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Mission 18 (MISSION (ミッション) : 18, Misshon: 18?) is the eighteenth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on December 16, 2019.[1]


A news broadcast announces that yesterday Minister Brantz arrived yesterday afternoon at Berlint Airport in Ostania with a delegation from Westalis. A summit between the two countries is being planned for tonight. Meanwhile, a group of students from Berlint University begins loading boxes into a van which also has caged dogs in it.

The dogs at the pet shop

The Forgers arrive downtown with Anya excited about getting a dog. They arrive at Kemono Park, a pet shop, but are immediately greeted by several ferocious-looking dogs prepared by WISE with combat training. However, Anya is completely disinterested in getting a dog like that so Loid scrambles to try to get her a smaller dog. The WISE agent at the pet shop informs Loid that there's an adoption fair at the adoption shelter today so he decides they should check it out. However, he gets a signal from another WISE agent about new orders so he tells Anya and Yor to go on ahead to the animal shelter while he uses the bathroom. Anya, having read his mind, pushes that he'll take a while in the bathroom so they should just go on ahead which Yor agrees to do.

Loid gets in the car with the WISE agent who takes him to WISE Headquarters due to an emergency summons. The agent tells Loid that there's an assassination plot against Minister Brantz. The agent tells Loid that the plot is for tonight at the summit led by a group of isolationist students from Berlint University who are also under watch by the SSS. They were luckily able to catch one of the students, Kris, who was skulking around the embassy but their interrogation of him hasn't yielded much information yet.

Kris and Keith cross paths

Handler walks into the interrogation room where Kris is being held, who tells her that he won't sell out his friends. However, she tells him that they caught their leader so she has no need for him anyways. Keith Kepler, the leader of the terrorists, arrives being escorted by two WISE agents and crosses paths with Kris. Keith tells the agents that the whole plot was Kris's idea and that he'll tell the agents everything if they let him go. Handler tells Kris they don't care who the leader is as long as they get the information they need. Kris, realizing he doesn't want to be framed, starts giving information to Handler.

Handler learns of the terrorist plot

Loid takes off his Keith disguise and watches the interrogation with another WISE agent. Kris tells Handler about their active member and the hideouts he knows about. Handler asks him how they were planning to carry out the assassination and he tells her that they were planning to use bomb dogs. Loid finds the plan ridiculous as it would cost way too much money to train each of the dogs, especially for college students. The other agent with Loid theorizes that it could possibly be a far-right group or a foreign nation backing the students. WISE attempts to come up with a plan to deal with the terrorist threat. Loid proposes canceling the summit, but Handler shoots down the idea as it would look bad for Ostania's ruling party. Instead, she tells an agent to leak the information they've learned so far to officials of the ruling party to help avoid an incident.

Bond saves a child

Meanwhile, two men are walking downtown with two dogs on leashes and one of the men stops to get a coffee. One of the dogs, Bond, sees a kid playing around on the sidewalk and runs up and grabs him before a plank of wood that's falling off a building hits him. The kid thanks Bond for saving his life before Bond turns and walks back to the two men. Bond running away makes the two men wonder if the dogs will be up to the task but they decide it's too late to change plans now.

Anya and Yor arrive at the adoption fair

Anya and Yor arrive at the animal shelter and after seeing all the animals there Yor wonders why Loid didn't take them there in the first place. Anya runs around excitedly looking at all the animals available. Yor begins talking to a worker at the shelter about what breed she recommends and notices a man walking by with Bond. She reads Bond's mind and sees herself and the rest of the Forgers and wonders how she and her family including Loid were in the dog's mind. Anya contemplates telling Yor about it but decides to just go after the dog herself.

Keith tells them to take care of Anya

Anya heads into a building and finds a handful of dogs tied on leashes including Bond. While looking at the dogs she overhears Keith and the other students talking about their assassination plot. Keith plans to assassinate Minister Brantz to bring Ostania back to its former glory. While Anya is listening in, another student, Kurt, catches her listening in. The other students ask what they should do and Keith pulls out a knife telling them they just need to take care of it. While this is happening, Yor frantically looks around the adoption fair for Anya since they got separated.





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