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Mission 45 (MISSION (ミッション) : 45, Misshon: 45?) is the forty-fifth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on May 3, 2021.[1]


Aboard the Princess Lorelei, Anya Forger excitedly observes the various facilities on the ship, including a pool, a circus, and the game room. Anya is eager to explore the ship on an adventure but is disappointed upon seeing that their third-class suite is small and cramped, assuming that it's one of the ship's jail cells. However, she quickly recovers and is excited as she's never slept on a bunk bed before. Loid Forger comments that Yor Forger's group is likely in first-class since she's with the dignitaries.

In the first-class suite, Matthew McMahon introduces himself as the Director of Policy at Berlint City Hall and two bureaucrats from their business development team, Heymann and Vides, as well as Yor. Yor's latest clients, a man and a woman with her child, introduce themselves as Furseal Grey from Arhaus Department Stores and his wife Shaty Grey. Yor notes that Shaty must be Olka Gretcher and that her appearance is very different from the photo, probably to travel incognito. Furseal observes that Yor must be Olka's assigned bodyguard and wonders if she can really protect Olka despite her slim appearance. The two bureaucrats offer to give the Greys a tour of the ship, though Olka refuses while citing the need to take of her baby. As the group leaves, Furseal expresses concern for leaving just the two of them alone. Matthew assures him that Yor is strong.

Now alone with Olka, Yor inspects the suite for possible entry and escape routes.





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