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Mission 21 (MISSION (ミッション) : 21, Misshon: 21?) is the twenty-first chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on February 10, 2020.[1]


Anya and Bond arrive at the clock tower

Anya riding on Bond's back rushes to the clock tower. After arriving she tries to get Bond to show her the future again so she'll know when the explosion happens. However, he was too tired from running so she tries to remember the positions of the hands but then realizes after remembering that she can't tell time. She decides to ask a man sitting on a bench when the clock tower bell will ring. He tells her it will ring in less than 30 minutes so she decides they need to hurry. Bond picks up the scent of Keith and drags Anya around a corner so they can hide. Keith's dog smells and sees the two of them but doesn't alert Keith. He gets back in his car and thinks about how he hopes the bomb he planted works which Anya hears with her telepathy.

Anya can't disarm the bomb

He then drives off before Anya rushes to where he planted the bomb. She reaches for the doorknob but Bond barks to stop her because that would trigger the explosion. Instead, Anya climbs in through a small window by the door and prepares to disarm the bomb. She realizes however that disarming it will not be as easy as in her cartoons as all the wires are the same color. She notices some ketchup on a table and decides to use it to leave a warning about the bomb for Loid.

WISE finds Anya's warning

Anya and Bond leave the building before Loid and two other WISE agents arrive in a car. They climb up the stairs and find the note left by Anya. The older agent interprets the message as saying "NO" with an eggplant drawn below it rather than a bomb. He decides to ignore the message and reaches out to the doorknob to open the door. Anya anxiously waits outside hoping her warning worked. The time of the explosion arrives and Bond's premonition returns to a future with Loid alive and well. Back in the clock tower, Loid stops the older agent from opening the door as he thinks the message on the door may be a warning. He uses a mirror to look through the small window by the door and sees the bomb hooked up to the door. They want to figure out who left the message but decide they need to leave as the State Security Service has also learned of this hideout so they'll let them handle the bomb. They decide that with the SSS swarming around they'll need to give up their search for Keith and just head right to where Minister Brantz is.

Brantz is informed by his secretary that he'll be expected at the reception hall shortly and that there is a contingent from Ostania's foreign ministry here to escort him. He complains about not being able to go anywhere in this country without being watched by the state. The secretary explains that they're probably just worried about the terrorists to which Brantz complains how useless WISE is not having taken care of them already. Just as he says this, a member of WISE arrives in the room.

Minister Brantz complains about getting mugged

Brantz leaves the building and is greeted by Yuri who informs that he and two other SSS agents will escort him to the conference. One of them opens a passenger door for him to get into the vehicle, but he instead gets into the driver's seat and drives off on his own. Keith immediately starts pursuing in his car. The real Brantz however, was not in the car but still back with his secretary. Loid had come and taken his clothes as part of his disguise. Brantz complains to Handler about Loid mugging him. Handler explains to him that they needed his clothes so that the dog would pick up his scent.

Keith blows up WISE's car

Meanwhile, Loid makes a quick right turn which catches Keith by surprise as he's driving in circles. The two other WISE agents who were with Loid are in another vehicle and provide information to WISE about the vehicle that Keith is driving. Loid continues driving and starts heading towards the river which Keith appreciates as it's away from the crowds. Keith pulls his car up next to the WISE agents' car but the older agent pulls out a gun and starts shooting at Keith. However, Keith slams his car into theirs' before throwing a stick hand grenade at them, destroying their car. The older agent messages Loid over the radio that Keith still has explosives and is coming his way.

Loid tries to shoot at the dog

Keith catches up to Loid's car and sees that he abandoned the vehicle. However, he sees Loid running off in the distance so he sends his dog after him. Loid pulls out his gun to shoot at the dog, however, the dog dodges from side to side making Loid unable to accurately shoot the dog. Loid decides to keep running and uses parkour to get on top of a building. Keith is shocked by this movement, believing Loid to be Brantz who is 60 years old. The dog continues pursuing Loid and they end up in an alleyway where Loid pulls out his gun and takes off his disguise. He states that it's time to end this before firing a shot off at the dog.



  • The vehicle that Keith Kepler drives in is a Grey Sedan.



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