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Mission 19 (MISSION (ミッション) : 19, Misshon: 19?) is the nineteenth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on January 13, 2020.[1]


Bond protects Anya

Kurt is holding onto Anya Forger while Keith Kepler is holding onto a knife getting ready to kill her. One of the other students tries to stop Keith but he tells them they need to silence her so she doesn't rat them out. However, when he tells Kurt to silence her, Kurt gets attacked by Bond who moves to protect Anya afterward. One of the students prepares to attack Bond but Keith tells them they need to keep the dog safe. One of the students worries that people will hear Bond but another student tries to relax him by telling him no one will think of barking today.

Meanwhile, Yor Forger frantically runs around the adoption fair asking people if they've seen Anya. After lots of searching, she comes to the conclusion that Anya is not at the fair anymore. She remembers that she saw on the news that young women were being kidnapped and forced to get married. She tries to think of what do and worriedly paces around hoping that Loid Forger will arrive soon.

An abandoned hideout

However, Loid is off doing work for WISE and gets a call from Handler who tells him that both of the hideouts Kris had told them about had been abandoned. Loid tells her that he was able to find out about two white vans rented under the name "Kevin Knowles". Loid gives her the plate numbers and she tells him they'll track the vans down. Handler also informs Loid that they found the source of the dogs, Project Apple. A project by the Ostanian regime to create high intelligence military animals. Apparently, instead of the research subjects getting destroyed they were sold on the black market. Handler tells Loid to be careful because the dogs could still possess heightened intelligence.

The terrorists get a call

At the terrorists' hideout, Keith tells Bond to step away from Anya so he can kill her quickly. However, Anya reads Bond's mind and sees a premonition showing a phone ringing which takes the terrorists off guard. Just after seeing that premonition, the phone rings with a call from Kim, one of their co-conspirators. Kim informs them that their hideouts have gotten raided which makes Keith tell them they'll need to switch to Plan B. After announcing this they notice that Anya and Bond are nowhere to be seen as they escaped while the group was distracted.

Anya escapes on Bond's back.png

Anya, riding on Bond's back escapes the hideout. She realizes after the premonition he had that he can see the future. She tries to redirect him towards Yor so that she can protect them but Bond keeps heading off in a different direction. Keith yells at them for letting her escape and tells Kurt to come with him and bring a dog so they can chase after Anya. He tells the rest of the group to tear all the maps off the wall since they're abandoning the hideout. Anya tries to get Bond to stop but he just keeps running.

Yor saves Anya

She decides to instead direct him towards the police but they end up heading in a circle and running right into Keith and Kurt. She tries to get Bond to turn around but before they can the dog attacks the two of them and Keith grabs onto Bond's leash. Keith directs Kurt to kill Anya so he grabs onto her and gets ready to snap her neck. Yor comes up from behind though and knocks Kurt to the ground. She yells that Anya is too young to get married, believing that they were one of the kidnappers she heard about on the news. Keith stands there dumbfounded by the attack while Kurt lies unconscious on the ground.





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