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Mission 22 (MISSION (ミッション) : 22, Misshon: 22?) is the twenty-second chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on February 24, 2020.[1]


Keith sees Loid in the distance

Loid fires his gun at the dog, hitting the strap holding the bomb to the dog causing it to fall off. The dog then attacks Loid and bites his arm causing him to fall to the ground. Keith sees this and decides to detonate the bomb. However, Loid had already thrown the bomb into the river behind him so the bomb exploded without harming him. Loid then proceeds to pull the dog up while it bites his arm and throw it into the dumpster next to him. Keith, believing he was following Minister Brantz is surprised by all this but then sees that the man he was following was not Brantz. Keith realizes that his plan is in trouble so he tries to drive away from the situation.

Yor kicks Keith's car

While Keith drives off, Yor frantically looks around for Anya who had just ran away from her again. While crossing a footbridge over the road she sees Keith in his car. She jumps off of the footbridge into the road in front of him. Keith tries to just keep driving but Yor kicks his car off the road causing him to crash and fall unconscious. She proceeds to call the police about finding the terrorist in an accident leaving out the fact that she caused the accident. After hanging up, she resumes her search for Anya.

The Forgers regroup

Back at Kemono Park, the pet shop run by WISE, Loid, Handler, and the other two WISE agents discuss all that went down that day. Handler states that they'll let the Ostanian government handle cleaning up all the mess. One agent asks if that includes giving them the dogs but Handler says they'll keep them for now until they get further orders. After that, Loid takes his leave telling them that he needs to get back to his family. However, right outside the shop, he ends up running into Anya, Bond, and Yor. Anya and Yor both make excuses to Loid about why they weren't at the adoption fair before Loid asks about Bond.

Anya wants to keep Bond

Yor proceeds to explain the whole situation making Loid shock not knowing they got caught up with the terrorists as well. Loid apologizes for being stuck in the restroom and yells at Anya for walking off on her own. Afterward, though he confirms her safety and Anya tells him Bond protected her. Loid thanks Bond for protecting her before Handler and another WISE agent disguised as SSS agents show up. They tell them they need to ask the Forgers some questions. After they answer the questions, Handler tells them they'll need to take the dog. However, Anya refuses the idea, telling them that the only dog she wants is Bond. Loid attempts to convince her to pick another dog but Anya grew too attached to him after he saved her life. She tells them that if she can't keep Bond she'll never go to school again which shocks Loid and Handler.

Handler happy that peace won

Handler decides that that would be fine which surprises Loid even more. Yor asks if that would be okay and Handler tells her they'll sort things out. Loid tries to change Handler's mind but Handler is set on the idea as she doesn't want to endanger Operation Strix. Anya asks Handler if they're going to treat the dogs well and Handler affirms that they will take very good care of the dogs. Handler smiles at the thought that peace had won the day today. Handler tells them that they'll take Bond overnight to have him examined for any health issues and that if no issues are found they'll bring him to their home tomorrow. Yor and Anya proudly think to themselves about how they saved the day but Loid just painfully sighs about narrowly saving the day.

Anya welcomes Bond home

The Forgers head home for the day and head to sleep. The next day, Anya anxiously moves around the apartment waiting for Bond to arrive. She hears a buzz from the door before a WISE agent brings Bond into the room. Anya excitedly welcomes Bond to his new home while Loid and Yor smile at him. Bond imagines his past life in Project Apple where he was experimented on by scientists and treated very poorly. Anya and Yor look at him wondering if he's okay and tell him he's now part of the Forger family. He excitedly barks at this and Anya gives him a big hug.





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