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Mission 6 (MISSION (ミッション) : 6, Misshon: 6?) is the sixth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on June 3, 2019.[1]


The Forgers realize that Anya didn't pass

On the day of Eden Academy's admissions announcement, the Forgers look for Anya Forger's exam number 'K-212', but to no avail. At the headquarters of Westalian Intelligence, a woman brings up the time and day of the announcement of the admission to a higher-up, but he responds flippantly. The woman reminds him that Operation Strix is of great importance to the peace between Westalis and Ostania. Nonetheless, the higher-up is confident in Twilight's ability and expecting him to soon send a message of their acceptance in the form of an oriental code, unaware that the Forgers are in shock from being rejected.

As they decide to head back home with Anya teary-eyed, Henry Henderson stops the Forgers from leaving. He shows Loid Forger a list of names with Anya's name on top, revealing that the list is the waiting list for Eden's admissions and that Anya will be given a spot upon an accepted student's withdrawal. Loid expresses confusion after his violent actions at the interview, but Henry Henderson justifies that Loid saved Murdoch Swan from the mosquito's lethality and scored the Forgers highly, though Loid doesn't quite believe the reason. As Henry Henderson continues to talk, Yor Forger is worried that none of the accepted students will decline and begins to imagine assassinating the parent of one of the accepted students at a formal social gathering, in order to obtain a spot for Anya. As Yor shakes her head and discourages herself from killing an innocent person, Anya is amused at her imagination. Henry Henderson advises the Forgers to be prepared as several applicants withdraw every year and that he may no longer be at Eden Academy when they arrive due to Murdoch Swan's influence. Loid offers any assistance, Henry Henderson thanks him but just tells them to wait for the call.

Forgers celebrate Anya getting into Eden Academy

Three days later, Loid quickly picks up a phone call from Eden Academy. Hanging up, Loid turns to Yor and Anya and blasts a party popper as he announces that Anya has been offered a spot. Franky arrives at the Forgers' front door with a bottle of alcohol to celebrate Anya's success, introducing himself to Yor. The group drinks while eating delivered dinner, with Franky and Yor being drunk. Franky blurts out that he stole the answers for the exam, but Yor is too drunk to listen. Franky suggests that Loid buy Anya something as a reward, but Anya wants to do something instead. Anya shows Loid a scene in 'Spy Wars' of Bondman rescuing Princess Honey from evil forces in a castle, wanting to get rescued in a castle. Loid refuses but Franky suggests renting a castle in Münk for 50,000 dalc after Anya tears up.

A drunk Yor attacks Loid

The Forgers and Franky arrive at the castle, though Anya is disappointed that there is no one as bad guys or servants at the castle, thus Loid summons WISE agents stationed in Ostania to Newston Castle to act as roles. Anya assigns Loid as the spy that rescues her, Franky as the bad guy, and Yor dismissively as anything. Anya crouches behind a table as a princess in her 'prison' while Franky plays along. Loid stiffly asks for the princess to be returned, shy about roleplaying in front of his agency. Franky introduces Yor as 'Yorticia', the world's deadliest witch. Yor drunkenly attacks Loid with a kick as he barely dodges, leaving Loid fearful with a bleeding cut. Yor continues to attack Loid with rapid kicks but the heel of her left shoe eventually snaps, sending her falling backward and she falls asleep. Loid smacks Franky away when he tries to stop Loid and approaches Anya to save her with a blush. Anya runs out to hug Loid, expressing her gratitude and determination to work hard for school. Loid congratulates Anya as they look at a shooting star on the balcony. At WISE HQ, the higher-up and the woman receive an expense report from Twilight for the castle rental.





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