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Mission 30 (MISSION (ミッション) : 30, Misshon: 30?) is the thirtieth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on July 27, 2020.[1]


At WISE Safe House G, Sylvia Sherwood is briefing Fiona Frost on Loid Forger's mission next week. Sylvia is assigning Fiona to the mission as well, as per Fiona's proposal to make it a joint operation. Sylvia intructs Fiona to inform Loid of this development and to work out the plan together, warning Fiona to ensure it does not get in the way of Operation Strix. Fiona is silent for a few moments and asks about the progress of Operation Strix. Sylvia replies that it is proceeding slowly but Operation Strix was intended to be a long-term operation.

Fiona apologizes that she could have done more for the operation in the wife role if she had been available earlier, she wonders if she could stand in as the wife if it isn't too late. Sylvia rejects her, saying that changing wives now would draw scrutiny from Eden Academy and that the Forgers are in good standing with their neighbours so they're keeping the family as-is. Fiona mutters there would be no choice if the wife were to abandon the role. Sylvia warns Fiona not to be plotting something as Fiona leaves.

As Fiona walks through the hallway, other WISE agents draw away from Fiona, thinking Fiona is trying to steal Loid's operation to make a name for herself. Fiona is referred to as "ruthless", "arrogant", and "icy" due to her single-minded focus and stone face.

At the Forgers' apartment, Fiona rings the doorbell. Yor Forger opens the door, greeting Fiona. Yor asks who Fiona is and Fiona introduces herself as Loid's co-worker. Yor apologizes and explains that Loid and Anya Forger took Bond Forger for a walk. Fiona mentally reveals that she is aware of Loid's absence and was waiting for Yor to be alone. Fiona claims she came to reurn a magnifying glass Anya left at the hospital. Yor thanks Fiona and invites her in.

Both Fiona and Yor sit on the couch, Fiona is sipping from a hot drink. Yor admires Fiona's beauty in amazement. Fiona assumes Yor thinks she is Loid's lover, while complimenting their home. Fiona is determined to remove Yor from Operation Strix and usurp her wife role. Fiona tries to look for an opening but Yor is nervous as they've never had guests besides Franky and Yuri Briar. Fiona decides to make Yor leave of her own will as it would be risky to directly remove her.

Fiona brings up Anya, asking if Yor doesn't tire of having to raise a child in an attempt to pressure her into giving up her role of wife. However, Yor doesn't think so and says she and Anya have a lot fun together. Yor wishes she was good at more things to make it easier for Loid. Fiona agrees and begins to claim that Loid frequently complains about Yor at work but is interrupted but the return of Loid, Anya and Bond.

Anya loudly announces their arrival home as she, Loid and Bond return. Loid is surprised to see Fiona and asks what she is doing there. Fiona greets Loid as Yor explains that Fiona came by to return the magnifying glass. Loid assumes something urgent must have come up and explains that they returned early as it looked like it was about to rain. As Loid and Fiona hold a conversation, they mouth different words to communicate secretly. Fiona states that she's here to assess the state of Operation Strix. Anya is shocked to discover that Fiona is also a spy.

Fiona asks Loid if walking Bond an essential part of this operation and why it wasn't Yor doing the errands instead. Seeing his talents being wasted on playing house, she suggests they review his operational tactics but Loid tells her it isn't her place. Anya wonders if she is a bad guy when she sees her fight with Loid. However, Anya reads her mind and learns that Fiona is actually deeply in love with Loid. Fiona believes that she would provide far superior domestic support as well as operational support, imagining Loid praising her abilities and deciding to marry her instead as Yor runs away crying. As Loid and Fiona stare at each other, Yor decides to make coffee for all of them.

It is begun to rain outside. As she boils water for the coffee, Yor recalls Fiona's previous words about Loid's complaints and imagines Loid deciding to report her to the authorities and marrying Fiona instead. Yor feels she can't blame him if he feels that way. She serves cocoa to Anya and coffee to Loid, giving him a jar of milk. Fiona thinks Yor must be incompetent as Loid takes his coffee black, but Loid pours the milk into his coffee to reduce the damage to his stomach. Fiona bites on her thumbnail at the thought of Loid showing a side she doesn't know to Yor, then assumes it is part of his character as Loid Forger.

Amused by Fiona's thoughts, Anya accidentally drops her cup of cocoa on the table. Yor quickly wipes off any hot cocoa on Anya in concern. Fiona thinks Yor should have scolded and trained her in place of Twilight, to catch the cup before it hit the table. Fiona imagines training Anya by a strict minute-by-minute schedule to maximize her knowledge and strength and transform her into a stella star procurement machine. Anya is fearful of Fiona and decides she can't let Fiona become her mother. As Fiona is about to ask Loid to consider replacing Yor, Anya begins to cling onto Yor and calls her the best mother in the whole world for wiping up her cocoa. Fiona tries to appeal to Anya by offering imported cocoa but Anya hisses at her angrily.

Yor is moved by Anya's words and tells Loid that she's is going to try harder for the family. Loid smiles and tells Yor that she works hard enough as Anya cares a lot about Yor. Yor tears up and says she'll be a better wife. Fiona has a flashback of when Loid was training her as a spy to never show her true feelings. Having observed his many disguises, she detects that his smile is at least genuine and clenches her fists. Fiona says she forgot to buy potatoes and prepares to leave. Loid comments that Fiona forgot her umbrella and decides to walk Fiona to the station.

Loid runs after Fiona with her umbrella. Fiona tells Loid that she's been assigned to partner with Loid on the next mission. As she turns towards Loid with a sad expression, she is grateful for the rain for hiding her emotions. She informs Loid that she'll contact him with details at the hospital. She resolves to showing how capable she is in the hopes that Loid will realize she is the only one fit to be his wife and walks away without her umbrella.



  • It's around 4:35 when Fiona visits the Forgers.
  • Loid did the interior decorating.



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