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Mission 3 (MISSION (ミッション) : 3, Misshon: 3?) is the third chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on April 22, 2019.[1]


The Forgers

At 128 Park Avenue, Loid Forger is helping Yor Forger move into the new Forger Residence while Anya Forger helps with cleaning. Loid Forger tells Yor that he has back-dated their marriage certificate to a year ago, in order to avoid suspicion for the Eden Academy interview. After helping Yor with the moving boxes, Loid holds a mock interview with disappointing responses from Yor and Anya. Loid decides that the family needs to experience the culture and knowledge of the upper class and brings the family on an outing, to Anya's excitement. Yor and Anya nearly bond together until Anya's telepathic abilities reveal Yor's tendency to injure her brother, shocking Anya.

Loid brings them to an opera hall in order to become more refined, but the experience simply leaves Yor confused and Anya dozing off. Next, the family goes to an art museum to become accustomed to fine art, but Anya just pays attention to the art of naked women and a headless statue, while Yor gets entranced by a painting of a guillotine. The family continues on to a political campaign held by the Nationalist Party that aims for reconciliation with Westalis. The majority of the crowd are against this and overwhelm Anya's telepathy with negative thoughts, causing her to become dizzy. They have a meal at an upper-class restaurant to rest up, again causing Loid to despair at their lack of eating manners. Loid tries to come up with a back-up plan to avoid relying on Yor and Anya but gets visibly upset at being unable to do so, causing Yor to worry and suggest they get some fresh air. 

The rooftop park

Yor brings the family to a rooftop park where they admire the view of the town and people, Yor explaining that she comes here when she's exhausted from work to remind herself that her work helps people. As Loid stares at a group of happy children, likely reminded of his motivation, he notices a man approaching an old woman from behind and snatching her purse. The old woman calls for help but the bystanders simply stare without doing anything. Loid just comments indifferently that the old woman should have been more cautious, but Yor immediately jumps down the wall in an impressive show of athletic ability to chase after the thief, surprising Loid and causing him to go after the thief as well. Unfortunately, Yor loses track of the man and checks on the old woman before realizing she left Loid and Anya on the roof. 

Loid manages to chase the thief to a busy street but loses the man among the large crowd and decides that their chase is hopeless now. Anya tries to help by reading the minds of the crowd to find the thief, but gets overwhelmed by the numerous thoughts of the crowd again and begins to have a nosebleed. Anya continues to use her telepathic abilities until she finds a thought from someone celebrating their newly gained loot and finds the guilty man. In order to get Loid's attention, she points out a cake shop that the thief is walking by and successfully gets Loid to recognize the thief, even though he has changed his clothes. Yor just arrives at their location, only for Loid to run off after the thief and asking her to watch Anya. Loid leaps off the railing of the second floor onto the thief, slamming his head into the ground. Just as Loid thinks about not drawing attention to himself as a spy, he realizes his action has drawn a crowd around him and he briefly explains the situation, running off afterward. Yor watches his actions with a smile.

They return the purse to the old lady, who vehemently thanks them for helping her. Although Loid gives credit to Yor, he shows some happiness at being thanked. He shows some gratitude to Yor for motivating him to do his work. The old woman compliments their family at the sight of their close interactions. Having returned home, Loid decides to try the mock interview again, now with better results, at least until Anya remembers Loid jumping the thief as a response. Loid decides to be optimistic about them being seen as a wonderful family by the old woman.





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