Dominic (ドミニク, Dominiku?) is a friend of Yuri Briar and is dating Camilla, Yor Forger's co-worker.




Story Overview

Introduction Arc

Yuri Briar asks Dominic to see what sort of boyfriend Yor has. At Camilla's party, Dominic was looking forward to meet the boyfriend, but learns that he couldn't attend. He tells Yor that Yuri is always worried about her and Yor asks him if he could tell Yuri that she brought someone nice. However, Camilla joins their conversation, saying that he won't do that as that's pitiful and he will tell Yuri the truth, and takes Dominic away from Yor.

Eden Beginnings Arc

Dominic sees Yuri and comments that they haven't seen for a while, due to Yuri's job keeping him busy. Yuri asks him about Yor and the guy with her at the party. Dominic is a bit surprised he haven't met Yor's husband, but hearing Yor is married shocks Yuri.






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