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Mission 5 (MISSION (ミッション) : 5, Misshon: 5?) is the fifth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on May 20, 2019.[1]


The true Eden Academy family interviews have begun, with an interviewer intimidating a child applicant with several questions. The child, unable to answer, stammers and the family is dismissed from the room by the interviewers. The parents scold their child as they walk past Loid Forger, who despite his stoic exterior, is actually nervous about the interview. The Forgers are called into the interview room next.

Loid creates a false story of his and Yor's meeting

The interview is started off by Walter Evans who immediately asks Loid Forger about how he met Yor Forger. Loid gives an embellished retelling of his actual meeting Yor at the tailor's shop, causing Yor to blush. The same question is also asked toward Yor Forger, who replies with Loid's good points. Murdoch Swan proceeds to ask an embarrassing question to Yor Forger about marrying a man with a child, to which Henry Henderson reprimands him for. Loid reveals he has been listening to the previous interviews through a planted bug, noting that Murdoch Swan enjoys disparaging the families of applicants due to his callous nature and recent divorce.

Avoiding the previous question, Walter Evans continues by asking for the reason the Forgers decided to apply to Eden Academy. Loid gives a reply about the upstanding quality of the teaching staff at Eden Academy, hiding his true motive to approach Donovan Desmond, and satisfying Henry Henderson. Next, Walter Evans focuses on Anya from the perspective of her parents, asking about her strengths and weaknesses. Loid responds with Anya's curiousity, wisdom, and intuition, and her weakness being her pickiness about food.

Yor is asked the same question, as well as about her parenting style towards Anya. Yor, having rehearsed the question with Loid, answers that she spoiled Anya a bit and learned to be strict with her for her sake. Walter Evans picks up on Loid's earlier response about Anya's pickiness and asks about her cooking, clearly unexpected by Yor, who stammers in surprise. Loid cuts in to reveal he is responsible for most of the cooking in their home. Murdoch Swan shames Yor for being unable to cook as a wife, causing Yor to look down in embarrassment. Loid defends Yor with her ability to clean the house and raise Anya, almost entering an argument with Murdoch Swan until Yor placates him.

Anya claims that she wants to uncover the boss's secrets

Murdoch Swan, spiteful of the Forgers' beauty and perceived love, is now intent on tormenting the couple. Anya's telepathic abilities pick up on his hostility and she becomes determined to do better in the interview. Walter Evans moves on to questioning Anya next, asking her name and address. Anya fumbles through answering, mispronouncing her surname and address. Walter Evans continues to ask questions which the Forgers have prepared for, allowing Anya to answer smoothly until Walter Evans asks about what she wants to do at Eden Academy. Anya forgets the answer and reads Loid's mind, who is thinking about his goal to approach Donovan Desmond and expose his plans, causing her to answer that she wants to expose the secrets of the boss of the organization.

Loid hurriedly makes up an explanation for her odd answer, pleasing Henry Henderson, who asks if she knows the name of the headmaster. Anya answers through reading Loid's mind again, though mispronouncing it. Henry Henderson asks about the efforts the headmaster has gone through, and Anya answers with a recounting of the training montage of yesterday's spy cartoon, shocking Henry with her perceived resolve. Walter Evans questions Anya about her parents, particularly about Loid's job. Anya almosts slips up saying 'spy' but quickly continues with 'psychiatrist' when Loid nearly hears her. Anya answers that Yor is nice but a little bit scary when asked about her.

Anya is reminded of her mother

Walter Evans asks Anya to give Loid and Yor a score as her parents, to which she answers 'a perfect 100 points' as she loves them and that she wants to be with them forever. Murdoch Swan is scornful at her response, asking her to choose between her old mother and Yor Forger in an attempt to provoke the family. Walter Evans tries to chastise Murdoch Swan for the embarrassing question, but Murdoch Swan insists on the question. Loid attempts to request a different question with no success. Anya bursts into tears, remembering her mother.

Yor dashes to Anya's side to console her, angrily trying to stop the questioning. Loid tries to calm her down for the sake of the mission, but Murdoch Swan continues to provoke the family, mocking Anya for crying over a trivial matter. Loid tries to convince himself to stay calm throughout Murdoch's provocations. As Yor takes up an attacking stance in anger, Murdoch Swan mocks her for getting riled up, clearly enjoying himself. Now the last straw for Loid, he stands up with his fist about to punch Murdoch Swan. Loid holds back and punches the table instead, causing his fist to bleed, and makes an excuse about a mosquito on the table.

Henry Henderson punches Murdoch Swan

Loid turns his back on the interviewers, excusing the family and preparing to leave. Loid shows disappointment at the educational philosophy of Eden Academy to belittle the feelings of children as they leave, angering Murdoch Swan. Henry Henderson reprimands Murdoch Swan for his methods, causing Murdoch Swan to threaten Henry Henderson with his father's influence. Recalling Loid Forger's compliments of the teaching staff's quality, Henry Henderson approaches Murdoch Swan and punches him in the face, proud of himself as an Eden Academy educator.

At the Forger Residence, the Forgers gloomily sit on the sofas, realizing that they will likely be rejected from Eden Academy. Yor excuses herself to make tea for the family. As Loid chastises himself for being emotional for the mission, Anya shamefacedly apologizes for doing badly at the interview. Loid says she does not need to apologize and that she probably didn't want to attend school anyway. Anya gets up and clings to Loid, saying she does want to go to school in the realization that if his mission fails, she won't be able to stay with Loid and Yor as a family. Yor who is making tea in the kitchen also realizes this but convinces herself that it would just cause an impediment to her work.

As Yor returns with the tea, Loid is honest about the likely negative results with Yor and Anya, which Yor tries to remain optimistic about. Anya now cheered, is also confident that Henry Henderson and Walter Evans liked them. Loid, although his spy mindset insists on preparing for the worst, is influenced by Anya's desire to stay together forever and decides to celebrate their hard work. As the Forgers raise their cups of tea and toast to their future, they are interrupted by a nearby framed photo of their family suddenly falling with no cause, signifying a bad omen.





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