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Mission 23 (MISSION (ミッション) : 23, Misshon: 23?) is the twenty-third chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on March 9, 2020.[1]


Anya Forger asks if it's true that she won't be getting a Stella Star for helping to stop the terrorists. Loid Forger confirms and tells her that they need to keep it a secret for East-West relations so she can't tell anyone at school about it. Anya decides that since she can't get a Stella Star she'll instead continue with the plan of becoming friends with Damian Desmond. She plans to tell him she got a dog in hopes that he'll invite her to his house so he can see whose dog is bigger. Anya enters into Class Room 1067 and greets Becky Blackbell. Anya tells Becky that she got a dog, Becky proceeds to ask some questions about the dog before inviting Anya to a dog playdate.

Anya shocked at her plan failing

Anya, believing that her plan will work, heads into the hall to find Damian. She tells him that she got a dog to which he questions why he should care. Anya, feeling that the world is doomed because her plan failed, drops to her knees in despair. Emile Elman and Ewen Egeburg compliment him for being able to so easily take her down. Damian, blushing, asks what the dog's name is. Anya enthusiastically gets up from her knees and prepares to tell him her dog's name but then realizes her dog doesn't have a name. Without having a name, she tells him the dog's name is "Dog" to which Damian tells her she is unfit to own a pet.

At lunch in the cafeteria, Anya asks Becky how to name a dog. Becky tells her to just name her dog after something like a flower or food. Anya immediately comes to the name "Peanut" but Becky shoots down the idea because it doesn't fit how her dog looks. Anya imagines her dog and then comes to the name "Furry" which Becky shoots down again and tells her she should just let her parents handle the name.

Bond greets Anya after school

Anya arrives home and gets trampled by Bond Forger who is excited to see her. Yor Forger comments that it looks like he is happy to see Anya. Loid states that they should take Bond for a walk and Yor tells them that there's a dog park by the library. Anya tells Loid that she wants to walk Bond, but Loid tells her to wait until she's older so Bond doesn't walk her. Loid explains to her that a dog needs constant discipline and that she has a responsibility to care for him for his whole life.

Anya and Bond play in the grass

Loid questions whether Anya has picked out a name yet to which she states she hasn't. He tells her that dogs prefer plosives like "B", "P", and "T" for their name. Yor, mishearing it as "explosives" imagines an assassin job with Bond where he only wants to use C4. When they arrive at the park, Anya enthusiastically wants to play fetch with Bond. She throws her shoe in hopes that Bond will go after it but instead she ends up having to retrieve it. She thinks maybe it's because he doesn't have a name yet so she goes around the park asking dog owners about their dog's names to help come up with one. Loid thinks back to his comment about having to take care of the dog for her whole life and realizes that he's not one to talk about such things. Once he completes his mission, he'll abandon the Forger Family and let WISE take care of them instead.

Bond finds the dog with Anya's gloves

Loid calls out to Anya telling her it's time to go. Anya comes over but then realizes that her gloves are missing. Bond sniffs out the gloves and finds them in the mouth of another dog. Anya yells at the dog to give her her gloves back but the dog just growls at her. Bond approaches the dog which scares the dog causing the dog to drop the gloves allowing Bond to pick them up and return them to Anya. Anya imagines a similar scene from Spy Wars where Bondman recovers Princess Honey's stomach warmer from the League of Evil making her realize the perfect dog name.

Anya and Bond fall asleep together

When they get home, Anya wraps a bowtie around Bond's neck and tells the family that his name will be "Bond". The whole family, including Bond, seems to approve of the name. Anya gets out Bond's food and pours it into a bowl for him. While he eats, she sneaks in a bite of his food but realizes that it doesn't taste very good. She notices that he's fidgeting so she takes him to his "toilet" so he can go to the bathroom. He poops and then the two head to the TV to watch Spy Wars. Loid yells at her, telling her she better be ready to study once he's out of the bath. After he finishes his bath, Yor eagerly beckons to look around the corner to which he sees Anya and Bond curled up against each other on the floor sleeping. Yor giggles and Loid decides to give her a pass from studying for the night.





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