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Mission 4 (MISSION (ミッション) : 4, Misshon: 4?) is the fourth chapter of the series SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on May 6, 2019.[1]


Loid notices that he's being watched

It is now the day of the Eden Academy admissions interview. The Forgers arrive at Eden Academy among a crowd of parent and children applicants. As Loid Forger steps in through the front gate, he senses that someone is watching them and soon realizes that it's coming from the faculty members of Eden Academy, indicating that the selection process has truly started. The observing faculty members fail various applicant numbers and greet the housemaster, Henry Henderson as he comes in to observe the applicants as well. Henry Henderson scorns the applicants for their lack of elegance but spots the Forgers, noting some elegance in them. He becomes shocked as the Forgers salute the statue of the Eden Academy's founder and quickly he gets the other faculty members to identify them. At the end of the screening, failed applicants are directed to Assembly Hall B, while passed applicants are directed to Assembly Hall A, including the Forgers. Loid warns Yor Forger and Anya Forger that they are still being observed.

On their way to Assembly Hall A, Loid notices a plump student of Eden Academy crying out for help as he is stuck in a gutter, realizing that it is obviously a test set by Eden Academy. The other parent applicants also realize this and keep their distance from the troubled student. Loid motions to Anya to speak out in helping him, deciding that will just pass the test. The Forgers approach the stuck student and another family also approaches, offering their assistance to the Forgers. The stuck student pretends to struggle in the gutter, splashing and revealing filthy water in the gutter. Although the other family is scared of the filthy water, Loid puts a foot in the gutter and pulls the stuck boy through the air and splashes filthy water all over himself in the process, to the disdain of Henry Henderson who instructs the faculty members to remove the Forgers. As the boy apologizes out of guilt, the Forgers once again shock Henry Henderson by revealing that they prepared an extra change of clothes and make an excuse to spare the boy's feelings, moving Henderson with their elegance.

Yor neutralizes the cow

The Forgers are interrupted by a stampede of animals that escaped from the school farm and the applicants panic, running away in a crowd. The confusion of the observing faculty members reveals that the stampede is not an intentional test and some of them are instructed to quickly put a stop to the crisis. Some of the parents are arguing to get ahead of the crowd, their negligence causing one of their children to trip and nearly be run over by a cow. Loid manages to grab the child before he is gored, the horns tearing off part of his suit. He returns the child to his father while Anya becomes dizzy once again, due to the confusion of the crowd. Loid realizes he must bring down the cow leading the stampede, but is reluctant to use his gun in public. Yor interrupts him and disables the cow by using pressure points, surprising Loid and scaring the other animals. Anya's telepathic abilities sense the fear of the cow and she approaches the cow, gently assuring it. The cow, now calmed by Anya, gets up and leads the animals home. Henry Henderson is moved by the elegance of their actions and runs out to thank the Forgers for their help, advising that they clean up their appearance and return to the assembly hall as they have shown their abilities for a place at the school. Loid shows gratitude for the Housemaster's consideration but shocks him with another change of clothes. The Forgers have successfully made their way through to the admissions interview.



  • This is the first appearance of Henry Henderson, though his name is not yet introduced.
  • Sharon is present in the crowd of applicants in the chapter cover.



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