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Mission 20 (MISSION (ミッション) : 20, Misshon: 20?) is the twenty-first chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on January 27, 2020.[1]


Yor stands in a fighting position while holding Anya, ready to fight against Keith. Keith sends his dog after Yor but she makes an intimidating face at the dog which scares it causing it to run away. A commotion breaks out near the alleyway they're in so Keith decides to try to run away. He tries to pull on Bond's leash, but Bond refuses to move so Keith kicks Bond away and runs away from Yor. Yor is about to pursue him but realizes she can't leave Anya behind. Yor asks Anya what happened and Anya tells her that the men are terrorists who are planning to use bomb dogs. Yor frantically searches Bond to see if he has a bomb but doesn't see any which relieves her.

Anya apologizes for leaving Yor

Yor tells Anya that she's glad Anya is safe because she was worried. Anya apologizes for leaving on her own. Yor decides they should report this incident to the police and so she asks Anya for some information about the terrorists to give to the police.

Bond sees a future without Loid

While Yor is on the phone, Anya reads Bond's mind and sees Loid disappear from the previous future she saw with Anya and Yor now depressed. She then sees an earlier premonition where the clock tower rings followed by an explosion. After the explosion, Anya arrives at the clock tower and sees Loid dead and buried under rubble. A news broadcast announces that Minister Brantz was assassinated by terrorists and that the Westalis government would be holding Ostania responsible, making a war almost inevitable. Anya is shocked by this premonition and tries to think about what she should do. She thinks about telling Yor, but she doesn't want to let her know about her and Bond's powers. Anya decides to run off with Bond in order to go save Loid. She lies to Yor about needing to bring Loid toilet paper before rushing off. Yor quickly finishes her call and chases after Anya.

Handler angry at the terrorists

A WISE agent reports to Handler that they intercepted a report about a terrorist sighting in an alleyway near Central Station. Handler tells the agent to try and figure out the route the terrorists are taking so they can position themselves along the way. She also warns the agent to be careful as they likely have explosives. WISE is successfully able to intercept a van with four terrorists inside and they detain them along with their three dogs. They also were able to find a case of explosives but were not able to find their leader Keith. Keith peers around a corner and sees his members captured and decides he'll need to carry out the plot by himself. The WISE agents attempt to interrogate the terrorists about Keith's location and the bomb locations, however, they refuse to answer. Handler enters the room and asks what the students want. They tell her they want a war to which Handler replies by kicking the speaker in the face. She criticizes them for not knowing the brutalities of war and the sickening things you'll be forced to do. She points a gun at one of their heads and asks them if they learned anything about war at their university.

Keith attaches a bomb to a dog

Keith attaches a bomb to the dog with him and tells the dog to go after Minister Brantz. Keith believes that now his Plan B positions have been compromised so the clock tower will be swarming with security. He decides however to use this to his advantage so he can attack them. Handler sends out WISE agents to each of the four potential locations they have for Keith, with Loid going to position B1 being the clock tower. Loid drives with two other agents to the clock tower to take him down. Meanwhile, Anya and Bond rush to the clock tower so they can get there before Loid and save his life.





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