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Mission 26 (MISSION (ミッション) : 26, Misshon: 26?) is the twenty-sixth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on May 4, 2020.[1]


Damian smirks

Henry Henderson announces to the students that their midterm exams will be held in two weeks. He also announces that the top 2 students in each subject will receive a Stella Star, while students who fail an exam will receive a Tonitrus Bolt for each failed exam. He then proceeds to begin returning their history quizzes from the day prior, on which Anya Forger only got 13% of the points, whereas Damian Desmond got 91% which he bragged to Anya about. Anya realizes then that she should read his mind when taking history quizzes and tests and begins smirking in class, angering Henry.

Anya Eclipsing

After getting held after class for disrupting it with laughter, Anya heads home late on the bus where she notices the full moon. When she get homes, she rushes to ask Loid Forger what phase the moon will be in 2 weeks, to which he replies it will be the new moon. Anya gets internally shocked by this revelation, as her power doesn't work on the day of a new moon due to her weakness known as "Eclipsing" meaning she won't be able to cheat during the exam. She attempts to get Bond to show her the questions from the future, but she gets nothing. She goes to bed defeated but wakes up anxious about the fact that she hasn't studied.

Yuri arrives to help Anya study

Loid attempts to help her study, but he ultimately makes no progress. Yor Forger then remembers that her brother, Yuri Briar, offered to help Anya study so they call him up. Yuri arrives and is introduced to his niece, Anya, upon which Anya attempts to read his mind and is overwhelmed by his thoughts about Yor. After Loid and Yuri have a chat about the recent terrorist attacks, Loid tells Anya that she and Yuri should get to studying.

Yuri begins by giving her some problems to solve, which she ends up getting all right due to her reading his mind. She promptly remembers that she won't be able to cheat on the midterm and tries to make an excuse for her success. Anya then begins to take the studying seriously but is at first met with strong criticism from Yuri. After Yor asks him to be more supportive, and Anya exaggerates her love for Yor, Yuri begins being kinder with his critiquing.

Anya and Yuri collapse from studying

The two of them continue studying, but after hitting some roadblocks, Yuri questions whether Anya likes studying or not. Anya questions him right back after saying she hates it, to which he replies that he studied hard so that he could take care of Yor. Yuri explains to Anya that knowledge is power, to which Anya gets very excited about the concept of studying, and the 2 of them intensely continue studying. After an exhausting study session, Yuri questions whether Anya has mastered grammar yet to which Anya questions what grammar even is. Yuri, feeling like he had wasted his time, storms out of the Forger household, only returning for a brief second to eat all of the cookies Yor had just made.

The exam hall

Anya contemplates the idea that if she had been smarter, maybe she would've been able to disarm the bomb herself during the terrorist incident. She decides to study hard by doing work in a workbook. Loid returns home later to learn that she had been studying in a beginner foreign language workbook, a subject which isn't part of the midterm exams. Two weeks later, the students at Eden Academy are sat down in the exam hall and prepare to take their exams. Anya gives Becky Blackbell a statement of confidence before Henry announces that the midterm exams will now begin.





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