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Mission 29 (MISSION (ミッション) : 29, Misshon: 29?) is the twenty-ninth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on June 29, 2020.[1]


Henry Henderson instructs the children to investigate an occupation that interests them for their next social studies project. He suggests various methods, such as interviewing their parents about their jobs, making inquiries at a local business, getting their parents to arrange an interview with a prominent figure in their field, or asking him about educators. He adds that they will each prepare a report about their chosen profession and present it to the class on Friday. Becky Blackbell decides she'll choose her father's company and asks Anya Forger about her choice. In the back, Emile Elman asks Damian Desmond if he's going to interview his dad, to which Damian replies that he will if he can get ahold of him.

After returning home, Yor Forger asks what is a "job investigation" and Anya explains that she has to ask how someone got their job and why they choose it, as well as watch them at work. As Yor is briefly confused about what to do and which job, the scene moves to Yor's imagination of bringing Anya to her secret job as an assassin, with Anya dressed in a similar outfit as Yor's assassin outfit. Yor explains that she initially took the job to provide for her brother, but now does it with pride as the Shopkeeper says the job is a noble calling and she should be proud as any soldier who devoted their life to their homeland.

The phone rings as the Shopkeeper calls Yor with a mission. Yor looks at a document with a photo and details of her latest "customer", calling him a traitorous scum but refrains from telling Anya about a list of his deeds. Yor runs to meet her newest customer, telling Anya to keep up with with her. Yor explains that "The Shop" analyzes the target's capabilities and defenses, so all she needs to do is finish the job. She adds that she should kill on sight, but killing the wrong person would out of the question, so she studies the photos carefully. Yor states that she does not skulk as she should not be the one ashamed and Anya tells her she is so cool.

As Yor expertly disables several guards, Yor clarifies that she feels that the job is rewarding as she gets the feeling that she is digging in and doing her part to clean up the country and it invigorates her to think of all the lives saved by her work. Yor explains that properly honing your body and skills is important in this line of work, along with a good understanding of human anatomy. She reminds Anya to always remember that the target is a human being who deserves a painless death as she politely asks the target for the honor of taking his like. She demonstrates while explaining several methods of quickly killing the target, liberally splashing Anya with blood. Seeing the blood-covered Anya, Yor says she tell Loid Forger they were at a tomato festival.

Back to reality, Anya stares at Yor and decides to a report on Loid Forger's job instead, having read Yor's imagination. Yor agrees as her work at City Hall can be a bit dull. Loid soon returns home and Anya explains about her assignment.

Two days later, Loid brings Anya dressed as a detective to Berlint General Hospital where he works in the Psychiatry Department. Anya is amazed at the huge size of the hospital. Loid comments that it is the capital's most prominent hospital. Anya overhears Loid's mental thoughts that a private-practice clinician might have made for an easier cover story but he decided to work there as it provides opportunities to steal intel and forge connections, as there are many major figures in politics, indsutry and the military using the hospial. Anya quickly notes his thoughts in her notebook, to Loid's confusion. Loid wonders why Anya is dressed like a detective. Anya answers that it is how investigators dress.

Loid changes into a lab coat, explaining that he finds it looks more professional although psychiatrists don't generally wear lab coats. Loid asks what did Anya want to know about his work as they walk down the hallway. Anya looks at her notebook and asks why did he choose this occupation. Loid replies that everyone catches colds sometimes, but many people catch colds in their minds as well. Anya comments that Damian said she was too dumb to even catch a cold in P.E. class and Loid tells her to try to get along with Damian. Loid continues that he thought it would be good to try to help those people and that many people, especially veterans, are still suffering long after the war has ended. Anya reads Loid's mind that he hoped that working as a doctor would give an opportunity to approach Donovan Desmond if he ever got sick and writes it down in her notebook.

Next, as Anya asks what Loid's workplace is like, some hospital staff recognize Loid and greet him. They notice Anya and ask if that's his daughter with him. Loid introduces the staff to Anya and tells Anya to introduce herself. The staff praise Anya, patting her head and offering her candy. Anya happily notes that Loid's workplace is paradise in her notebook. Anya asks the staff what Loid is like when he's at work. They praise Loid, saying he is always polite and kind to the patients and that everyone at the hospital adores him. One of the staff tells Loid the director wants to play golf with him. Anya overhears Loid's thoughts that maintaining a diverse collection of contacts is important to make it easier to gather information and forge new contacts, as well as reducing suspicion of him being a spy.

Anya asks Loid what is the hardest part of his job. Loid explains that the wounds he treats are not visible, thus treating them is difficult as doctors are not wizards and cannot see inside someone's mind, causing Anya to smirk. Loid tries to continue on the importance of building a relationship of trust with patients but Anya is distracted by eating the candy given by the staff and the staff continue to indulge Anya, causing Loid to state that the interview is over angrily.

As the staff leave, Anya tells Loid she wants to see him work. Loid says he can't let her see him work with a patient as it would be a violation of medical ethics, nor can he show his research to the public. Loid shows Anya one of the empty consultation rooms. Anya begins to fiddle with the booksheld in boredom. Loid quickly stops Anya, revealing an emergency escape route for when he goes on missions in the bookshelf through his thoughts.

Someone knocks on the door of the consultation room, Loid recognizes it as one of her WISE colleagues and asks Anya if she wants Loid to have Yor pick her up. Anya says she'll wait for him to be done with work. Loid provides Anya a sand table to play with while she waits. Loid warns her not to touch anything else and leaves. Anya quickly gets a scheming look after he leaves.

Outside the consultation room, Fiona Frost gives Loid some documents, disguising another mission for Loid. Loid explains that WISE has placed a number of assets in the hospital to support his cover story. Fiona asks if the little girl is Anya Forger and comments that they seem close. Loid sighs, saying Anya's unpredictability annoys him and Fiona is surprised that someone can get the better of him.

In the consultation room, Anya pulls a lever hidden in the bookshelf, revealing a ladder leading below the room. Anya investigates the escape route, squeezing past a tight passage before she hears a voice from a vent. In the room below, several men are having a serious meeting about the neuroscience behind paranormal perception. Anya is excited about ghosts and lies down to listen, accidentally hitting a metal pipe in the process. The men are confused about sudden noise but nervously dismiss it. Anya remembers she needs to return before Loid does. However, she realizes her leg is stuck under a pipe. Her struggling sounds while freeing herself are mistaken by the men for a ghost. She manages to escape and hurries back. The men decide to keep an open mind when patients speak of ghosts.

Anya just returned in time when she hears Loid's thoughts as he returns. She quickly makes something in the sand table before he comes in. Loid analyzes her sand table to observe her subconcious mind, but is shocked by her sand table being utter chaos. Loid believes Anya is subconciously stressed by her recent adoption, blaming himself for failing as a parent and a spy and decides she needs immediate care. Anya tries to explain that she just mixed it all up but flushes in embarassment at Loid's thoughts. Loid suggests they buy the new Spy Wars on their way home and offers to work on the report together. He picks up her notebook to read, causing Anya to panic as she wrote about his spy work. However, Anya's writing is unintelligible so Anya says she'll work on the report herself.

When they return home, Yor asks if Anya managed to see Loid perform his concussive therapy, describing the way he punches and jicks and leg sweeps his patients. Loid tries to explain to Yor that it's only for extreme circumstances.

On Friday, Anya Forger reads out her report to the class. While she initially presents Loid's normal activites as a psychiarist, Anya mentions that Loid is determined to make connections and even plays golf at his job and uses a secret escape route. Anya even says that Loid sometimes punches and kicks his patients, shocking Henry. When Loid is summoned to the school, he manages to talk his way out with his equivocation skill.





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