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Mission 2 (MISSION (ミッション) : 2, Misshon: 2?) is the second chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on April 8, 2019.[1]


Loid and Anya reject Franky as a mother

To infiltrate the prestigious Eden Academy, the entrance interview requires both a father and mother. Loid attempts to disguise Franky as a woman to play the mother but unfortunately fails despite his skills. Loid resigns himself to having to get married.

At Berlint City Hall, Camilla, Millie, and Sharon discuss a burglar that snuck into the office to steal the women's personal data. Camilla tries to bring Yor into the conversation, but she's not paying attention. They make fun of Yor's aloofness and try to suggest fashion and cosmetics to her. Camilla warns Yor of being suspicious because of her lack of a partner at her age while making fun of her. After Yor thanks them, Camilla invites Yor to a party at her place during the weekend, reminding her to bring a date.

"I have a client for you, "Thorn Princess""

At Yor's home, she receives a call from her brother, Yuri Briar, checking up on her and asking if she knows any nice men to settle down with. Yuri further explains that he's getting a promotion soon, but is reluctant to accept it while his sister is still alone. In order to reassure her brother, Yor brings up the party and lies about bringing a date. Hearing this, Yuri says he will ask his friend about Yuri's date to ensure he is suitable and hangs up. Yor is stressing about Yuri finding out her lie when the phone rings again. It turns out to be her employer, calling about a customer for the Thorn Princess at the Royal Hotel, Suite Number 1307.

On the 13th floor of a hotel, a woman in black approaches several guards in suits and takes them down, breaking a door. A guard tries to warn of an intruder but gets stabbed instead. Yor Briar is revealed to be a contract killer, codenamed Thorn Princess, now hired to target Brennan of the Auditing Board and proceeds to kill everyone in the room. Yor is in the bathroom of the same room, trying to wash her hands of blood and notices her dress has a rip. She becomes upset as that is her only good dress and is reminded about bringing a date to the party.

At the Forger Residence, Loid is still struggling to find an appropriate woman to marry that also satisfies several of his difficult requirements. Franky has obtained a list of unmarried women from City Hall for Loid to choose from. Franky questions why Loid doesn't just use a female spy for the role and Loid reveals that the recent spy hunting has caused most of the female spies in WISE to be caught. Loid decides to improve Anya's appearance after Franky points out her unseemly behavior.

Anya realizes that Yor's an assasin

At a boutique in Ostania, Loid brings Anya to measure for clothing. Loid considers the seamstress and owner of the store as candidates but is startled by Yor Briar speaking up behind him without his notice in order to repair her dress. Loid stares at Yor, recalling all the information he knows about her, which Yor notices, much to his shock. Loid makes up an excuse and Yor tries to invite him as her date, only to be interrupted Anya calling for Loid and becomes hesitant due to assuming he has a wife. Anya reads Yor's mind, causing her to find out about Yor's secret job. Anya acts out on purpose so that Yor will find out Loid is unmarried, allowing her to ask him to be her date and explaining her reasons. Loid accepts, but under the condition that she will play the mother at the interview and scheming to get them legally married afterward. Both of them agree to meet on Saturday at the party.

While Loid and Anya are shopping, Loid receives a cipher and a secret message that turns out to be instructions for taking down a smuggling ring at the same time he is meeting Yor on Saturday. In order to resolve the mission quickly, Loid brings Franky along as an assist, despite his poor fighting ability and bribing him with the smuggled art. Meanwhile, Yor is waiting for Loid near the subway and is concerned with Loid's lateness. Loid has managed to get the smuggled art, beating up a large group of smugglers in the process. While inspecting the goods, Loid claims a diamond ring for himself, getting into an argument with Franky. While they argue, a car with some surviving smugglers crashes into them.

Loid arrives at the party

Yor has been left waiting at the same place, causing her to assume she's been played and she decides to attend the party on her own to prevent her brother from worrying. At the party, her coworkers greet her and mock her for not coming here with her supposed date. Yor asks Dominic to lie to Yuri that she brought a nice man, but Camilla interrupts due to Dominic being her boyfriend and that she'll tell Yuri about her coming alone. Yor is tempted to kill everyone to prevent Yuri from knowing she came alone. Seeing the "normal" of everyone socializing with each other, Yor decides to leave early but Loid arrives bleeding and introduces himself as Yor's husband, which Yor corrects discreetly. Camilla, jealous about Yor's handsome husband, tries to spill a pan of hot gratin over Yor in an attempt to embarrass her but gets embarrassed instead when Yor uses her leg to catch the pan and some gratin spills on Camilla's nose. Camilla is undeterred and continues to bring up Yor's previous work for special "massages" which she used to disguise her killing work. Yor tries to justify herself to Loid but is surprised when Loid praises her for having to sacrifice herself for her younger brother, moving Yor. Loid excuses both of them and leaves with Yor.

In the van, Loid apologizes for mistakenly saying he is her husband. Yor tries to make a proposal but is interrupted by a car slamming into the van from the side. Loid recognizes the drivers as survivors of the smuggling ring and pretends that they're his patients suffering from hysteria, escaping the car. The smugglers try to find Loid and Yor at a closed factory, splitting up to find them. Loid sneaks up on one with a block and knocks him out, snapping a pipe as a weapon while running elsewhere with Yor. Yor is concerned about his violence, which Loid lies is a new therapy method. Loid throws the pipe at a smuggler coming up behind them but is unable to dodge another smuggler attacking from above. Yor proceeds to kick the smuggler away, helping Loid. Loid thanks her and they both laugh about knocking the smuggler away, interrupted by a smuggler shooting at them. While running away, Yor proposes that they get married as an extension of his original condition, surprising Loid. Loid agrees and tries to find the diamond ring to propose to her, but discovers that it has been lost. He notices a grenade near an unconscious smuggler and grabs it before ducking behind a generator. Loid pulls the pin and hurls the grenade at the smugglers while using the pin as a wedding ring. The smugglers blow up as Loid says his wedding vows to Yor.





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