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Mission 43 (MISSION (ミッション) : 43, Misshon: 43?) is the forty-third chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on March 22, 2021.[1]


At Franky's Tobacco Store, Franky gives Loid Forger a fake I.D. for Department Two of Doust Industries and the engine test results for a new fighter jet they're developing. Loid thanks Franky for the documents and Franky reminds Loid that he's charging Loid for the documents. Loid asks about the pictures he requested of the members of an association. Franky informs him that will take a little longer as his contact who specializes in that intel has been eliminated. Loid is shocked and questions if the SSS got him.

Franky describes the rumor that an organization called Garden eliminated him. Loid is aware of the group but thought half the stories about them were urban legends. Franky explains that they are real and the group kills traitors under orders from the shadow organization. Loid is not surprised that there is an unofficial paramilitary organization. Franky tells him it is rumored that one of their soldiers can wipe out of their soldiers can wipe out an entire military troop but Loid dismisses him, leaving and telling him to get the pictures.

Franky stops him and asks Loid to help him with a job. Franky holds up a missing cat poster for Kopi, a male Nortblue cat. Loid is confused so Franky explains that the cat belongs to a server named Kacey who works at Franky's favorite cafés and Kopi disappeared last week, leaving Kacey devastated. Franky looks at Loid with a serious expression, asking him to help find the cat so he can get Kacey's smile back and help them get together. Despite Franky's threats to stop providing intel and attempt to throw in a gun he developed that looks like a toothbrush, Loid walks away. Franky resolves to catch the cat himself.

Franky uses a payphone to call other informants to help locate the cat. He eventually gets finds a cat matching the description on Ritter Street near City Hall.

As Franky approaches the location outside City Hall, Franky encounters Yor Forger who's stepping out for a lunch break. Yor asks Franky if he works in the area too, Franky explains that he's looking for the cat. Upon hearing the situation, Yor decides to help Franky find the cat. Franky has installed a C20 Feline-form Listening Device at points where cats congregate, with sensors to react to the sound of Kopi's bell collar. Yor is amazed at Franky's invention. However, he realizes the cats have destroyed the listening devices, putting them out of order.

Franky prepares to use his next invention, the Cat Nearness Inducement Prototype Decoy System, designed to release the scent of catnip to lure Kopi to them. Yor compliments Franky's skill at building gadgets. Franky explains that he's always dreamed of making the world a better place with his inventions and getting rich with patents. Soon, a hoard of cats arrive, lured by the smell of catnip. Franky manages to spot Kopi among the large horde of cats. Meanwhile, Yor is distracted by some cats clinging to her.

Franky tries to use the Hyper Long Hand to catch Kopi but fails as Kopi jumps out of the way. Next, Franky tries to use the Camera-shaped Net Launcher but fails to get within two meters of Kopi to successfully use it and ends up running after Kopi. Yor manages to get the cats off her to see Franky chasing Kopi.

Franky brings out his exoskeleton power suit to give him superhuman powers but it requires 15 minutes for the battery to warm up the motor, so Kopi runs away towards a road. Behind Franky, Yor asks to borrow his exoskeleton power suit and easily rips out the back part, throwing it in front of Kopi to stop him. Yor leaps at Kopi when he stops and catches him.

Yor happily waves at Franky that she caught Kopi. Franky thanks Yor but is stunned that the exoskeleton suit he spent ten years building was destroyed. He consoles himself that it's a small price to pay to win Kacey's heart.

He returns Kopi to Kacey, who cries in relief, but discovers Kacey is already seeing someone. Franky wishes the couple all the best and leaves, crying as he resolves to live for his work.

At City Hall, Yor is cheerfully working, feeling good after helping Franky. Camilla comments that Yor seems to be in high spirits while Millie asks if Loid bought Yor something nice. When Yor denies it, Camilla and Millie are annoyed at Yor for having a nice time. Sharon sarcastically suggests Yor is happy because she's become normal. Yor excitedly asks if they think she's become normal now.

A man in a suit comes in to tell Yor that she has a phone call, informing her that it;s from her special contact. When Yor picks up the phone, the caller tells Yor that she has a new "client" and calls her Thorn Princess.



  • While covered by text bubbles, the right-most silhouette of the Garden group resembles Yor enough to hint at her being part of that organization.
  • Franky spent 10 years building the exoskeleton suit.



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