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Mission 24 (MISSION (ミッション) : 24, Misshon: 24?) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on March 23, 2020.[1]


Loid Forger notices that Yor Forger has been coming home late recently which makes him suspicious. Anya Forger asks when they'll be having dinner and Loid says when Yor arrives home. Anya turns to Bond Forger to try to get him to see the future to know what they'll have for dinner.

Yor's cut hand

Yor arrives home with a grim face and hands covered in cuts and bandages. Loid asks her if she'd like dinner, but she declines and tells them to eat by themselves as she's not hungry. Anya reads Bond's mind and sees the future where Yor is crying which makes Anya wonder why she's going to cry.

The next day, while Yor and the others are finishing up their work for the day at Berlint City Hall, Millie asks Camilla if she wants to go get a drink tonight, but Camilla declines. Yor leaves work and then visits a store. She arrives at Camilla's house with a dripping paper bag. Camilla opens the door with a worried expression, asking if they're really doing this again tonight to which Yor nods. Camilla then yells at Yor for squashing the tomatoes which were causing the bag to drip out the bottom. Dominic greets Yor with a smile and congratulates her for keeping up with the work. Camilla yells at him for starting this whole thing.

Three days earlier, Yor told Camilla, Millie, and Sharon that she wanted to learn how to cook because a breakfast she made put Loid on the toilet for a whole day. Yor is worried that if she can't learn to cook, it'll ruin her marriage. Sharon tells her they have a maid, Millie proclaims her knowledge of using can openers, and Camilla tells her to take a class. Dominic overhears the conversation and tells Yor that Camilla is a great cook. Yor asks Camilla to teach her to cook, but Camilla tries to decline. However, Dominic pushes for her to teach Yor at Camilla's house.

Yor prepares to cook

Back in the present, Yor excitedly puts on her apron and prepares for another lesson. Camilla yells at Dominic and tells him that he'll be on poison-testing duty, but he tells her he already got someone to do that. Yuri Briar excitedly opens the door, ready to eat his sister's cooking. He greets Camilla and gives her thanks for all that she's done for Yor before asking the purpose of this party. Yor tells him that she's learning to cook for Loid in secret, which makes Yuri upset.

Yor presents to Camilla all the ingredients that she bought, to which Camilla complains that she told Yor not to buy so much. Camilla dismissively tells Yor to start peeling the potatoes but she ends up just cutting herself and making a bunch of potato chunks covered in blood. Camilla is shocked that anyone could be this bad at peeling, to which Yor replies that she's much better with a knife. She begins chopping up some ingredients on the cutting board but also ends up cutting right through the board.

Yor's bad stew

Camilla, seeing Yor's excessive failure, tells Yor to just get a divorce already which makes Yuri appreciate Camilla. Yor begs Camilla to continue though as she doesn't want to get a divorce so Camilla tells her to go heat up the ingredients she chopped. Dominic compliments Camilla for having a hidden soft side which Yor never saw as hidden. Yor finishes her first dish of the day, a soup filled with various ingredients including bones and the head of a fish. Dominic tells Yuri to eat up and so Yuri enthusiastically digs into the dish. He screams at how fantastic it is while constantly eating and throwing up the dish. Camilla and Dominic curiously decide to take a bite of the dish and fall to the floor.

Camilla yells at Yor for messing up the dish so much so Yor apologizes. Camilla tells Yor that they'll try something easier like meatballs. Yor presents her finished meatball dish which has a bone and a fishtail sticking out among other things. Yuri digs in once again and proclaims how he's seeing more of his childhood memories with each bite and is seeing his mother beckoning him into the light. Dominic worriedly tells him to stop eating and put down the fork.

Yor and Yuri as kids

Camilla realizes that having had Yor cook for herself and Yuri since they were kids probably warped their palates. Yor however just wanted to make sure Yuri got all the nutrients he needed. Camilla asks Yor and Yuri if they remember any dishes their parents used to make. Yuri remembers a stew their mom made which had a fried egg on top. Camilla tries to help her make it by walking her through the steps, she figures that it was probably a southern stew with a simple base. She has her boil the stew, directs her not to burn it, and tells her to put paprika, salt, and pepper in.

Camilla, Yor, and Yuri sample the stew

Camilla intently watches Yor cook and points out that she's been a lot less robotic lately. Yor asks if it was maybe because she got married, but Camilla dismisses the possibility and insists that it was something simple like a makeup change. Dominic compliments Camilla on being a beautiful woman, before also complimenting the smell of Yor's stew. Camilla takes a spoonful of the stew and tells her that it's not bad this time. Yuri takes a spoonful himself and tells them that it's not quite as he remembers. Camilla asks them where they're from and Yor tells them East Nielsberg. Camilla tells them that they put sour cream in stew there so she adds a bit. Yor and Yuri both take a spoonful of the stew and look at each other realizing that this is the stew they had as children.

Anya and Loid enjoying the stew

At the Forger household, Loid is training Bond a bit and thinks about how bright Bond is and how he should get security-dog training. Anya tells Loid that she's really hungry and he realizes how late it is. Yor arrives home with a bag of ingredients and proclaims that she will be making dinner tonight. Loid and Anya look at her with a look of shock and worry. Yor starts making the stew and tells them that she's been taking cooking lessons and apologizes for hiding it. She serves them both a plate of stew and they worriedly take a bite of it. They both give a look of surprise and tell Yor that it's good. They both continue eating the dish and Yor begins to cry because of how happy she is. She realizes that this marriage isn't just to protect her contract-killing job, but also because she likes making her family happy. Loid tells her that he can't wait to see what she makes next so she presents to them a "Yor Forger original" dish. They both excitedly eat the dish before collapsing to the ground.



  • When preparing the stew, Camilla mentions the style is from the South. Possibly hinting the Briars may be from an Ostanian region that corresponds with real-life Thuringia or Saxony.



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