)
    • Abel (アベル, Aberu?)
    • Karl (カール, Kāru?)
    • Emile Elman (エミールぅ・エルマン, Emīrū Eruman?)
    • Ewen Egeburg (ユーイン・エッジバーグ, Yūin Ejjibāgu?)
    • Herman Clark (ハーマン・クラーク, Hāman Kurāku?)
    • Bryan P. (?)
    • George Glooman (ジョージ・グルーマン, Jōji Gurūman?)
    • 11 Unnamed Students
  • Dormitory 4, Wald Hall (第4組ウォルド寮, Dai 4 Kumi Worudo Ryō?)
    • Bill Watkins (ビル・ワトキンス, Biru Watokinsu?)
    • Louis
    • Johnny
    • At least 22 Unnamed Students
  • Dormitory 5, Malcom Hall (第5組マルカム寮, Dai 5 Kumi Marukamu Ryō?)


The uniforms typically feature Eden Academy's emblem with an apple and the letters 'E' and 'C' for 'Eden College'. The 'E' half of the emblem is blue, while the 'C' half is red.

Eden Academy girls' uniform consists of a long-sleeved black dress with a square neckline and gold accents on the collar and hems, worn over a white blouse with a rounded collar with black shorts. The white blouse has a patch of Eden Academy's emblem on the left side and the inside of the dress is shown to be a dark red. A red ribbon is worn at the collar with a gold 'E' emblem. The shoes worn are Mary Janes with a gold 'E' emblem for buttons. When commuting, a round black hat with gold accents is also worn.

Eden Academy boys' uniform consists of a black jacket with gold accents, buttons, and a white rounded collar. Black pants of knee length or ankle length are worn. The school emblem is worn on the left side of the jacket. 

Imperial Scholars wear a short cape over the normal uniform. An Imperial Scholar is seen wearing a black pleated skirt under a shorter version of the dress.

The PE uniforms include a white short-sleeved polo shirt with a black collar and the school emblem on the left side. Black knee-length pants with dotted linings down the side. The student's dormitory, year, and name are written on the back.

The uniforms also include a winter coat and a sweater vest.

Awards and Demerits

Stella Star.png

Stella Stars ((ステラ), Sutera?, lit. "Star") are medals awarded to people who are shown to have outstanding grades in academics and to people who serviced society. Earning 8 Stella Stars allows entry into the Imperial Scholars.

Tonitrus Bolt.png

Tonitrus Bolts ((トニト), Tonito?, lit. "Bolts") are medals that are demerits to students who have shown poor grades or misconduct, earning 8 results in immediate expulsion. It has been shown that a Teacher can lower the amount of Tonitruses earned from the action at their discretion.



  • Eden College (イーデン・カレッジ, Īden Karejji?) is the official name of Eden Academy, as shown in the school emblem.
  • The emblem of Eden Academy is an apple, likely based on the forbidden fruit from the biblical "Garden of Eden".
  • Several locations in Eden Academy appear to based on real-life locations.
  • The uniform of Eden Academy shares the same motif and pattern as Ashe's clothes from Rengoku no Ashe.
  • Earning the Tonitrus Bolts seems to vary depending on the misconduct that is performed.
    • Use of violence on another student automatically gives the person 3 bolts.
    • Yelling "Die" at another fellow student is enough to consider giving the person a single bolt.


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