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Mission 9 (MISSION (ミッション) : 9, Misshon: 9?) is the ninth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on July 15, 2019.[1]


Loid realizes that Anya's worrying

It's morning in the Forger household and Loid Forger greets Yor Forger with breakfast as she sleepily enters the kitchen. Yor wonders if Anya Forger is still asleep, and Loid catches sight of her peering around the corner, wondering if what happened yesterday was still bothering her. Loid tells her he's not mad at her and tells her to eat breakfast, and she obliges, apologizing for messing up at school. Yor tells her it's Yor's fault, and Loid says that what's done is done and should be forgotten as long as she's learned her lesson, telling her to keep her chin up.

At the bus station, Loid asks Anya if she's forgotten anything as she boards the bus, telling her to apologize to Damian Desmond when she gets to school. She nods, and Yor and Loid wave to her as the bus takes off, Loid telling her to be good as Yor turns to him and says that it's about time they get going too. Loid looks at the bus as it retreats and thinks to himself that word peace depends on Anya making up with Damian, encouraging his daughter in his head.

Becky arrives at school

Anya arrives at school thinking to herself that she'll do her best, and quickly runs into Becky Blackbell as her chauffeur is waving her off. They greet each other, and Anya excitedly asks Becky if "milady" lives in a castle to which the latter replies that she doesn't, of course, going on to say that she'd be willing to come by and pick up Anya in her car as she notices her friend arrived by bus. Anya wonders if she'd get to be milady too, causing Becky to smirk and remark that she never said she'd adopt Anya.

Becky remarks to Anya that she's jealous of the boarding house students who don't have to commute as she then catches sight of Damian and his friends, Becky letting out an "ugh" of disgust as the two groups pass each other. Emile Elman asks her what's with that and Becky replies by asking if they have to be so annoying so early in the morning as Damian blushes, his friends retaliating behind him. Anya thinks about her father's words and begins to approach Damian to apologize, but Becky pulls her away despite her protests, saying they should hurry away from the trio and to class before they "catch their stupidity". Loid, who'd followed his daughter in and was watching her actions from the rooftop, curses and thinks to himself that Becky shouldn't interfere, then wondering if she's under orders from the enemy. He thinks to Anya that, since friendship groups begin coalescing by the first day, she needs to hurry up and make up with Damian by the end of the day.

Anya realizes that she'll be fine

In class, Becky and Anya are sitting totally isolated from everyone else as the rest of the students are scared of Anya after her actions yesterday. They start to gossip about her, but Becky just tells her that humans are superficial and can't see beneath the surface which causes Anya to ask if she's actually super smart, flattering Becky who says she wouldn't go that far. Becky then tells her to call her by her name, smiling and saying that she wants to become better friends with Anya, and the gossip fades as Anya realizes that, although school is scary, she'll be fine.

The teacher enters and begins taking roll call as Ewen asks Damian why he's not saying anything, Damian angrily thinking to himself as he stares at the back of Anya's head that nobody's ever gone against him before she did, not even his big brother. Anya notices him staring and turns around, but Damian looks away and the teacher begins class. Anya falls asleep but awakens when Becky announces that they're going to science class next, the teacher thinking that Anya really is a delinquent if she's sleeping in first period on her first day. Anya protests, saying she has to apologize to Damian first, but Becky tells her that he already left and tells her friend she should just forget about him anyway since she doesn't think he deserves an apology. Anya says that she has to do it for world peace and Becky says that it's true that they don't know what he'll pull, but that it's fine because she's on her side, hugging her as Anya says that it's okay. Loid, who has at this point snuck in and disguised himself as a cleaner, overhears this and thinks that no, it's not okay, Anya shocking herself over his prescience as she overhears his thoughts with her telepathy.

Loid's Fortune-telling Yoiko.

In science class, the class is outside and the teacher is discussing sunlight reflection. Anya isn't paying attention and catches sight of a lighter patch being reflected in the ground, looking over to find that it spells the phrase "Fortune-telling Yoiko: It is good to apologize today". Anya wonders if it's a message from a god but then looks up to realize that it's just Loid on the school's roof reflecting it down with an etched mirror, thinking to herself that that's a lot of pressure.

In literature class, the students are reading along in their textbooks as the teacher reads a passage, but Anya's has been altered so that it reads about making up with friends instead of sticking to your own beliefs.

At lunch break, Anya sees a piece of paper with "apologize" written on it stuck to another student's back, and the omelette she orders has "sorry" written on it. As she and Becky sit down to eat, Anya catches sight of Damian and his friends and stands up to go finally apologize, but Becky stops her once again, Loid, who has now disguised himself as another member of staff, snapping and finally deciding to go and forcefully remove her interference. He uses the speaker system to summon Becky elsewhere, leaving Anya alone with Damian and his crew.

Anya apologizes

Anya walks around to where they're sitting and begins to speak, but is quickly cut off by Ewen and Emilie, who Damian then tells to shut up. He wonders to himself why he can't seem to say anything when Anya's right there in front of him, and what the weird feeling in his chest is. Anya decides to quickly apologize as she's getting chills, hearing the thoughts of Ewen and Emilie as they think of potential insults Damian might use to shatter her. This gets to Anya, who then bursts into tears as she says that she's sorry about yesterday and that she wants to be friends. Damian begins to blush furiously as Loid looks over, glad that Anya finally managed to do it, and Ewen asks Damian why his face is red, the latter lying and replying that he's just angry. Damian thinks about how Anya went against him and looked him straight in the face as his heart begins to pound, and he turns away as he decides he'd rather die than accept that he likes a commoner like her, running off. A shocked Loid falls to the floor as he realizes that plan B has been totally ruined as Damian's friends ask why he's running off to which he replies by telling them to shut up. Anya shudders and elsewhere Becky wonders who called her to the lounge.





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