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Eden offers a top-class education in every field, from academics to sports to the fine arts.

Eden Academy (イーデン (こう) , Īden Kō?), formally known as Eden College (イーデン・カレッジ, Īden Karejji?), is a highly prestigious private school located in Berlint, Ostania.


Eden Academy Emblem

The emblem of Eden Academy

With a well-established history of over 500 years[2], Eden Academy is regarded as the top school in the nation. It has a student body of roughly 2500, ranging from ages 6 to 19 with a curriculum spanning 13 grades. The grades are separated from elementary, middle, and high school.

Its strict education and that many of its students and alumni come from families with prominent status have made it extremely desirable for families to enroll their children. Some parents even offer "donations" to enroll their children or buy good grades, but it has been made clear that the headmaster and school administration are not easily bought.[3]

Anya kidnapped by thugs

Student kidnapping

It has been noted that there is a gulf between the alumni families and first-generation students that leads to bullying and discrimination in the student body. The tuition fees for Eden are very expensive, as well as the cost for school uniforms. Due to the presumed wealth of families in Eden Academy, kidnapping students is a common occurrence, to the point that families enrolling to the school get warned of it.

Students are divided into dormitory boarders and commuters. Students who do not stay in the school dormitories travel to school by bus or in their own chauffeured car.

There are a total of 8 classes or groups for each year.[4]

  • Specter Hall
  • Cline Hall
  • Cecile Hall
  • Wald Hall
  • Malcom Hall
  • Hamilton Hall[5]
  • Villiers Hall[5]
  • Rose Hall[5]


Every year at Eden consists of two terms, each the span of six months. In the First Year, the first term has four core subjects: History, Math, Science, and Reading. Other secondary subjects include Physical Education, Arts and Crafts, National Language, and Classical Language.

For middle schoolers, subjects include Math, History, Biology, Physics, Primary Foreign Language, and Secondary Foreign Language.[6] In addition to academics, Eden also provides education for extracurriculars like sports and the fine arts, with programs accessible to students talented in those fields, like the ballet program for high schoolers.

Anya and Damian get their Stella Star after their term finals

Students awarded a Stella Star for their academic achievements in their exams

During the midterm and term final exams, students are tested on the subjects they were taught. After the exams, the completed tests are kept in a tightly guarded vault in the North Hall until grading is completed.

Stella Stars are awarded to the highest and second-highest performing students of each grade for each of the subjects. Any students who fail will receive a Tonitrus Bolt without exception. Scores that are 30 and above appear to be passing grades, while any score below 30 are failing ones.

At the end of the term, students are divided into new classes based on their ability and performance.

Seven Wonders[]

For several years, students and teachers have been talking about the existence of various school secrets called the "Seven Wonders of the Eden Academy[7]." Each of them has its own mysterious origins, and there are muted rumors about some of them. Below is a complete list of them all[8]:

  • Lorelei, the Siren of the Swimming Pool
  • The Moving Portraits of Imperial Scholars
  • The True Nature of Pierre Pommier
  • The Thirteen Steps in the Great Hall
  • The Devil Ritual in the Old Schoolhouse
  • The Cursed Underground Maze in Section 4
  • The Sealed Chamber in the Tower of Wisdom

The siren shares her name with a well-known Ostanian ship, the title of which may hint at a royal origin. Some portraits of Imperial Scholars of the past are located in the school's Hall of Fame[2], and a sealed room is located in the Tower where Imperial Scholars mixers are held[9]. Pierre Pommier is a mysterious patissier who appears unannounced in the school cafeteria and offers extraordinary, delicious desserts called the "Pastries of Knowledge," after eating which many students become Imperial Scholars[7].

Admissions Process[]

The admissions process consists of two phases, the entrance exam and the family interview. Upon passing the entrance exam, the family is required to attend a mandatory family interview and must include both parents.

Entrance Exam[]

The entrance exam is a written exam that takes place in a large hall overseen by an examiner.

Family Interview[]

Eden Academy Teaching Staff evaluating applicants before the family interview

The teaching staff observing and evaluating the elegance of applicant families

The selection process begins even before the actual interview itself. While the applicants and their families are en route to the interview site, the teaching staff watches and evaluates their every move from the buildings above, passing or failing them based on their elegance. When queuing to confirm their interview appointments, applicants who have passed are directed to Assembly Hall A, while failed applicants are directed to Assembly Hall B.

On the way to Assembly Hall A, applicants are further presented with obstacles to test their ability to resolve them with elegance. For example, a student pretends to be stuck in a gutter with dirty water, and applicants must help him without dirtying their clothes. Soiling their clothes results in immediate failure and ejection from the school premises.

The Forgers at the family interview

The Forger family being interviewed by the housemasters

At the family interview, the families are interviewed by three teachers who are also dormitory housemasters. As Eden is focused on family values, families are asked certain questions depending on their circumstances. In the case of families that have remarried, interviewers will present the parents with questions regarding how they met. The parents will be asked questions about themselves and their child, their reasons for enrolling their child, and their parenting styles. The child is then asked about their hobbies, goals at Eden Academy, and their parents. The applicants are scored based on how they answered the questions.


Once the scores are tallied, a list of accepted students is posted in alphanumeric order. Applicants who were not accepted but scored highly are placed on a highly confidential waiting list. If an accepted student withdraws, the applicant with the highest spot on the waiting list will be offered their spot.


Imperial Scholars Honors Program[]

Main article: Imperial Scholars

Awards and Demerits[]

Stella Star Stella Stars ((ステラ), Sutera?, lit. "Star") are a form of medals that are awarded as merits. Stella Stars are awarded for exceptional grades and contributions to society. Stella Stars have also been awarded for long-term volunteer activities and singular feats, like saving lives or assisting law enforcement.
Tonitrus Bolt Tonitrus Bolts ((トニト), Tonito?, lit. "Thunderbolt") are demerits given to students who have shown poor grades or misconduct; earning eight results in immediate expulsion. It has been shown that a high-ranking faculty member can lower the amount of Tonitrus Bolts earned from a misdemeanor at their discretion.

List of misconducts:

  • Use of violence on another student automatically gives the student 3 bolts.[10]
  • Yelling "Die" at another fellow student is enough to consider giving the student a single bolt.[11]
  • Smoking on school property.[12]
  • Unkempt uniforms.[13]
  • Uncouth speech.[13]
  • Conspiring to commit acts of violence.[13]
  • Bringing snacks or playing cards to classes.[14]
  • Unawareness of the basic rules.[15]
  • Failure to carry around a handkerchief at all times.[16]


Due to transportation and safety-related concerns, the majority of Eden's students live on campus with their educators. Every hall appears to have a dormitory divided by class year. Each dormitory has a Tutor-in-Residence and Dorm Mother, who organize weekend activities such as trips to the movie theater. Accommodations include telephone access showers and lounges for students to mingle. At the dorms, students are required to wake up early for morning muster. Offenses such as missing morning muster, untidy clothes, and eating outside of scheduled mealtimes are punished by helping the Dorm Mother with daily chores and being forbidden from leaving the dormitory grounds.


The standard boys' primary school uniform consists of a black jacket with gold accents and buttons worn over a white button-up shirt with a rounded collar and black knee-length trousers. The emblem of Eden Academy is embroidered on the left breast of the blazer and shirt. It also includes black loafers.

The standard girls' primary school uniform consists of a knee-length dress worn over a white button-up shirt with a rounded collar and black shorts. The dress is black with gold accents and a square neckline. A red ribbon is worn at the collar with a gold emblem. The emblem of Eden Academy is embroidered on the left breast of the shirt, typically not visible under the dress. It also includes black Mary Janes. When commuting, the girls wear round black hats with gold accents.

From middle school onward, boys wear the same jacket and shirt, now with long black trousers, while girls wear a black pleated skirt under a shorter version of the dress.[5] Imperial Scholars wear a black cape with dark red lining over the standard uniform, with a gold cord holding it together at the chest.[1]

The P.E. uniform consists of a white short-sleeved polo shirt with a black collar, as well as a tag bearing their name, class, and year across the back. The emblem of Eden Academy is embroidered in red on the left breast of the shirt. They also wear black gym shorts with a gold stitch pattern going up the sides. It also includes white sneakers. There are no apparent differences in gym uniforms between genders.[17] In the anime, the tags on the back are removed.[18]

Though not shown, the order for a uniform also includes a winter coat and a sweater vest.[19]

Eden Academy also has tracksuits for both youths and adults. The youth tracksuit consists of a full-zip mock-neck sweater and pants. The tracksuit is mainly blue, while only the body of the sweater is white. The emblem of Eden Academy is embroidered on the left breast of the sweater. The adult tracksuit shares the same design, with the only exception being that the sweater is quarter-zipped and has a white stripe wrapped around the middle of the collar and the cuffs of the sweater and ankles. It also includes a white cap with the emblem of Eden Academy on it.

Geography and Architecture[]

Eden Academy consists of multiple complex buildings contained within a spacious campus. The school grounds are about the size of a small city, with small hills, a river for activities such as rafting, a farm, maneuvering grounds, a small, old castle, and much more. Eden Academy also places importance on training in livestock and agriculture. As a result, there are many animals used for studies.[20]

Examination Hall: The venue for the entrance exam[21] and midterm exams.[22]
Founder Statue: The statue of Eden Academy's founder. To Henry Henderson, saluting it would be considered an act of elegance.[23]
Eden Farm Anime Farm: Eden Academy's farm. It is used for the school's education of agriculture and livestock.[20] The farm houses a variety of animals, from cows and sheep to eagles and ostriches. On the way to the admissions interviews, Henry Henderson impulsively ordered the release of the animals onto the examinees in order to test the Forgers.[24]
Assembly Hall: A large hall to hold school public meetings.[25]
Cafeteria: Eden Academy's dining hall. The meals are made by world-class chefs who prepare elegant meals. Students are allowed to order whatever they like from the menu. There is also a private dining hall reserved for Imperial Scholars.[26]
Hall C Lounge: One of the school's hall lounges. It was used for a meet and greet for the guardians of the new students during their orientation.[27]
Assembly Hall A: One of the student halls at Eden. Loid summoned Becky Blackbell here through the P.A. system to get her away from Anya, who was attempting to apologize to Damian.[28]
Henry Henderson's Office Anime Henry Henderson's Office: Henry Henderson's private office. The room includes a sitting area with a phonograph next to windows looking out to the school grounds and a fireplace.
Eden Gym Gymnasium: Eden Academy's gymnasium. Primarily used for physical education classes and playing sports. Cecile Hall and Wald Hall once held an interclass dodgeball tournament there.[29]
Cecile Hall Boys' Dormitory: The dormitory for Cecile Hall's male students. Besides Cecile Hall, there are other dormitories for each hall. The Housemaster of Cecile Hall's Dormitory is Henry Henderson. It is also staffed by a Dorm Mother, who cooks food for the students and does chores, and a Tutor-in-Residence, who helps the students study.[30]
North Hall: The area where the finished exam papers are stored. The entrance is protected by a school guard and all faculty require an I.D. to enter. The vault itself is opened with a 3-digit passcode.[3]
Tower of Wisdom: The venue for the Imperial Scholars mixer. There are only a few windows at the top and the front door, and the top of the tower has a garden. The main entrance is tightly monitored, with guards checking the identities of guests and state-of-the-art detection devices.[9]
Library 2 Courtyard: One of the school's library courtyards. It is here that Damian Desmond and Loid Forger meet Donovan Desmond.[9]
Stella Lake: Stella Lake is a large circular lake on school property that can be traversed to via a river. It is surrounded by forests with a trail leading to it. At night, the reflection of numerous stars on the water have caused students to give it the namesake of Stella Lake. The presence of a pier suggests people have used the lake for boating activities.[31]
Imperial graduates First portraits Hall of Fame: The large room with a long corridor where portraits of all graduates who were once Imperial Scholars and later became important people in Ostania.[2]

Notable Events[]

Cecile Hall's Talent Show Cecile Hall's Talent Show: More than 49 years ago, this show was held for Cecile Hall's New Year's party. Henry Henderson and Martha Marriott first met during this event.[32]
Henry Henderson's Graduation Henry Henderson's Graduation: About 47 years ago, Henry Henderson graduates from Eden Academy as an Imperial Scholar and sets off to Berlint University of Education to pursue his teaching career.[32]
Martha Marriott's Graduation Party Martha Marriott's Graduation Party: About 45 years ago, Martha Marriott had her graduation party. Before being able to confess her feelings to Henry Henderson, the party was interrupted by an air raid.[33]
Orientation Day: The headmaster gives a welcoming speech to the new students of Eden Academy while a chorus performance is given by other students. The class and homeroom teacher assignments are announced, calling the names of the new students to line up on stage. The homeroom teacher then leads the students on a school tour while a meet and greet is held for the guardians in the Hall C Lounge. In the end, a group photo of the students and their families is taken in the courtyard.[25]
Interclass Dodgeball Match: During Physical Education class, an interclass dodgeball match was held between Cecile Hall and Wald Hall. It was rumored among the students that the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the winning side would be awarded a Stella Star, though this was later proven to be false by Henry Henderson. Wald Hall wins the dodgeball match by a landslide, led by Bill Watkins.[17]
Arts and Crafts Class: Students are assigned into groups of about five at random and given a limited amount of supplies to create a three-dimensional model with the theme of "animals." The students would be evaluated based on the quality and artistic merit of their project, as well as how they contend with the limited supply of art materials. Damian and Anya's combined art project won first prize.[34]
Midterm Exams: During each term, students are to participate in their midterm exams, which cover four subjects. Stella Stars will be awarded to the highest and second-highest performing students of each grade for each of the four subjects. Conversely, any student who fails an exam will receive a Tonitrus Bolt, without exception.[22] After the midterm exam, Damian Desmond was awarded a Stella Star for getting one of the top two scores in History.[3]
Chorus Performance: George Glooman mentioned that Cecile Hall would be doing a chorus performance at the end of the school year and wished to do it with them. Believing his claim that he would soon be leaving Eden, Becky Blackbell leads the Cecile Hall students to sing the chorus and dance together to fulfill George's wish before he "leaves."[35]
Social Studies Project: During History class, students are assigned to investigate an occupation that interests them and prepare a report about their chosen profession to present it to the class. Anya did a report about Loid's profession as a psychiatrist[36] while Damian did a report about his father, Donovan Desmond.[37]
Imperial Scholars Mixer: The Imperial Scholars Mixer is a traditional get-together held twice a year in the Tower of Wisdom. It is only open to Imperial Scholars, their parents, and select alumni. Notable attendees include Council Secretary Byron, Colonel McNeill of the National Army, Prosecutor Farnham from the Ministry of Justice, Cosmonaut Yachayka, and Donovan Desmond. The event is held at the Tower of Wisdom and guarded by agents of the State Security Service. The school is also closed during the afternoon for the event and students are advised to leave the school grounds.[9]
School Holiday: The Tutor-in-Residence of Cecile Hall Dormitory takes the male students staying in Cecile Hall's dormitory to the movies and roast beef. Damian, Ewen, and Emile are punished with doing chores instead and later further "punished" by Henry Henderson for goofing around and are sent on a field research trip with the dormitory custos, Mr. Green. They go on a boat trip to Stella Lake via a river path. After falling into the river, they make a fire and catch fish to cook and eat, hiking up to the lake afterward. They are later assigned to write a field report upon returning to their dorm.[31]
Pastry of Knowledge: A former royal chef visits the school unannounced to serve extraordinarily delicious desserts in the cafeteria. Due to many of those who manage to eat his desserts go on to become Imperial Scholars, it has led to rumors of the "Pastry of Knowledge," instantly making students smart enough to become an Imperial Scholar. George Glooman manages to get the last set of macarons but is pressured into giving four to Anya, Becky, Damian, and his friends. Because there are not enough macarons for everyone, they decide to determine who gets a macaron with a game of Old Maid. Damian loses, and the macarons are shared between the others.[7]
Midterm Break: Anya goes on a three-day, two-night luxury cruise vacation aboard the ship Princess Lorelei[38], then spent the final day on a resort island.[39] Ewen spent a day soaring through the skies of Münk in a helicopter. Emile stayed in a first-class hotel in Bayan and ate five-star meals. Becky had her father arrange a party with the starlet Rachel, with about a hundred people in attendance.[40]
Berlint Museum Berlint Museum Field Trip: Eden Academy's first-years go on a "cultural experience" to the Berlint Museum. However, two of the four buses get hijacked by an extremist group known as the Red Circus, who take the students hostage.[41] The Berlint police and the SSS get involved, and the conflict is resolved after the terrorists surrender. Due to Anya, Becky, Damian, and Bill's brave efforts during the crisis, they are each rewarded a Stella Star.[42]
Term Finals Announcement First-Term Finals: At the end of their first term, students are to participate in their final exams, which cover four subjects. Like the midterms, Stella Stars will be awarded to the highest and second-highest performing students of each grade for each of the four subjects. Conversely, any student who fails an exam will receive a Tonitrus Bolt, without exception. The results of these exams will also determine what classes students will be assigned to in the second term.[43] After the term finals, those who get a Stella are: Damian Desmond for getting the top score in History, Anya Forger for getting the second-highest score in Classical Language, and Bill Watkins for getting the second-highest score in Math.[6]
End-of-Term Hall Party End-of-Term Hall Party: Becky mentions to Anya that all the halls throw parties at the end of the term, where students can wear their street clothes with the teacher's permission.[44] The party itself is held after the term finals, and includes several activities from friendly competitions between halls and a gala.[8] After the party, students take an end-of-term break.

Known Teachers and Staff[]

Benedict Ivan Goodfellow Portrait
Henry Henderson Portrait
Homeroom Teacher
Cecile Hall Housemaster
History Teacher
Murdoch Swan Manga Infobox
Cline Hall Housemaster
Economics Teacher
Walter Evans Manga Infobox
Malcom Hall Housemaster
English Teacher
Donna Schlag Portrait
Disciplinary Committee
Rahden Manga Infobox
Disciplinary Committee Secretary
Eden Geometry Teacher Manga Infobox
Eden Math Teacher Manga Infobox
Physical Education Teacher
Cecile Dorm Tutor Manga Infobox
Cecile Hall Tutor-in-Residence
Cecile Dorm Mother Manga Infobox
Cecile Hall Dorm Mother
Mr. Green Manga Infobox
Cecile Hall Custos (Counselor)
Mr. Viehmann Portrait
Physics Department
Eden Master of Ceremonies Manga Infobox
Ms. Muchberry Manga Infobox
Clothing Department
Mrs. Jody Manga Infobox
Mr. Fowler Manga Infobox

Known Students[]

Primary School Year 1
Class 1, Specter Hall
Class 2, Cline Hall
Arnold Crowley Manga Infobox
Class 3, Cecile Hall

A total of 29 students have been assigned to Cecile Hall[25]. Below are the names of students mentioned to be in Cecile Hall, however, their faces are not known.

  • Abel (アベル, Aberu?)
  • Bryan Paul[34]
  • Connor Hume (コナー・ヒューム, Konā Hyūmu?)
  • Edward Perkshire (エドワード・パークシャー, Edowādo Pākushā?)[45]
  • Herman Clark (ハーマン・クラーク, Hāman Kurāku?)[34]
  • Jesse Capel (ジェシー・カペル, Jeshī Kaperu?)[34]
  • Johnie Loose (ジョニー・ルーズ, Jonī Rūzu?)
  • Karl (カール, Kāru?)
  • Paler Nomney (ペーラー・ノムニー, Pērā Nomunī?)[45]
  • Sara Seymour (サラ・シーモア, Sara Shīmoa?)

Anya Forger Portrait
Becky Blackbell Portrait
Damian Desmond Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
Emile Elman Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
Ewen Egeburg Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
George Glooman Portrait
Cecile Hall Afro Hair Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
Cecile Hall Shaved Hair Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
Cecile Hall Thick Hair Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
Cecile Hall Slicked Hair Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
Cecile Hall Split Hair Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
Cecile Hall Freckles Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Dormitory
Cecile Hall Brunet Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Curly Blond Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Afro Headband Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Glasses Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Covered Hair Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Pompadour Boy Portrait
Cecile Hall Sideswept Hair Boy Portrait
Alice Paulette Portrait
Cecile Hall Brown Short Hair Girl Portrait
Cecile Hall Blonde Wavy Hair Girl Portrait
Cecile Hall Brown Bun Girl Portrait
Cecile Hall Double Bun Girl Portrait
Cecile Hall Glasses Girl Portrait
Cecile Hall Headband Girl Portrait
Garnett Portrait
Cecile Hall Double Braids Glasses Girl Portrait
Cecile Hall Double Braids Girl Portrait
Class 4, Wald Hall
Bill Watkins Portrait
Wald Hall Johnny Portrait
Wald Hall Louis Portrait
Class 5, Malcom Hall
Class 8, Rose Hall
Narcis Hubrisse Manga Infobox
Sharon's Son Manga Infobox
Sue Manga Infobox
Ken Eden Academy Manga Infobox
Eileen Manga Infobox
Brayzen Family Heir Manga Infobox
Middle School Year 2
Class 2, Cline Hall
Demetrius Desmond Portrait
Imperial Scholars
Current Members
Demetrius Desmond Portrait

Known Alumni[]

Donovan Desmond Portrait
Imperial Scholar
Henry Henderson Portrait
Cecile Hall, Imperial Scholar
Martha Marriott Portrait
Cecile Hall, Imperial Scholar
Donna Schlag Portrait
Imperial Scholar


  • Eden Academy is named after the biblical "Garden of Eden."
  • The emblem is an apple, likely based on the biblical "forbidden fruit" often depicted as an apple and the symbol of knowledge.
  • The way Eden Academy works is based on British public schools.[46]
  • Several locations in Eden Academy appear to be based on real-life locations.
    • The entrance of Eden Academy is based on Humboldt University in Berlin, while some of the school buildings are based on Oxford, Cambridge, and the Reichstag building.
    • The bridge at Eden Academy[47] is based on the Hertford Bridge or the "Bridge of Sighs" at Oxford.
    • The dining hall at Eden Academy[48] is likely inspired by the dining hall of Christ Church at Oxford. For several years, students and teachers have been talking about various school secrets called the Seven Wonders of the Academy.
    • The quadrangle of Eden Academy containing the statue of its founder appears to be based on the School Yard at Eton College. The school's formal name, Eden College, may also be a reference to this institution.
  • Anya's tuition to Eden Academy in modern terms would be about 5 to 6 million yen ($35,000 to $40,000 US) per year.


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