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Mission 27 (MISSION (ミッション) : 27, Misshon: 27?) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on May 18, 2020.[1]


Three professors wheeled the midterms down the hall to the vault in two boxes. They chatted about how it seemed the students had performed poorly, before locking the tests in the vault. Loid, believing that Anya has failed her exams, decides to infiltrate Eden Academy under the disguise of Professor Viehmann, a physics professor, in order to alter Anya's test answers to get a passing score. However, he isn't the only one trying to get into Eden Academy's vault. A spy by the name of "Daybreak", a self-proclaimed rival of Twilight's, is also trying to break into the vault. He was hired for this job as his first real mission and shows a lack of concern when carrying out the mission.

Daybreak hides

Daybreak moves towards North Hall, where the vault is, but almost gets caught by some security guards. However, he hides by holding himself horizontally high off the ground on a signpost. He continues onto the building but finds that the door is locked. Instead of trying to pick the lock like Twilight was planning to do, Daybreak blatantly breaks a window on the door and unlocks it from the inside, making Twilight wonder if he is a burglar instead. Twilight then plants a soccer ball by the door to make it look like an accident caused by the soccer team.

Loid gives Daybreak a fake ID

Daybreak heads into the building but finds out that the vault is guarded by a security guard. Daybreak tries to pretend to be an Information Sciences professor, however, he has no I.D. prepared to prove his identity. Loid swoops in though to save Daybreak and gives him the fake I.D. of Mr. Brown, an Information Sciences professor. After handing the security guard both of their fake I.D.s, they gain access to the vault and head in. Daybreak attempts to enter into the vault but having miswritten the vault passcode he is unable to enter. He pretends to need to go to the bathroom and lets Loid enter the passcode in his stead.

Daybreak Attacks Loid

Loid enters the passcode and immediately Daybreak knocks him to the ground. Believing that Loid is unconscious, Daybreak heads over to the box with the midterms in them. He struggles a bit with the locks at first but eventually gets inside. He alters Damian and Demetrius's test scores and then decides that he wants to gain exposure by signing his name on the tests. Loid, surprised by this, jumps up shouting about how spies are supposed to not leave a trace. Loid, realizing he had revealed his consciousness, tries to cover it up by saying he saw nothing. However, Daybreak, wanting to gain exposure, insists that Loid tell everyone about him without telling anyone about what he did.

Daybreak proceeds to roll out of the vault, and Loid checks Damian and Demetrius's tests. He sees that Daybreak changed their tests to give them failing scores. Knowing that he needs their success for his mission, he reverts their test answers back to the way they were. After fixing their tests, he checks Anya's tests and is a little surprised by what he sees.

Damian proud of his results

Five days later, the midterm scores are posted in the Quad. Damian and his gang look for his placement and find that he got 11th in the class. Not only that, but he also placed in the top 2 for History with a score of 94, earning him a Stella Star. Becky finds herself next at 46th place and then looks for where Anya placed. However, having read Loid's mind, Anya already knows that she didn't fail despite not doing very well on the tests. Becky ends up finding Anya placed at 213th out of 228 students. Damian makes an attempt at consoling her by stating she didn't fail in any of the subjects before leaving. Despite Anya being proud of her achievement, Loid decides that he'll need to be stricter about her studies. Meanwhile, Daybreak gets a call saying that he failed his mission and he ends up getting fired.



  • Damian is 11th in the class and one of the top two in History with a score of 94.
  • Becky is 46th in the class.
  • Anya is 213th in the class.



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