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Mission 25 (MISSION (ミッション) : 25, Misshon: 25?) is the twenty-fifth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on April 20, 2020.[1]


Becky Blackbell greets Anya Forger as they head to school for the morning. Becky asks if Anya saw the episode of Berlint in Love that aired last night, but Anya replies that she only watches cartoons. Becky begins talking about how childish Anya is not even knowing what love is. Emile Elman and Ewen Egeburg overhear this, to which they make fun of them for talking about nonsense.

Forger Family photo

Anya however, ignores them because she sees Damian and has a plan to befriend him. Yesterday, she had a family photo taken with Bond Forger so that she could impress Damian with her huge dog. She drops the photo on the ground and brings attention to it. However, Damian and his gang just walk away, ignoring her. Instead, Becky picks up the photo and sees Anya's father, Loid Forger, whom she finds very dreamy and decides to run away with the photo.

Later, they begin their art class with Henry Henderson as their teacher as the art teacher is out sick. He assigns them an arts and crafts project with the theme of "animals". However, materials are distributed per table meaning each table has to manage resources together. Damian at first decides to not take it seriously, but after overhearing that their success in this may go on their secret transcripts, he decides to put some effort in. Henry announces the tables with Damian and Anya at the same table which upsets Damian. Becky says goodbye to Anya as they are at different tables, but Anya just worriedly asks for her photo back so she can impress Damian.

Becky's art project

Unable to get her photo back, she decides that instead, she will need to create a model of Bond to show off to Damian. Henry looks over the students' work and cooperation and takes notice of Becky's creation. Becky tells him that she made Anya's dad which shocks Henry, who tells her to start over because the theme is "animals". However, Becky stands firm with her work and tells Henry that humans are animals which he realizes is true. He tells her that she can continue on, but she instead decides to start over as Loid is more evolved than simple animals.

Damian's imagination

At Anya's table, Anya finishes making her paper Bond and shows it off to Damian. Damian is disappointed in it though and calls it garbage which puts Anya into despair. Emile asks Damian what he's making, to which Damian replies that he is making a griffin, the crest of his family. He tells those at his table to not use too much paper as he needs a lot before having a vision of his father being proud of him. Anya, reading his mind, visions herself helping him make it and getting to show it off to Damian's father with him. Anya tells Damian that she'll help him and he can use all her paper which shocks him as he didn't expect her to submit her Bond model. Anya tells Damian that she just wants to help him, which makes him blush.

Damian instructs Anya to make the hind legs of the griffin and gives her the plans for the model. She instead proceeds to make jet engines which angers Damian. He tells her instead to make feathers for the wings, to which she makes a few different sized slips of paper. He yells at her for wasting all his paper, which brings the attention of Henry who tells him off.

Anya and Damian's art project

The students continue working on their art projects and Anya decides to convert her Bond model into a small female griffin to pair with Damian's griffin. The art projects art put up for display in the hallway and a group of people wanders down the hall. As they walk down the hall they see some well put together art projects they arrive at Damian and Anya's work, which looks tattered and falling apart. Their art piece ended up winning first prize due to the people who saw it thinking it was a powerful vision of the nation's rebound from war. Anya tells Damian that his parents will probably be proud, but Damian tells her that he has no intention of showing the art to his parents.

Damian returns to his dorm and calls his butler Jeeves. Damian asks how his dog Max is doing before Jeeves asks if he'll be returning home for the weekend which Damian decides not to do as his father won't be there. He also wants to stay at the dorms so he can focus on studying for their midterm exams. Damian is about to tell Jeeves about their art project, before deciding to instead ask about what his father's response was to the incident where Anya punched him. Jeeves tells him that Damian's father was concerned, which Damian does not believe. He tells Jeeves he needs to go, hangs up the phone, and then goes to study with Emile and Ewen. Henry, bewildered, looks over Damian's art project trying to figure out how it got first place.





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