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Mission 17 (MISSION (ミッション) : 17, Misshon: 17?) is the seventeenth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on December 2, 2019.[1]


Handler and Loid Forger, while disguised, discuss Anya Forger's recent earning of a Stella Star. Handler poses the idea of using WISE agents to get her more stars, but Loid rejects the idea as it would look suspicious. She encourages him to try to get Anya to get as many stars as possible quickly regardless as Donovan Desmond has been making moves with money recently.

Anya showing off her Stella Star

Anya arrives at school proudly wearing her Stella Star on her chest. Several students begin talking in awe about how she was apparently the fastest student to get a Stella Star. Becky Blackbell greets Anya who instructs her to call her "Starlight Anya" from now on. Becky states that with this fame, Anya could probably make 100 friends just today. An image pops into Anya's mind of Damian Desmond asking her to be friends and Loid praising her for helping to complete his mission. However, Damian instead greets her by telling her to not get too full of herself before walking off which disappoints Anya.

Students badmouthing Anya

Becky and Anya head to their class where the students immediately begin to badmouth Anya for wearing her Stella Star in class. Other students try to assert that the whole incident was faked and she didn't deserve the Stella Star. Two girls looking for support in this ask Damian what he thinks. Instead of support though, he tells them that Eden Academy isn't a third-rate school that would give out Stella Stars without merit. The girls worriedly try to take back their words before Damian cuts them off telling them to transfer if they have a problem with Eden. However, these words only hurt Damian because he knows that he has lost to Anya.

Becky's rewards

Becky and Anya head to lunch where Becky asks Anya what she got as a reward for earning a Stella Star. Anya thinks maybe she could get peanuts but Becky pushes her to think bigger like the gifts she's gotten of dresses, tiaras, and a tank. Seeing all the things Becky has gotten makes Anya frightened at the amount of money the Blackbell family has. Anya decides that she wants a castle but Becky tries to get her to lower her request size. Becky brings up the dog that she got which makes Anya curious. Anya sees Damian and his gang walking by so she asks Damian if he has a dog. Damian shrugs off the question but Anya reads his mind and sees him playing with his dog Max. Anya envisions a future where she tells Damian that she got a dog which makes Damian want to compare the cuteness of the dogs. Loid and Anya then head to Donovan and Damian's house where Loid asks Donovan to end this war.

Loid and Yor's imagination of dogs

When Anya arrives home, she tells Loid and Yor Forger that she wants a dog as a reward for her Stella Star. Yor tells Anya that taking care of an animal is a big responsibility but Loid tells Anya that he'll give the idea some thought. Loid envisions a guard dog that can be used to protect Anya whereas Yor envisions a dog that would attack and kill Anya. After reading their minds, Anya tells the two of them that she wants a small cute dog which makes Yor envision a small dog slashing Anya's throat with a knife in its mouth. Loid decides that they should go to a pet shop over the weekend to see what's available.

The Forgers in the future

Meanwhile, two men are discussing the sales of the dogs they have in holding. They plan on selling them to some revolutionaries who are going to use the dogs as bomb dogs. They look over the dogs and see that some of them aren't doing well. One of the dogs sees an image of Loid, Anya, and Yor welcoming him into their house which makes him stand up.





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