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Mission 7 (MISSION (ミッション) : 7, Misshon: 7?) is the seventh chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on June 17, 2019.[1]


Anya is measured

The Forgers return to the boutique to get Anya measured for her Eden Academy school uniform. The owner of the boutique warns the Forgers of discrimination from Eden alumni families, and strife between dorm students and commuter students, after Loid reveals he came from a third-rate rural school. The owner also points out that commuter students are frequently kidnapped as only wealthy families can afford to attend Eden Academy, causing Anya to become visibly frightened of going to Eden Academy. The owner reassures Anya and rings up the required uniform alterations for the Forgers, directing them to another store for more supplies.

As the Forgers leave the boutique, Anya is wary of getting kidnapped and Loid decides to eat out at a restaurant instead. At the restaurant, Loid is given a cipher by the chef while being served his meal with a coded message in the form of the sauce, directing him to his next briefing at 1300 hours, five days later at Safe House D, though he expressed disgust at the method of communication.

Loid enters the elevator

On the day of the briefing, Loid receives a call from the boutique about the completed uniform alterations. Due to his briefing, he asks Yor to bring Anya to the tailor to pick the uniforms and leaves. Loid approaches a photo booth, revealing it as a secret elevator to a safe house of WISE where Handler greets him. Handler reprimands "Twilight" for the expense reports from renting a castle and furniture. "Twilight" responds by giving more expense reports from Anya's required uniform and school supplies, citing them as essential to the mission, and Handler dismisses the topic.

Handler moves on to brief "Twilight" for Phase Two of "Operation Strix", the social gathering. Handler gives a brief description of how Eden Academy works and that the social circle that Donovan Desmond belongs to is accessible to students joining their honor program as Imperial Scholars, along with their parents. To become an Imperial Scholar, they must obtain eight Stella Stars from exceptional grades and contributions to society. Handler instructs "Twilight" to develop Anya into an Imperial Scholar and warns him of accumulating eight Tonitrus Bolts that lead to expulsion. As Handler moves into their plan of attack, "Twilight" is uneasy at Anya's capability to become an Imperial Scholar.

Anya tries on her uniform

At the boutique, Anya tries on her new Eden Academy uniform, delightedly showing off and posing to Yor. Anya decides to wear the uniform for the rest of the day. Yor and Anya stop by the park, where Anya continues to show off her uniform to other people and earns praise from other mothers. As Yor watches other mothers deciding what to cook, Yor is reminded of the events at the admissions interview and wishes to become a better mother to Anya, despite it being a fake family. When Anya returns, Yor decides to stop by the supermarket and try to cook dinner for that night. Several delinquents eye Anya as an Eden Academy student, assuming Yor is a nanny and plan to get money from Yor and Anya.

As Yor purchases her groceries at the cashier, Anya decides to go outside. When Anya exits the supermarket, the delinquents grab Anya and cover her mouth, reminding her of the boutique owner's warning. Before one of the delinquents is about to threaten Anya to strip her uniform to sell it, Yor hits him in the face with her bag of groceries, causing her groceries to be sent flying. The other delinquents attempt to extort Yor for the injured delinquent's hospital bills, but Yor reveals she just used all of her money. One of the delinquents grabs a pumpkin and tries to punch Yor with it, only for Yor to slice through the pumpkin with her bare hand and break it into several pieces.

Yor gains confidence

Yor asserts that she is Anya's mother and threatens the delinquents to end up like the pumpkin, causing them to run away. Yor comforts Anya with a hug but becomes depressed that all of the groceries are in a mess now. Anya pats Yor on the head and declares that she loves Yor as she is, a cool and strong mother, and imitates Yor's punch. Anya asks Yor to train her to become strong like her and be safe at Eden Academy. Yor realizes she may not be a normal mother but becomes confident with her own abilities and they return home to train.

Loid returns home, only to see Yor and Anya practicing punching in confusion and remains uneasy at fulfilling his task.





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