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Mission 35 (MISSION (ミッション) : 35, Misshon: 35?) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on October 19, 2020.[1]


Yor trudges home from work with a dazed expression. The neighbors greet Yor and ask if she is alright, and she mutters that she is being kicked to the curb and is a fool to think that a game of tennis would change anything. The neighbors assume that Loid is cheating on Yor and hope she reports him to the SSS. Loid overhears their gossip and wonders if Yor has become suspicious of Fiona. He realizes this is bad for appearances, and if Yor ever tells Yuri about the recent events concerning Fiona, Loid getting caught by the SSS seems all too possible.

Franky plays with Anya and Bond

Franky plays with Anya and Bond

Later at night, in the Forger home, Anya and Bond play with Franky, who appears to be enjoying himself while taking care of them. Before Loid can step out, he gets interrupted by a frisbee to the head, and Franky expresses his irritation at having to babysit every time Loid goes out. Loid explains that he has to clear up the misunderstanding about his relationship with Fiona to Yor. Franky tells him to do it at home, but Loid says there are certain things he cannot discuss in front of Anya. Loid decides to pay Franky for his help, and Franky quickly changes his tune, taking Anya and Bond to the park.

Yor fears that Loid will replace her with Fiona

Yor fears she will be replaced by Fiona

Loid meets up with Yor and takes her out to a bar. After getting their drinks, the two toast to Yor's hard work with Anya and the housekeeping. Yor senses that Loid has something he wants to say, but concludes that he will be replacing her with Fiona. Loid tries bringing up the incident with Fiona the other day, and Yor suddenly shouts, believing her thoughts are true. Yor wonders what she will do if she is no longer a part of the Forger family. She then remembers that she and Loid married out of self-interest, so she does not have the right to pry into his personal life. Assuming that Fiona is someone he legitimately cares for, Yor decides to withdraw from their fake marriage so he can be happy.

She tries to inform Loid of her decision but cannot bring herself to say anything. Seeking strength through liquid courage, Yor downs her and Loid's drinks. However, a now-drunk Yor asks Loid if he is in love with Fiona, demanding an answer. Loid tries to explain that he and Fiona have a strictly professional relationship, but Yor does not listen to him and talks about how she is a bad wife and is not pretty like Fiona. She sulks, remembering Loid saying she was pretty and believes he must be bored with her now. Loid realizes that Yor has been jealous and has romantic feelings for him. Although initially surprised by the revelation, Loid enters "Twilight Mode" in 0.1 seconds and immediately takes advantage of the situation, attempting a honey trap on Yor.

Loid asks Yor to be his real wife

Loid about to ask Yor to be his real wife

Loid clasps her hands, telling her to trust him, and asks if she hates him. Yor is surprised by Loid's sudden advances, and her heart starts racing. Loid tries asking her to be his real wife but gets cut off by an embarrassed Yor kicking him in the chin, and he goes up in the air. Loid gracefully lands on his feet, seemingly unaffected, and the onlookers applaud. However, he starts to wobble and interprets Yor's powerful kick as a rejection, concluding that she did not have romantic feelings for him after all. While Yor frantically apologizes to Loid, he tries to make sense of the situation. Believing he botched the emotional analysis that badly, Loid wonders if being with Yor has thrown him off balance as he loses consciousness.

While asleep, Loid hears a lullaby his mother sang to him when he was young. He wakes up and finds himself resting his head on Yor's lap, who is singing the lullaby. A flustered Loid gets up and asks what happened, and Yor explains they got kicked out of the bar for causing a commotion, so she brought him to a nearby park while Loid was asleep for about five minutes. Loid realizes that he has not been knocked unconscious since his training days and has gotten sloppy. Yor apologizes to Loid, saying all she has is brute strength, and assumes that is why he is ready to move on. Loid confides to Yor about his mother, who always kept him feeling safe around her, even during the war, because she was strong. Loid relates this to how Anya would not be her smiling, energetic self if Yor did not give her that sense of security. Loid then thinks about how the agents of the state have been working hard to rebuild the world with their blood, sweat, and tears, yet Yor managed to accomplish all that on her own, and he tells Yor that she is strong.

Loid tells Yor about his past

Loid tells Yor about his mother

Loid assures Yor she is an incredible mother and has no intention to replace her as Anya's guardian. Yor says she is not an expert, as all she knows is what she learned from looking after Yuri. Loid says she is right: because Yor has been parenting since she was a child, she is second to none. He tells her to have more faith in herself, which is why he hopes she will continue being Anya's mother and his wife. Yor tears up, and she accepts Loid's proposal. They decide to head home, and Yor says she will make them some hot tea when they return.

Anya tries to touch Loid's swelled chin

Anya tries to touch Loid's chin

Back home, Anya waits for Loid and Yor to return and notes how late they are, suggesting they are "shacking up together." Franky asks where she learned that phrase, and she says most of it was from Becky. Franky then asks if Anya likes her parents, to which she replies that she loves them. Loid and Yor return shortly after, and Anya and Bond rush to greet them. Anya asks if they were flirting but stops when she sees Loid with a swelled-up chin and an embarrassed Yor behind him. Franky bursts into laughter, and Anya calls Loid a "chin monster." Yor laughs to herself as Franky picks up Anya, who tries touching Loid's chin. While serving everyone tea, Yor thinks about how she was just as surprised as everyone else when she married. As Yuri was the only attachment she ever had, she never imagined finding a place with the Forgers that she was so unwilling to leave behind.

The next day, Yor wakes up and is surprised by Loid's swelled chin. Loid is shocked that she forgot everything that happened yesterday, and they end up having the same conversation all over again.


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  • When Yor imagines Loid telling her that Fiona will be his new wife, Fiona is wearing a black blouse and a white/clear skirt. This contrasts with how Yor herself is dressed in this chapter, and coincides with the greater theme of Yor and Fiona being opposites. In the anime, this is changed, and Yor imagines Fiona in a blue blouse and grey skirt.
  • On the first panel of page 18, Loid's mother (in his imagination) is wearing the same white shirt, brown skirt and shoes that Yor is wearing in the present. This is more clearly visible in the colored version of the chapter and in the anime.